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Trump Declares “China Must Pay”—Calls for $10 Trillion in Reparations for Virus

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health TrumpAs evidence continued to mount that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a Chinese lab, former President Donald Trump upped the ante in a speech to the North Carolina GOP on Saturday, calling for China to pay $10 trillion in reparations to the U.S. and other countries for damages the virus has caused. As a first step, he said, the United States and all other nations indebted to China should “collectively” cancel the debt as a “down payment” on the reparations. This would be in addition to a 100 percent tariff on all incoming Chinese goods that he suggested America impose.

“The nations of the world should no longer owe money to China,” Trump declared. “China should owe money to the nations of the world.”

While President Trump had previously called for China to pay last year, these demands represent the most aggressive and specific plan put forward by any public figure to date for how such an outcome could be achieved. They came the evening before two leading scientists published a piece in the Wall Street Journal arguing that the virus bears all the hallmarks of having been intentionally engineered for maximum infectiousness and was likely not a naturally occurring phenomenon as the media, the scientific establishment, and the Democrats have insisted for more than a year.

As President Trump has previously pointed out, from the moment COVID-19 first became a global concern, the Communist Party of China (CCP) suspiciously refused to share data about the early days of the outbreak.

Yet despite not having a clear view of those early days, the overwhelming narrative has been that the virus “jumped” from animals to humans. The world was asked to believe that the disease originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China. Wet markets sell live animals, a majority of which are not domesticated. These markets have been a constant source of concern as they promote “risky eating behaviors,” and many of the wild animals pose significant risks to humans. The CCP attempted to close these markets in the past yet had to reopen them once it became clear that there was no immediate way to feed the Chinese people without them. The theory which China and its apologists put forward was that some creature, most likely a pangolin or a bat, carried the disease, which was then passed on to a human. Suggestions that the disease may have come from the lab or even been man-made were met with aggressive pushback and even accusations of bigotry.

Yet throughout the pandemic, there has been sufficient evidence to, at minimum, make the so-called “lab-leak” theory plausible. As a former national security official wrote last July, “Suggesting that an outbreak of a deadly bat coronavirus coincidentally occurred near the only level 4 virology institute in all of China—which happened to be studying the closest known relative of that exact virus—strains credulity.” Despite the apparent logic of such arguments, people questioning the official narrative have been called “conspiracy theorists.”

The Lancet, one of the oldest and best-regarded medical journals in the world, published an open letter in which 27 leading scientists attacked the lab-leak theory and even suggested that reporting on it was a “threat” to China sharing information on the virus. Trump and Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) were attacked repeatedly for questioning the origin of the disease, with many suggesting that the promotion of the lab-leak theory was contributing to racial attacks against Asian-Americans.

New York Times reporter Apoorva Mandavilli, who writes almost exclusively on COVID-19 for the paper, suggested that the theory had “racist roots” and that we should “stop talking about the lab-leak theory.” Most notably, Facebook was actively removing any content that suggested the disease was man-made (a measure they have now reversed).

Now that the lab origin theory has begun to be widely acknowledged as credible and perhaps even probable, Trump’s speech marked what is likely to be the start of renewed pressure on China for answers, accountability, and potentially even compensation.

Historically speaking, there is precedent for one nation paying reparations to others. Germany paid a combined $7 billion to Israel in the years following World War II, and other nations have paid former colonies.

By some estimates, COVID could, in the final tally, cost Americans over $16 trillion and almost 600,000 lives. Nearly 4 million lives have been claimed by the virus around the world.

If the evidence that the virus originated in a lab continues to grow, it is hard to imagine that China will be able to escape discussion of its responsibility indefinitely.

After initially canceling the U.S. government investigation into the origins of the virus, President Biden has recently directed intelligence communities to issue a report on the origins of the COVID-19 virus in 90 days. While an answer might be discovered, the embarrassment such a declaration would pose for both the Biden administration and the intelligence community itself makes it unlikely that the case will be definitively proven in the report. Nothing Biden has done as president indicates that he is prepared to entertain the idea of sending China a “bill,” as his predecessor suggested on Saturday.

Despite this, former President Trump apparently remains resolved: “We demand reparations from the Communist Party of China,” he said. “China must pay. They must pay.”

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David P Nelson
1 year ago

I, totally, agree with what President Trump is suggesting. The World must demand restitution.

1 year ago
Reply to  David P Nelson

Take reparations out of Fraud Fauci’s estate. Also get reparations personally from governors and local commissioners who shut down businesses in their jurisdictions. Sue every medical facility that fraudulently attributed deaths to covid. And sue those who used/sold the bogus pcr test to whip up hysteria.

1 year ago

I agree with President Trump.China should pay for all the damages to the Thriving American Economy Pre-Covid Economy.

1 year ago

I suspected that the lab release was most likely event when the Chinese blamed America in the earliest days. They were telling those involved that they would tell the world that the money for doing the research and the research was done at the bidding of Americans. So , after that tidbit came out, the story changed from “lab leak” to “wet market”. Follow the money!

1 year ago

I agree with Former President Trump.China, it’s time to pay the Check!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

The entire 1st paragraph & the sentence below the image of our POTUS says it all. It also illustrates who in the world actually has the balls to state the obvious! Only Trump would say this & he is once again SPOT ON THE MONEY…
Fauci is on his way out the door & with that I proclaim: Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!
Once again, Trump saw this liar for what he is long ago because he was privy to info us mortals are not, hence he DROPPED Fauci from the daily Covid-19 press briefings quite some time ago…
I knew or at the least suspected Fauci’s involvement in ” gain of function research ” on Covid back in Jan 2020…( 18 ) months are LOST with respect to the origins & possible cures for this biological weapon because of Fauci. The man has lost any & all credibility & he will resign, i.e. fired very soon…
The Republican convention in Greenville, NC was a success & Trump stumped for a select group of Republicans & his daughter-in-law Lara Trump made a heartfelt but genuine speech explaining why she wouldn’t be running for the NC Senate this time around…Always a pleasure to hear Lara speak btw as the president is most fortunate to have such a lovely family surrounding him…
God Bless America…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

President Trump is right. China must pay after he becomes the President again. If they do it now, I don’t even want to think what the democrats’ would do with the money. President Trump is fair and honest, he would make sure the money is spent responsibly. The money should not be used for the damage the blue states caused on themselves; it should be used for reparations that hurt small companies and for burial of family members who died of COVID.

1 year ago

A couple things. A good idea but tread carefully. First, it can’t be just about that it leaked from the lab. China’s real culpability comes from them purposely spreading it around the world when they prohibited domestic travel in and out of Wuhan but allowed international travel. That’s key. Second, this tactic will be used by leftists and environmentalists in the future to push for “climate” and “social” justice and every conceivable contrived “wrong” “committed” by whoever. That’s why the first part is so important.

aluminum head
1 year ago

This administration, ideally, should be overthrown. Next step ? All those in china must be brought to their knees. Financially or by outright war. The citizens there are sheep and cowards who will continue to do the communists dictate. China must change or die.

1 year ago

This is important in long run, but focus all efforts on stopping the cyberattacks as that could be very bad for America. Government must be the driving force & help companies protect their systems. I hope POTUS realizes it is not smart to put this on shoulders of private companies. This is the time for USA to shine & stop the hackers in their tracks.

1 year ago

Biden’s never going to do anything to displease China. He and Hunter have already been paid their billion!

1 year ago

The only way that china’s going 2 pay 19 reparations is if the humanoids demos give them Americans money 2 pay 4 it. After all they will say whats another $10 trillion going 2 do. not much by these socialist pinko commies

1 year ago

Biden will never do anything to upset China. China gave America COVID-19. And the Chinese lacquer tree or Chinese stinking tree and it stinks, too. The lacquer from the leaves will eat through your car paints clear coat. Oh and the spotted lantern fly destroying our agriculture.

1 year ago

Once again, President Trump is correct and looking out for America and its Real Citizens!!
10 trillion or more from China, but weak,corrupt,useless liberal democrats will choose to kiss their behind and sell out Our Country!
2022 it’s time to REMOVE all the anti American democrats!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Garye

Some of those people residing in our government and especially our White House should have never been able to even run for office not alone be put on a ballot for a vote for office. They are not United States citizens. You don’t have to look far to see who they are (squad)

Ed J
1 year ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Thank the Lamestream Media for the current menagerie in the White House, Senate, House and myriad other downline elective offices. The Lamestream Media is so compromised. In fact, I would wager that if they put their feeble minds to it, they could convince the majority of Americans that poo really smells like a rose garden! Of course, selling Americans on dysfunctional politicians is much easier to achieve (as we have already seen).

RJ from Arizona
1 year ago

China? Pay us? With biden living at 1600?
Funny story

1 year ago

When the Wuhan Virus first appeared I told my family it was an “engineered” bio-weapon loosed by China. I will always believe China engineered the virus and then sent infected vectors in the form of people, via air travel to all parts of the world to determine the effectiveness of the virus. China now knows she can send out bio-weapons with deadly precision. I do not think this is the end of this behavior from China. She will use this again with another virus which will be much more deadly in an effort to permanently cripple the economy of the West and to weaken our ability to defend ourselves. It’s too bad we have an administration not of leaders but of gutless wonders who will knuckle under at first pass from China who has proven she is a rogue nation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Oren

Interesting thought and I had actually thought the same thing when this virus first hit the USA. But, I do believe President Trump is right and he’s courageous enough to say so, plus, let’s keep positive about this….when Trump was President didn’t we see alot of marvelous things happen in the USA…yup, we did. Stay positive folks…..

1 year ago
Reply to  Oren

I said the same thing when this COVID mess started especially when natural COVID cannot spread as this did. No doubt that this was an engineered bio-weapon despite what medical hierarchy says.

Chuck Zitting
1 year ago
Reply to  Oren

I so wish you were wrong but I am horrified that you are not. A government that kills or totally controls it’s own people has no hesitation in releasing those horrors on the rest of the world. There is no answer for the question “why.” Mankind just repeats its worst ideas and suffer the same horrible results. I am smiling but the sadness in my eyes is unconcealable.

Barry Courtnay
1 year ago

Let’s get real, The Biden administration is in bed with China. Till we get rid of the powers to be not one thing will happen. The Dem’s are more concerned with stopping Trump supporters than anything China has done. The time has come to stand strong. We are proud Americans, no one can take that from us.

1 year ago
Reply to  Barry Courtnay


1 year ago

President Trump, you are spot on! Our family would sure love the CCP doling out their money to the US and other countries that have suffered from their purposeful intent to destroy all that is good and making it a one world order.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mary

How about governors of New York and Pennsylvania and what they did to all those innocent people in the nursing homes, except for the mother of Richard(Rachel) Levine who was taken out of Pennsylvania nursing home and put up in a hotel. Levine moved on to the Federal government. One little tiny state wasn’t enough to destroy.

1 year ago

Biden the big man, he and his family took money from our enemy China. He will not go after China. Biden is a traitor! Anyone else caught lying to the American People, like Dr. Fauci and others should be imprisoned and their bank accounts and holdings taken back by the American People. This includes China-take over their real estate holdings and businesses in the US, Congressmen, Professors and scientists and yes Biden. Betrayal to our Constitution and the American people is unforgivable. Only God can forgive them. Being an old Vet, I cannot..

1 year ago
Reply to  Walter

Don’t forget msm

1 year ago

I agree China should be sued by every country in the world. Start with cancelling the debt of all money the US has borrowed from China. That would bring down our national debt $1.7 trillion. Then sue them for a few more. The states should sue China too.

1 year ago

With what has been coming out about Fauci concluding through his emails, he and his colleagues allegedly are included in the responsibility of creating the virus for China….and I stated, allegedly. If this has any validity, Fauci has placed the U.S. in a precarious position for accountability. When and if it is ever proven that Fauci did create the virus in the U.S. and had it transported to the Wuhan Lab for final study, then our government should bring charges of collusion, treason and crimes against humanity on Fauci and whoever was involved with him. This would constitute the death penalty for Fauci and whatever major punishment imposed for China’s involvement. Trillions in reparations from China would be a start!

1 year ago
Reply to  Judy

AMAC your settings icon doesn’t work. My spell check placed a different word in the beginning of my comment, the word ‘concluding’ should have been the word, ‘discovered.’
I tried to correct it from your comment settings icon and wouldn’t do the correction. Please fix, thank you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Judy
1 year ago
Reply to  Judy

I ‘did not’ edit the above comment, just tried to see if the edit feature would work, and apparently it only works occasionally.

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