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The China Syndrome


WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 18 — The Oxford dictionary defines a syndrome as “a group of symptoms which consistently occur together.” Thus Communist China has developed a syndrome that is focused on world domination. For example, Beijing recently gave Chinese COVID carriers the license to re-infect the world. And now comes news that their fleets of civilian merchant ships are being militarized and have become an expansion of its Navy.

A new European Union research paper by Jonathan Holslag at the Belgian Royal Higher Institute for Defense warns that “There is a growing politicization and militarization of China’s maritime sector.”  Holslag points out that China has the world’s largest fleet of merchant ships, including container ships that can hide missile launchers in their containers, giving them the ability to get deadly close to unsuspecting targets of their choosing.

According to a study by the Army University Press such a threat has long been noted by the U.S. and other western nations. “Among the most important of China’s gray-zone forces and actors is its maritime militia…In addition, China’s overtly civilian distant-water fishing fleets, which are affiliated to varying degrees with Chinese government agencies, have been subject to growing international scrutiny.”

China expert Gordon Chang recently told Newsmax that If a conflict over Taiwan emerges he expects that, indeed, China is likely to use its commercial shipping fleet, militarized commercial fishing vessels and dominance over manufacturing and shipping industries to “punish” the U.S. In fact, the publication Navy Recognition warned in 2019 that China was already building a long-range cruise missile that could be fired from shipping containers and could easily turn China’s vast fleet of freighters “into potential warships, and commercial ports would then become missile bases.”

China is the world’s largest maritime tradition nation with more trading ships than any other nation on the planet. Clandestinely weaponizing them would create an unimaginable threat to global peace. That Beijing presents a clear and present danger was revealed in a year-end survey conducted by the Global Times and released in its 2023 Annual Conference in December. It “showed that more than 62 percent of participants around the globe believe that China’s influence is rising, double the number that believes the US’ influence is rising, and more people expect that the China-US tension is likely to turn into ‘conflict’ rather than ‘easing’.”

A recent study conducted by Luxembourg’s Geographical Information Systems [GIS] suggests that Communist China has a plan to take over Taiwan within the next five years. The study notes that Beijing’s military might is peaking, that America’s military ability to defend and protect Taiwan is waning and that China’s President Xi Jinping “has gained political strength after very tough infighting. With China’s economic growth expected to slow over the next five years, it would seem difficult for him to remain in power without success, and the seizure of Taiwan could give him such an achievement.”

We live in dangerous times. To wit, according to the publication, Foreign Affairs: “On the one hand, the world is witnessing the revival of some of the worst aspects of traditional geopolitics: great-power competition, imperial ambitions, fights over resources. Today, Russia is headed by a tyrant, President Vladimir Putin, who longs to re-create a Russian sphere of influence and perhaps even a Russian empire.  Putin is willing to do almost anything to achieve that goal, and he is able to act as he pleases because internal constraints on his regime have mostly disappeared. Meanwhile, under President Xi Jinping, China has embarked on a quest for regional and potentially global primacy, putting itself on a trajectory that will lead to increased competition or even confrontation with the United States.”

John Grimaldi served on the first non-partisan communications department in the New York State Assembly and is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Priva Technologies, Inc. He has served for more than thirty years as a Trustee of Daytop Village Foundation, which oversees a worldwide drug rehabilitation network.

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Robin Walter Boyd
1 month ago

Both Islam and Communism have continued to be at war with the rest of the world, especially the U.S., since their inceptions. Why do we not keep these factors formost in our minds? China has attacked the world with a biological weapon.

2 months ago

A good start would be to ban foreign ownership of land & property in USA. They can invest & work here but cannot own land (especially farm lands). Contact your Congressmen !!!!!!!!

2 months ago

China well recognizes that if we cannot stop millions of unarmed illegals from entering our
southern border that we would be cupcakes if confronted by thousands of armed invaders.

2 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

And even worse, the world watched the Jan 6th attack on Nation Capitol & the outcome of this. And our VP Pence and Congress was present that day & Washington was not ready to defend them.

2 months ago

Stop accepting merchandise from China and ban anyone from going to or coming from China.

2 months ago

We can take them on easily. Our future military leaders can fuss at them over their pronouns.

John Bass
2 months ago

We’ve known all this for years. It all started with Tricky Dick opening up China for trade, and a way for American business to make bigger profits.

I believe we started off by thinking we could or would have the vast population of China to sell goods to and hence make larger profits. We then noticed that your average Chinese’s couldn’t afford to buy our goods. Greed took over and it wasn’t long before American industry started having China make the goods at a lower cost, then shipping said goods back to the US.

We’ve done this to ourselves and it’s all about greed. The million dollar question is what are we going to do about it? We had a President that saw the problem and was actually doing something about it, but the dims, rhino’s and all the rest of the swamp monsters stopped him.

I think it was Khrushchev that said “I’ll hang the last Capitalist with the rope he sells me”. In this case it will be China that will overtake and hang us. All because of corporate and political greed.


K. Martin
2 months ago
Reply to  John Bass

Nixon was my first thought, too, as I was reading this article. But wasn’t Henry Kissinger a great part of this, also?

John Bass
2 months ago
Reply to  K. Martin

I can’t recall for sure, but I’m sure Kissinger probably played a huge part in it.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

If China is disliked so much, why do people keep flocking to Wal-Mart. ??? Kyle L.

John Bass
2 months ago

People really don’t have that much of a choice when gas for their vehicle hovers close to four dollars a gallon and their heating, electric and food bills are constantly going up too. Have you actually shopped for anything lately? Hardly anything is made in the USA anymore. I’ve tried shopping for strictly American made goods and have had a hard time finding what I wanted or needed…most of everything is made in China.

K. Martin
2 months ago

Because they can’t afford anything else. I, for one, am now able to pay a little more for what I need/want; however, I know many others who literally cannot pay the price of American-made products, which, are almost always only available online, so not only is the price of the product out of reach, but shipping charges are also added.

Corbin L Douthitt
2 months ago

Just ask Biden and Kerry- the CCCP wouldn’t do anything bad to America…

2 months ago

I’ve always believed that China is the biggest threat to the World’s safety and the right of other Nations to govern in the best interests of its civilian population (with Russia being a close second to China) cause of a massive population is prone to seek dominance/control over other Nations to cowtow submit to their demands partly because its governance can field high military loses bullying other Nations to “bow town” and “appease” to them. But on the plus side, Russia must maintain its readiness to react to Chinese aggression since they share a big common border. With both China and Russia, one gets the feeling that they would welcome a war that might reduce their population especially if it could wither down both male and female citizenry.

2 months ago

We’re already at war with China. It’s biological warfare. In addition we need to ban trade altogether with China to keep their merchant ships out of our ports. Trump believed in bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. I agree. Maybe once we get the Democrats out of the White House, we will again go back to being the super power we used to be. We need a DeSantis/Trump ticket in 2024.

2 months ago
Reply to  Laura

True that Laura

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