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The Deadly Drug Toll of the Biden Administration’s ‘Open Border’

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 16 — Medical science began to make our lives longer and healthier in the 20th century. At its beginning, in 1900, life expectancy was a mere 47 years. By 1950 Americans could expect to live to the ripe old age of 60 or more. And, at the turn of the 21st century we were living into our 70s. In fact, in 2019, we were living as long as 79 years. And then came the COVID pandemic and we stopped getting older. In 2020 — the year that COVID began to spread — life expectancy dropped to 77 and in 2021, it fell to just 76.

Those were the lonely days marked by self-isolation and masks. It was a deadly period made deadlier by drug deaths, particularly the new drug on the block called fentanyl. The drug emerged in the U.S. during the pandemic. Its distribution was accelerated with the help of the Biden administration’s “open border” with Mexico, which has allowed millions of illegal migrants to make their way into the U.S.– including drug traffickers.

According to Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “The pandemic had a magnifying effect on an already-devastating overdose crisis and exacerbated many of the stressors in society that make people more vulnerable to taking drugs. As she noted in a recent CNN report, “We also know that substance use is more dangerous than it has ever been, as fentanyl has continued to permeate the illicit drug supply, increasing the risk for overdoses among both people with substance use disorders as well as those who use drugs occasionally.” The CNN coverage revealed that deaths caused by opioids such as fentanyl swelled by 22% while those involving heroin decreased.

The Epoch Times reported last week that two milligrams of fentanyl — the equivalent of less than half a teaspoon of sugar — is lethal. Since the pandemic, fentanyl has become “the number one cause of death among Americans 18 to 45, surpassing COVID-19, suicide, and car accidents. The total number of fentanyl deaths among Americans 18 to 45 nearly doubled from 2020 to 2021,” reports the activist group, Families Against Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. Its source is China, which provides the chemicals needed to create it to Mexican drug cartels. The Epoch Times cites Anders Corr, publisher of the Journal of Political Risk, who says Beijing has weaponized the drug and is using it to threaten the U.S. He says that “China is linking the fentanyl issue and negotiations with other totally different issues like [the] Taiwan issue. So when Pelosi visited Taiwan, one of the ways in which China retaliated against the United States was to cease negotiations over the fentanyl issue.”

The assertion was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal. In its coverage of the fentanyl threat, the Journal pointed out that starting in 2018 China was restricting the production of its ingredients. But then, last August, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the independent, Chinese island state of Taiwan. It prompted the authorities in Beijing to break off further talks with the U.S. about checking the export of those ingredients to the Mexican cartels.

The Open Access Government website reports that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s 2022 year-end assessment says each and every day some 136 Americans die as a result of the use of fentanyl and other opioids. It quotes DEA Administrator Anne Milgram who says that “fentanyl is the single deadliest drug threat our nation has ever encountered.” The DEA assessment suggests that one of the deadliest aspect of the drug is that in many cases users don’t even know that they are taking an opioid because “fentanyl is sold on the black market as nasal sprays, powders or pills, including pills made to look like legitimate prescription opioids or candy. In addition, because of its potency and low production cost, drug dealers will often mix fentanyl with other illicit substances to increase the addictive properties of these other drugs.”

The report noted that last year the DEA seized 50.6 million fentanyl-laced pills and 10,000 pounds of fentanyl powder– “enough deadly doses of fentanyl to kill every American.” It’s difficult, at best, to know how much of the stuff made it into the hands of traffickers and users. What we do know is that enough fentanyl was smuggled into the U.S. to kill more than 100,000 American citizens.

John Grimaldi served on the first non-partisan communications department in the New York State Assembly and is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Priva Technologies, Inc. He has served for more than thirty years as a Trustee of Daytop Village Foundation, which oversees a worldwide drug rehabilitation network.

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1 month ago

Drug dealers only exisist if someboby buys their product. We have to STOP people from BUYING drugs. What will do that-a tough drug testing policy that punishes the offender the FIRST time they are caught. Try it -it works

2 months ago

“Just say no”, Thank you Nancy – that’s more than Trump or Biden have done to stop Drugs in America.

2 months ago

Since the Biden Administration does not care about fentanyl deaths and does nothing to control the distribution of this drug nation wide, this calls for all of this administration to be charged with MURDER since they approve of this problem!

James P.
2 months ago

President Joe Cluster….

Don’t care
2 months ago

I’ll tell you all what white people told us in the 80s to stop the crack epidemic:
stop buying drugs lol

2 months ago


Bad news
2 months ago
Reply to  jocko

Herman Cain: off to a rough start lol

2 months ago

Actually, one-half teaspoon of sugar weighs about 2 grams, whereas the lethal dose of Fentanyl is about 2 milligrams. So one-half teaspoon of sugar weighs as much as ONE THOUSAND lethal doses of Fentanyl! Therefore, if the drug is equally distributed, one-half teaspoon of Fentanyl is enough to kill ONE THOUSAND Americans. And thanks to you, Joe, your illegals are smuggling enough Fentanyl to kill tens of thousands of Americans EVERY DAY. Thanks again, Joe; let’s see, what else have you done for us? Oh yeah, inflation and energy subservience, a nuclear-armed Iran and a terrifyingly aggressive China. And – bonus! – you’ve got two more years to go! Let joy (in Beijing) be uncontained.


2 months ago

John Grimaldi should be ashamed of himself for lying.

J. Farley
2 months ago

Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the Biden Administration, the title may be Right —– The deadly drug toll on the Administration. — If they stop maybe they will think rationally!

George Washington's Admirer
2 months ago

Without a doubt the absolute worst, most corrupt, and incompetent administration EVER!

Broccoli Free Zone
2 months ago

I couldn’t stand being home all the time. I missed the interaction with people, friends, relatives and strangers. Texas was among the first to release the shackles, thank God. Went to Lowes to get a chain for a ceiling fan, was $1.79, and talked to the 3 nice young ladies standing outside acting as security or something for a solid 20 minutes. That same chain is now $3.

2 months ago

Yet nothing will be done to actually address the problem of a wide open border that facilitates the importation of all that fentanyl into the country. If anything, the new plans of this administration to allow Illegal aliens to use a new phone app developed by the U.S. government to schedule when they can cross the southern border into the United States and then get expedited faster through our current “catch and release” process, will only serve to divert what few remaining Border Patrol officers we have actually doing drug interdiction activities at the southern border.

Talk and speeches from Washington, D.C. are NOT going to stop the flow of this drug into the country. What is required is competent, direct action targeting the manufacturing and distribution hubs of this drug. We won’t hold China accountable for manufacturing and transporting the chemicals necessary to make fentanyl into Mexico. Without those chemicals, the Mexican drug cartels would be out of business in terms of making fentanyl. We won’t pressure the Mexican government to either crack down on the cartel facilities in Mexico, which obviously they don’t have the means to do so based on the way the cartels completely outgun the Mexican military, or allow the U.S. military to use precision drone strilkes to take out the manufacturing and distribution centers on their behalf. Instead Team Biden decided to use the recent meeting with AMLO and Trudeau in Mexico to discuss climate change and diversity. So absent doing anything intelligent to address the problem, I’m afraid that this problem will continue to exist and only grow worse over time.

Sharon Ormsby
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I actually unfriended a pharmacist on Facebook, an old friend, who didn’t see the connection of this open border with the Fentanyl problem and this administration. Upset me so much as a retired nurse.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

Yet another great example that highlights the difference between being educated and being able to actually think and come to the correct conclusion based on the readily available data. Your former friend clearly lacks that critical thinking ability, if he cannot see the connection between the source of massive drugs entering our country and the administration that is facilitaing that flow of drugs into the country via their open border policies. Sadly, there are LOTS of Americans in the exact same situation in this country. Which is why the Democrat Party continues to have as many supporters as it does.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

And the winner iiiis Certainly not US

2 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Under almost all Democrat policies, the United States is supposed to be on the losing side of the equation. The country has to be dismantled from within, so it can be remade in the image and role the Socialists desire.

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