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Vivek Ramaswamy | Challenging Woke Capitalism | EP 187

How would you feel knowing your retirement investments were funding the deconstruction of everyday American values? Vivek Ramaswamy recognized the need to challenge woke capitalism, which is why he founded Strive Asset Management to give Americans a competitive option for their life savings. Companies like Blackrock, Statestreet, and Vanguard are taking Americans’ investments and using their large stakes to pressure companies into woke agendas. The problem runs deep; the top three asset firms are not only pressuring private companies to advance woke cultural agendas but also government agendas that could not pass through the front door of Congress. Ramaswamy has pulled back the curtain on how leftist politics truly works. Tune in to see if you are unknowingly contributing to the deconstruction of America!

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2 months ago

Why is this guy Ramaswamy suddenly getting attention. Who is he ?
What has he done ?

Bob L.
1 month ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

I view him with a suspicious eye. He has risen to a great height in business in a short time in his life at 37 years old. Is he a conservative? He graduated from two liberal, now radical universities, Harvard and Yale. Looking at his biography, there is no mention of a religious affiliation but in a post on Twitter November 19, 2022, he said the following: “The right flocks to Christ-like human saviors, only to be disappointed every time. It’s happening yet again.”

I don’t
2 months ago

“How would you feel knowing your retirement investments were funding the deconstruction of everyday American values?”

i would not care. I’m never going to be able to retire lol

Bob L.
2 months ago

Know what I find strange? Blackrock has recently started idvertizing on FOX News Network.

2 months ago
Reply to  Bob L.

Well when Rupert Murdock handed over control of FOX News Network to his sons a few years back, what did you expect? Both of Murdock’s sons expressed displeasure at the conservative leanings of FOX under their father, so they have been busy over the last few years remaking the network’s news division to be much more “progressive”.

Haven’t you noticed all the guests from the likes of AXIOS, Center for American Progress, Brookings Institution and other left leaning outfits constantly popping up to weigh in on whatever news is being reported? I stopped watching FOX News years ago, because they ceased reporting the actual news and just started concentrating on putting a leftist spin on everything and omitting a lot of relevant news details. I can get that pablum [email protected] from any MSM news outlet.

As the FOX News division moves farther and farther left, it makes sense that their advertizers would change to reflect who watches and listens to what is becoming just another left leaning MSM news outlet. That is the audience that Rupert’s sons are trying to cultivate, so that is why you find something being “off” in terms of FOX.

All that is left of the original FOX network is the entertainment division, that comes on from 8 p.m. until midnight. I expect that at some point the sons will start remaking that as well. There are many other alternatives out there that cover the hard news without a strong political bias. Just honest journalism covering the news. I suggest you try one or more of them.

They don’t
2 months ago

Black rock has a revenue stream of 19.17 billion and is a global company.
you think they care what rednecks in the useless states think? Lol

2 months ago
Reply to  They don’t

I just withdrew $500K from them…. so much for Rednecks

2 months ago
Reply to  jon58

So your just a slightly richer redneck that hates poor rednecks.

your not even a drop in the bucket lol

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