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The Association of Mature American Citizens and The American Constitutional Rights Union’s Committee to Support and Defend Join Forces to Promote Liberty and Serve Veterans


WASHINGTON, DC — The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and the American Constitutional Rights Union announced today that they have joined forces to serve American veterans and advance freedom. These well-established conservative organizations are dedicated to serving veterans and military families through their respective veteran programs. AMAC Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP) and ACRU’s Committee to Support and Defend (CSD) will represent the largest and only partnership of its kind, serving veterans while also amplifying their voices and mobilizing them to impact their communities and the country for the cause of liberty and constitutional governance.  

ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West is the national spokesperson for this joint operation. “Together, we are a strong force, advocating for veterans’ issues, a strong military not bogged down with woke delusions, and a free and prosperous country planted firmly on the Constitution. America needs to hear from these patriotic veterans and AMAC and ACRU and their affiliate organizations intend to make sure no one can ignore them. We will be everywhere, in communities, in state houses and in Washington and we aren’t going away.”

AMAC is focused squarely on protecting the interests of America’s seniors, with over 2 million members, and they have created a vast array of resources for their members who are veterans through FVOP. The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) has long held the support of our country’s armed forces Veterans to be a priority. AMAC founder Dan Weber served in the U.S. Air Force and felt strongly that veteran entrepreneurship and the veteran community were key ingredients in the strength of our nation and its economy.

AMAC’s affinity with the Veteran community is deep, with roughly 75% of the families in the membership having a direct Veteran connection, and with 31% of their members having served in the military. The AMAC Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP) educates and informs American veterans on programs and policies that will improve their lives in honor of their service to our Nation, as evidenced by collaboration efforts already underway with multiple Veteran-related organizations.

ACRU is an organization whose founding board member was former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, who served Attorney General in the administration of President Reagan. He still serves on the ACRU Board of Directors. For over twenty years ACRU has been protecting God-given rights as outlined in the Constitution, such as free speech, religious liberty, and the 2nd Amendment. Two years ago, ACRU’s Committee to Support and Defend was started under the leadership of ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West to give a voice to active service members and veterans as they continue to honor their oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber announced, “AMAC and ACRU, together and with our affiliate organizations, AMAC Action and ACRU Action, are doing something that has never been done. We have created a substantial partnership that will impact the entire country, getting veterans resources they need, while also allowing them to weigh in on important issues in their communities and at the state and national levels.”

ACRU President and CEO Lori Roman stated, “ACRU’s Committee to Support and Defend is made up of veterans leading Americans in defense of their liberty. They still want to serve. They took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and they believe that oath has no expiration date. As we join forces with AMAC members who are veterans, we grow in strength and number, and we become the largest most impactful voice for patriotic veterans who want to save the country from authoritarianism and ideologies that are destroying our institutions and weakening our military. At the same time, we introduce our members to resources provided by AMAC that will enrich their lives.”

AMAC Foundation Executive Director, Joleen Teninty embraces the collaboration with the ACRU, saying, “I look forward to the opportunity to continue expanding and enhancing the resources we provide. As a productive partnership we can ensure America’s senior and Veteran communities stay informed and active; and as part of the FVOP collaboration, there will be paths paved with other great Veteran-related organizations as well.”

For further information, contact:
ACRU: Tracey Miller [email protected]
AMAC: Alyssa Lopresti [email protected]

Media Availability:
AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber, AMAC Action Senior VP Andy Mangione
ACRU/Committee to Support and Defend Exec. Dir. LTC Allen West, ACRU President Lori Roman

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3 months ago

Thank you for AMAC!!! If we want to remain a free country, true patriots must unite and fight like our forefathers did!!! Eternal vigilance is needed to keep our precious freedoms!!! Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and get involved with your time and money to preserve for others what we were given!!! To whom much is given much is required!!! God will hold us to account for what we have or not done to preserve what He has given us!!! Please help us Lord in our fight for freedom!!! Amen!!!

David Millikan
3 months ago

Excellent article.
I always support our Veterans.

3 months ago

We already have the VFW and American Legion duplicating efforts and wasting resources. How does this collaboration differ? I would recommend that one of your first missions would be to educate the membership on the Constitution. Explain it progressively from start to finish. I believe there are more Americans who have read, study and understand the Bible than have the same relationship with of the Constitution. We assume a lot and an oath means nothing if you don’t know what you’re swearing to defend. It would be simple to dedicate a page for Constitution education that rotates through the contents of the Constitution on a progressive time line under “We the People”.

Ronald St. Martin
3 months ago
Reply to  Smike

The vast majority of Veterans and current Military, understand the Constitution. The politicians, the extremely wealthy and senior military (who are politicians), also understand it, they are afraid of it. The Constitution threatens their power and control. The only real threat to them, is the Military and Veterans, who believe in the oath, we swore. They took the same oath and try to shred it. Voters and non – voters, don’t really understand the sacrifices veterans have given, to “ To Protect and Defend the Constitution Against All Enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. The majority of people get their education from a corrupt and biased education system and the media. The greatest proof of this is Roe v. Wade, it was not just about abortion, it was about States Rights ( the Peoples rights ). The only reasons we can have this open discussion, is because of Veterans!

Ronald St. Martin
3 months ago

Also we Veterans Pay dues for The Legion and VFW!

Ronald St.Martin
3 months ago

Which are nonprofit organizations, not associated with the government

3 months ago

To understand the Constitution, you have to actually read it and study it to understand it. Exactly where did the majority of veterans and current military member do this? Most of us “military veterans” had been exposed to bits and pieces of it through the news media and other bias means. Back in 1967 I was given classes on specific areas of the Constitution. That has kind of gone away. My four kids aren’t exposed to any details of the Constitution except for the copies of it I gave to each of them. In many households today, you may find a Bible but I doubt you’ll find a worn-from-reading copy of the Constitution. Everyone just assumes everyone knows what’s written in the Constitution. We know what we think is in the Constitution but the “vast majority” of Americans have never actually read though it. Every once in a while there is a TV show about it. Interesting enough, Star Trex actually did a show dedicated to the Constitution.

Ronald St. Martin
3 months ago
Reply to  Smike

The show was Star Trek. You avoided the initial subject you were protesting about, which is your Right. You stated that we were wasting resources that are provided by the VFW and the Legion. AMAC and ACRU are also not associated with the U.S. government, so whose resources are talking about. If you don’t agree with AMAC then join AARP, they will be more suited to your Socialist form of thinking. How do you know what Veterans know or don’t know, I assure you we would not associate with someone of your limited knowledge of us and our Education! As you can see I do not hide my real name, so why do you!

3 months ago

The show still is Star Trek, it hasn’t gone away. My rights, something socialist in hiding don’t want to actually acknowledge. That’s why they attack anyone who expresses their own opinion. Socialist don’t allow other to think, question, debate – they know what’s best for everyone and criticize anyone who differs with them. How do I know that’s your real name? This a common trick to gain personal information – nice try. Use your bully tactics on someone else.

3 months ago
Reply to  Smike

What your pronoun?

3 months ago
Reply to  Bohica

I am the gender I was born with.

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