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What Dobbs Really Said by Reversing Roe | Frank Pavone | CPAC 2023

“What Dobbs said in reversing Roe was that never in American history was a right to abortion ever asserted before the time of Roe v Wade.” Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, says the battle for life is engaged across the Nation, AND the pro-life cause now has the upper hand because the pro-abortion crowd can no longer hide behind Roe. Tune in to this exclusive interview at CPAC 2023!

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Michael U
2 months ago

Why has the GOP changed from a party of limited government free market capitalism to a party of hate? In the 1980s the GOP cut taxes and regulations. Today the top priority of the GOP is attacking dems and they even attack other members of the GOP for being like the GOP of the 1980s calling them RINOs.

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