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Trump, Russia, Reagan, and the Rust Belt | Devin Nunes at CPAC 2023

An action-packed interview with Devin Nunes that covered a variety of topics including Trump vs the establishment, Social Media, and how pivotal the Obama years were in the deterioration of trust between the American people and government agencies.

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Dan W.
2 months ago

I didn’t know that there was a category for napping.

Dan W.
2 months ago

This can’t be as bad as last month’s interview with Sam Sorbo, an actor who is a frequent speaker on the conspiracy theory based ReAwaken America Tour who was trying to tell us what’s wrong with public education. That was a real rib tickler.

2 months ago

Great Interview with Congressman Nunes! He’s 100% on Mark and I hope the BRILLIANT Congressman Jim Jordan ROASTS, & Gets Every SINGLE ONE of those CORRUPT LYING POS leftest Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent! They ALL should be sitting in Federal Penitentiaries!! With NO CHANCE of Any kind of Parole!!

Dan W.
2 months ago
Reply to  Beth

So far, the hearings on the weaponization of federal government have been a bust. Witnesses George Hill; Stephen Friend and Garret O’Boyle have offered up nothing more than often repeated conspiracy theories. I hope that Mr.Jordan can do better than this.

2 months ago
Reply to  Dan W.

Praying for divine intervention.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

Exactly HOW do you come up with that? Cite some FACTS, if you can!

2 months ago

I guarantee you that railroadfan won’t respond back, because he or she is just another Democrat trolling this site.

Dennis Math
2 months ago

The moron is a lefty troll. Ignore the idiot.

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