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The DOJ Seems to Believe Pro-life Activists Are the Bad Guys

WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 14 — Is the Department of Justice ignoring crimes against pro-life facilities by anti-abortion activists? If so, perhaps it’s probably because they are too busy investigating “more” pressing crimes. 

For example, according to Elle Purnell at the Federalist, there’s the case of the guy who was caught transporting a ginseng plant across state lines. And then there was the DOJ investigation of schools in New Bedford, MA that were found guilty of not accommodating students from Guatemala who speak K’iche’, a Mayan language. And on the day a Portland, OR pregnancy resource center was vandalized, they were dealing with violations of the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act by Walmart and Kohl’s.

Purnell’s conclusion: “the DOJ has shown it has little interest in protecting the rights and safety of pro-lifers, as it has abused the FACE Act to go after at least 22 apparently nonviolent pro-life advocates just this year.”

In a separate article in the Federalist, Purnell noted that the DOJ was quick to announce the indictment of pro-lifer Herb Geraghty, charged for allegedly ‘blockading’ the entrance to a D.C. abortion clinic. His arrest brings “the number of apparently nonviolent pro-life protesters targeted under the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act by President Joe Biden’s DOJ this year to 22. Meanwhile, the agency has yet to announce a single arrest or indictment against any of the vandals or arsonists who terrorized and firebombed crisis pregnancy centers after the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturning Roe v. Wade.”

Indeed, the Feds seem to be deliberately avoiding investigating obvious crimes against pro-life organizations. The Epoch Times reports that Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, says his center was firebombed months ago. Harden told the Times “The FBI is not talking about any progress they’re making, from our perspective, no progress whatsoever and the Amherst Police keep giving us the typical media line: ‘We’re pursuing all of our leads’, which at 105 days, makes me think they’re not pursuing any of their leads.” Pro-abortion activists set fire to the CompassCare facility on June 7. The attack caused half a million dollars in damages.”

There was plenty of evidence of the crime. The perpetrators scrawled the words “Jane was here” on the side of the CompassCare building and, if that wasn’t enough, the fanatical abortion terrorist group called Jane’s Revenge, boldly admitted responsibility for the crime. Jane’s Revenge is said to have engaged in at least 18 similar violent anti-pro-life. But apparently that was not enough of a lead for the FBI and police authorities to engage in a search for the miscreants.

Harden told Fox News that “Pro-abortion political elites are attacking pro-life people not because they are dangerous criminals but because the core pro-life belief undermines their power over the masses. Absolute power is the power to decide who lives and who dies. This core pro-life belief is such a threat to pro-abortion politicians because once that belief seeps into the hearts and minds of the citizens, it will cause the pro-abortion collaborators to 1) lose their potential of absolute power, the ability to control who lives and who dies; and 2) be indicted on conspiracy to deprive citizens of their rights, and maybe even go to jail.”

The Religious Freedom Institute says “A range of dangerous actors in the United States today are violently attacking pro-life institutions. As a result, these institutions are facing an increasingly perilous reality in post-Dobbs America: some of the most fervent opponents of pro-life Americans and their institutions have become more malicious and violent in their attacks, which have included arson, death threats, property destruction, and menacing or vile graffiti.”

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4 months ago

Department of Justice? No, the department of injustice and satanic thought. They fulfil the Bible prophecy, which states what these depraved fools think,” they take good for evil, bitter for sweet, light for darkness”

Michael Lewis
4 months ago

It is all about the Benjamins.

4 months ago

AG Garland & DOJ did not enforce Federal Law when protesters were in the vicinity of the SCOTUS homes this year and they should have. It is a wonder that one Justice was not hurt & the threats to the families should not be allowed to happen in America.

4 months ago

“Power over the masses” …. that’s what Communism supports using any unethical, illegal, dishonest, heartless, bully approach that squashes any opposing effort or discussion. Remember … the DemocRat Party seeks to RULE the Nation, not GOVERN the Nation … the precise approach a Communist Party would follow.

anna hubert
4 months ago

DOJ? Justice is twisted and perverted beyond recognition Were there not parents protesting perverted sex ed in Minn a wee bit of a scuffle but no one was charged with terrorism no action was taken no charges laid pro abortion crimes and vandalism get a pass and there of course is Jan6 Justice is being assaulted repeatedly

4 months ago

The HOUSE OF WAX movie was scary … but the HOUSE OF DEMOCRAT MAJORITY is much scarier!!

4 months ago

Just another example of how the DemocRat Commie policy keeps degrading the American citizenry.

4 months ago

“crimes against pro-life facilities by anti-abortion activists?” Hmm. Why would Anti-Abortion activists commit crimes against pro-life facilities? Pro-life IS anti-abortion.

Michael J
4 months ago

Hitler’s brown shirts had the same fixation. Speed of the leader, speed of the gang. The killing of unborn babies is pure evil.

anna hubert
4 months ago
Reply to  Michael J

Seems to me that no brain AOC blathered about how we need “immigrants” to produce babies There were no comments on that

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