The Repeal Of Ireland’s Abortion Ban Marks A New Paganism

Ireland corporate tax rateAmericans tend to have a sentimental interest in Ireland. We think of Guinness and “Danny Boy” and “Whiskey In The Jar,” Saint Patrick and the Book of Kells and the monks who saved civilization.

But it’s time to get real. On Friday last week, the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Irish constitution, which had enshrined a right-to-life protection for unborn children. More than 66 percent voted to repeal the amendment, and only 33 percent voted …

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From - The Federalist - by John Daniel Davidson

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David Ray
4 years ago

Ireland is no longer Irish. Since joining the European Union it has transformed into a country of migrants and European socialists. They bring their money with them, they also bring lack of morality. Socialists always destroy the moral underpinnings of a society first. They start with the Church, then move on to reeducation in the schools. Usually can be accomplished in one or two generations. Sound familiar (think French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, Mao’s great purge). Now think America!!

Paul W
4 years ago

And so another country falls even further into the clutches of evil left. Murder for convenience is legalized. Individuals must now foster morality because it certainly can’t be found in society as whole. More and more, man has become an abomination as a species. God help us…at least a few of us are still asking.

4 years ago

Amazing how the discussion to abort a child always rotates around the woman’s rights without the mention of God or the right of the unborn. Says much about the character of those who would snuff out a life and justify the killing as a “RIGHT” Sick, demented people without a conscience or values.

Carol L. Baril
4 years ago

Sounds like country after country is declining into a brutality that will one day engulf the whole planet? When life is no longer sacred, what other groups of people will come upon the radar of liberalism to be discarded as weak and unnecessary to the common good of the state? The elderly, the disabled, the sick? Where does this end? Is morality going to be totally erased from everyone? We are not robots, slaves, or servants of the state!!!! This kind of liberty was NEVER part of the American Founding. Liberty can only be accomplished wisely under the morality of GOD given to us by Christ himself!!! Lord have mercy on all humanity!!!

Johnnie McHan
4 years ago

And so their moral decline begins….God weeps for the Irish.

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