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Weingarten Report Ep 11: Wokeness Affecting the US Navy

In this week’s episode of the Weingarten Report, Ben analyzes how deep the rot of Wokeness runs in the parts of our government tasked with defending our lives and liberty. Is it more important for our Navy to have enough ‘diversity officers’, or will we survive a fight with the Chinese Navy? Join Ben as he dives into the corruption in the United States Navy and how it is falling into decay.

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1 year ago

Please post in readable format. For many of us in our “golden years,“ it is much easier to read than it is to try to overcome hearing deficits to listen.

1 year ago
Reply to  WSW

Hi, if you are using the phone app, I discovered that on the lower right corner is Options and I was able to increase the size of the font. Hope this helps. Blessings dear patriot.

Jane CA
1 year ago
Reply to  WSW

I hate watching videos! Please have a written narrative for those who love to read.

robert manfre
1 year ago

kinda reminds me of Pearl Harbor, all they care about is how they look, and in their white uniforms, strutting around, and not ready to fight! What do you think if one of our carriers was hit, or God forbid, sunk, think we’d fight, or worry about how many blacks were lost, or diversity officers were gone.

1 year ago

We are a nation that’s lost it’s way! So sad that we have lost the real America that was a proud nation. Now we bow down to other national leaders-started with Obama. Trying to be everything to everyone and its doesn’t work.

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