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“Socialism is A Miracle Ideology” | Kurt Schlichter | CPAC 2023

Kurt Schlichter, a senior Town Hall columnist, retired army colonel, trial lawyer, and author, discusses the current state of politics in red states and blue states, and how the “softness” of some Republicans could affect the 2024 election. He also delves into the economic struggles faced by his home state of California, cunningly stating,”Socialism is a miracle ideology!” With his sharp wit and engaging storytelling, Schlichter offers unique insights into the inner workings of politics and society, making this excerpt a must-watch for anyone interested in current events and political commentary.

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2 months ago

Enjoyed the interview

2 months ago

We’re about 109 years beyond the socialism/communism argument people. The passage of the Federal Reserve Act brought centrally planned government to our formerly great country. For those extoling our free society, just consider the currency. It is what controls countries, even admitted by Nathan 200 years ago. The international banking cartel is the true enemy, not Russia, not China. Russia in fact has returned to it’s Christian roots so the question should be asked whether the US is even Christian. We are not a free country as the banking cartel controls the money supply. The power of this fact is that they can bring any country to their knees in a minutes notice.

Steven Glenn Tapper
2 months ago

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried and over the years we have seen politicians pushing Socialism here in the USA only to have it overwhelmingly rejected. But as more young voters who have been indoctrinated by our far left public school system, the idea of Socialism is once again being promoted by the Democrats. The reason why the USA became so strong and dominant as a world power wasn’t Socialism but rather Capitalism where individual success was rewarded. The redistribution of income from those who work to earn their money to give to those who do not work is doomed to fail as it always has.

2 months ago

Any dingleberry knows that socialism is wishful thinking, It consists of imagining that everyone
( other than the elite to which no rules apply) will have about the same and will work about the same. Thus we eliminate the nasty concept of “trying to get ahead” which is a demon for sure.
Its evil to try to get ahead, selfish, and disrespectful of those who don’t give a damn. We need to
care about those who don’t give a damn and thank them for their great example.

2 months ago

“weak republicans” are nothing more than WEASELS who are more interested/concerned in their own WORTHLESS careers than they are about the country and the constitution our founders gave us. Same kind of people that are in many upper management positions in business, which is why we are seeing so many businesses going woke.

Tim Toroian
2 months ago

Socialism doesn’t make everybody as the ignorant expect, it just makes more poor people.
The one I like is years ago when people complained that the Cuban economy sucked because the U.S. wouldn’t do business with it. I responded that I thought communist societies were self-sufficient and didn’t need capitalism. Besides they had all other communist countries to trade with.

anna hubert
2 months ago

Socialism works for those who do not have to work for a living those who live at taxpayer expense

Patriot Will
2 months ago

I have one major complaint with Kurt Schlichter’s video, and if you actually watch the video, I think more than 95% of AMAC patriots would strongly agree with my opinion: The video is way too short!
I am completely enthralled with the content of the video and the character of the man. When the video ended so quickly, I had withdrawal shock. The video is entertaining, intelligent, and patriotic. Next time, please have Kurt Schlichter on a lot longer.

Ann S
2 months ago

Kurt nails it by saying I will not except the dems ideology.
The republicans have to be strong if they want to win in 2024. You know the saying nice guys finish last.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Socialisim is all Control, see EU,

2 months ago


2 months ago
Reply to  Ann

As stated by Lenin himself!

David Millikan
2 months ago

Well said, Kurt Schlichter.

2 months ago

Govt. ends up holding the bag when people/their lives/businesses/communities fall apart, poverty, disasters etc. Call it socialism, call it what you want, but there it is. Govt. also administers the social security system and the FDIC, which is like social security, but for richpeople and banks. Then there’s the military which pinch-hits as a jobs program in between wars and some other stuff.

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