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Time for a Commitment to America


Republicans are gearing up for elections in November by drawing a clear line in the sand between their party and Democrats.

Republicans have rolled out what they call Commitment to America. And this is exactly what it’s about.

Our country embodies a worldview, and it is that worldview, and the principles that capture that worldview, that made and makes America a great nation.

The deep tear in our national fabric today is about a large part of the nation — those who support and vote for Democrats — that does not buy into the American dream.

The stark differences are evident in new polling from The Wall Street Journal.

When asked if you agree that America is the greatest country in the world, 91% of Republicans agree, and 6% of Republicans disagree. In contrast, only 61% of Democrats agree that we live in the greatest country in the world, and 34% disagree with this proposition.

What are the driving factors behind this deep contrast between the take of Republicans and Democrats on our nation?

I would call this a deep difference in belief in freedom. 

The new Wall Street Journal poll shows a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats regarding whether freedom works.

Regarding the proposition “If people work hard, they are likely to get ahead in America,” 85% of Republicans agree, and 13% disagree. However, only 53% of Democrats agree with this proposition, and 46% disagree.

If you don’t believe that an individual holds his or her own fate in his or her own hands, then you cannot believe that freedom works. If you cannot believe that freedom works, so you don’t buy into the American ideal.

This is where we are as an electorate.

The nation’s founders were clear in the Declaration of Independence. All men are endowed with the right “to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and “Governments are instituted among men” in order to “secure these rights.”

That’s it. That’s the vision of America toward which the founders aspired.

Individual freedom is the core pillar of American reality. Government is there to protect individuals and enable them to live free lives.

If you don’t believe hard work will get you anywhere, so the American dream collapses.

This is the great divide today in our nation.

We might look at the just published 2022 Economic Freedom of the World Report by the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, Canada, to get a sense of human reality and freedom.

The Fraser Institute measures economic freedom in 165 countries around the world. Free countries have limited government and low taxes, less regulation, a legal system that protects life and property, a stable currency, and free trade.

The top 25% of countries in economic freedom have per capita income seven times higher than the bottom 25%, have life expectancy 14 years longer, and income earned by the poorest 10% that is eight times higher.

Our country is moving further and further away from individuals being able to live freely and control their own life. The result is the inflation we’re now experiencing and slow economic growth. Individuals sit by the sidelines, convinced they have no control over their own life, and want to turn it all over to government. It is destroying our nation.

This is what the Republican Commitment to America is about. Restoring the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that once was the American dream.

For most of our history, Americans celebrated freedom. The civil rights movement in the 1960s was about Black Americans protesting their inability to participate fully in this freedom.

But once they got it, many chose to not embrace it and turn their lives over to government.

But freedom is not something we can live without successfully. Democrats want Americans to buy that government power is the answer.

But the data, and human history, strongly suggest otherwise.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.” To find out more about Star Parker and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website.


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2 months ago

To put in in simple form: The DemocRats seek to RULE the USA, not GOVERN the USA. And adopting Communistic tactics (combined with rigged elections and a predominantly captive majority News Media) have wormed its way to power. To turn the tide, term limits for Congress Persons and Exec heads (e. g. IRS, FBI, HLS, Defense, etc.). I fear that without that there is little chance of turning the tide away from Communism under a false flag.

2 months ago

The Committment needs to be articulated succinctly and with clarity. There should be easy to read and understand “points”. Example: We will secure the border. We will open pipelines to combat rising gas and energy prices. You get the idea. Unfortunately, I am not a writer, but I understand people need things to be spelled out clearly. Ads, written or televised, can be brief and cost effective.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

I’m pleasantly surprised that according to a recent poll a majority of Democrats think the USA is still the greatest country in the world. I guess that means that all these people who support Biden are simply apathetic and ignorant, not also hateful and treasonous.

Patriot Will
2 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

My conclusion should have been: many of the people who support Biden are more apathetic and ignorant than hateful and treasonous.

LaVorna Tester
2 months ago

It should be an America First attitude that predominates in DC. However, I haven’t seen this even among the majority of Republicans up there. They talk it well during an election season. But when they get onto a committee or go to vote, they sound/look an awful lot like most of the democrats. I’ve voted Republican for over 45 years… and I suppose I will continue to do so in the hope that they will actually live up to their promises. President Trump was one of the few that have ever done so. There are a few like Jim Jordan, MTG, Madison Cawthorne, and a few others that have stood strong despite attempts to oust, demoralize, and blackmail them into the “accepted” position on issues. I’m not impressed when the democrats pull these stunts, and I’m down right angered when I see our GOP leaders doing it too… undermining our own people because they don’t tow the line that is what they want. Until we get rid of these RINO’s, I will not financially support the Republican party. I will and do support individual candidates on occasion. For me, they’ll have to prove themselves trustworthy before I’ll believe what they say.

2 months ago

This is why I refer to the Democrat Party as the Democrat Socialist Communist Party (DSC).

2 months ago
Reply to  REB1957

Very apt and truly descriptive of what the DemocRat Party is all about and its self-aggrandizing priorities (which are also in the Communist Manifesto).

2 months ago

The problem is not just those that are in office, sadly. It is its people who can’t rise above their anger and find solutions. The power is within the states and its people. We have lost the faith in what was established reacting with our feelings and emotions not putting into action what we need to do. The people whether cheating to get into any office or not upholding the standards of the American life and its laws we have power to remove them! I say this not in judgement but in love of this country. We are failing this country unfortunately. They only represent a limited amount the rich. This is why they allow the boarders to be open, no police, releasing criminals… to create chaos and form disaster in this new world they want to create. It isn’t about these people coming because they are evil, or releasing criminals it is about survival! What are you going to do to save the greatest country that supports our livelihood, families, its beauty, diversity and culture, faith, safety, and freedom. We must make a conscientious mind movement to believe in faith that they will not win with the most love of heart and radiate at a vibe that removes these destructive minds and energizes the American people into action.

Myrna Wade
2 months ago

If only 20% of the population is intrinsically depressed, cognitive disfunction is not enough to explain the willingness to give up freedom for a nanny state. Republicans need to get the message out: once you give up freedom to gain whatever else you want, while the government may come through with a little or some of what you want but at a later point will fail you because we have history: we know these schemes have historically failed.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Cant find article about Federalize the police or just fake news?

David Millikan
2 months ago

Considering that Investors have LOST $7.6 TRILLION since DICTATOR Beijing biden’s first day and it NOW COST $15,000 MORE a year than with PRESIDENT TRUMP to live. It WILL BE WORSE next year and the year after under DICTATOR Beijing biden.
So, YES! A commitment by the Republicans would be Beneficial to everybody and AMERICAN.

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