Dan Weber, AMAC’s Founder

Berwick Appointment Worst Possible Choice To Lead Obamacare

“Grim-faced, cold-minded, power-struck bureaucrat” says AMAC president.

[July 8, 2010] [Bohemia, NY] — Daniel Weber, President of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) today blasted the recent appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at the Department of Health and Human Services as “an attack on the democratic process and the rights of every Medicare recipient to the best health care possible.”

In his remarks, Weber pointed out, seniors will face rationing and will likely be denied care under the implementation of the new health care law by an individual with and admitted “love” for the NHS [Britain’s National Health Service] going so far to say that he “is romantic about it”.

“The American people have a right to hear Dr. Berwick publicly questioned about his chilling views on the rationing of care for seniors and for the seriously ill.  Clearly, this administration and the Congressional leadership, who promised to be the most transparent in history, did not want  Dr. Berwick to discuss his belief that government officials have a right and duty to cut care options for those in the health care system and to take over the decisions that should be made by doctors and their patients”.

“Now that he is has been appointed,” Weber said about Berwick, “American seniors on Medicare can expect from this grim-faced, cold-minded, power-struck bureaucrat the sort of edict that prevents them access to tests, drugs and other medical procedures that they and their doctor think they should have”.

Weber said the Berwick appointment was a case study in what was wrong with the current Administration’s and Congress’ approach to health care.  “The Administration’s lack of transparency about this appointment is a perfect expression of what it and the Congress has been up to, a takeover of the health-care system, a political power grab that will hurt all Americans, especially seniors.   Unless voters send a strong message this November to the Congress the health and safety of all Americans but especially those on Medicare are in grave danger”.

Weber also called Berwick “the worst possible person to administer the programs that will have such a huge impact on senior citizens”.

“His stated objective is to achieve ‘cultural change’ in our health care system. Dr. Berwick has repeatedly said the U.S. Health Care System is disjointed, inefficient and ineffective.”

“How can he say that when the U.S. has higher cure rates for just about every type of cancer compared to other advanced nations?  How can he have such a bad opinion of American health care when 85% of citizens say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their health plans” Weber continued”.

“AMAC is especially disappointed with President Obama who repeatedly promised that our health care would not be rationed. Dr. Berwick has openly called for rationing similar to the British health care system.”

According to Weber, “When health care is rationed, it means someone in government decides who will get treatment and who will not be allowed to be treated. This can be a death sentence for an older person. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement, where Berwick serves as President, has endorsed a points system where a patient will be assigned points based on age, health condition and past utilization of medical care. If you have too many points, you receive pain pills instead of treatment.”

“Berwick is a perfect example of a new class of politicians and professors who regard themselves as super-elite capable of making the critical decisions about the lives of others and hungry for the power to do so.”

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a nonpartisan organization looking out for the interests of Americans 50 years of age and older.  Considered the conservative alternative to the AARP the organization has grown to over 100,000 members since its founding in 2007.  AMAC endeavors to be advocates for seniors by promoting commonsense government and offering discounts on insurance hotels, car rentals and other products and services.

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8 years ago

If you’re reading this, you’re all set, parrned!

A J Kearney
12 years ago

I have been complaining about Berwick since before his appointment to my senators,and senior organizations (I don’t talk to AARP) but we seniors also have to recognize that our share of health care spending is becoming disproportionately large and some measures have to be taken to control its growth. My position is that seniors should have a role in any such cost reduction decision and should not be dictated too by radical beaurocrats.

12 years ago

I am seventy-four and months away from seventy-five and think even less of a president who should be concerned for the well being of all citizens of this great land; regardless a person’s age.

Robert Louis
12 years ago

What can one expect from a Kenya-born untrained anti-American half-breed born and taught musslim who says he wants America to become Islamic?

12 years ago

Everyone is talking about the SYMPTOM and not the core disease. Obama is a cancer that is spreading throughout our crippled country and he must be replaced with a human being who cares about the highest good of all, not the lowest form of struggle, money.

Cecelia Fischer
12 years ago

I am an RN and VERY concerned about obama care and how it will devastate our health care system and economy. When I am taking care of my senior patients I am very concerned about their future welfare. Right now a senior can receive all the treatment that they need; the physician orders necessary tests/treatments to treat a diagnosis or to rule out a disease process. With obama care the seniors will not receive the treatments they need, the care will be rationed. I do feel there will be an increase in Hospice consults. Seniors will no longer have choices of treatment options. We need to stop Obama care! We need to get the vote out in November!

Bette Dewing
12 years ago

Elders must rise up and protest at long last, I am surely intereseted in joinging the Assn. for Mature American Citizens. Please contact. also we should stop using terms like young at heart and say mature at heart instead. Long overdue.
Ageismis unfortunaterly sociallyl acceptable. even among its victims.
Rise up!

12 years ago

I believe that ObamaCare is the worst thing to happen to America since the election of Obama. I am not sure that he has an American birth certificate.

Barbara A.Renner
12 years ago

I resigned from membership in AARP over their support of Obamacare and made reference to the probability of “Soylent Green” in the not too distant future if the Culture of Death is allowed to prosper.I have been an AMAC member before and since but am finding that the issue isn’t to which group we belong,what religious or political affiliation we espouse but rather do we believe in Life itself.Procreation is not a passtime, a leisure activity ,it is our commitment to our own humanity and each human being created is no more or no less worthy to exist than those who created him or her and that worth does not increase or diminish simply by ability or disability.Until we can recognize ourselves in each and every individual from conception to natural death we will not be able to advance beyond the basic primative instinct of self preservation,me first or me and mine mentality.With the relegation of our most vulnerable members to the burden status, and the insistance “my body my choice” it is clear that many individuals are arrested in that primative mentality to which I am referring.That mentality is what allowed Adolf Hitler and other predatory primative humans throughout the ages to” eat their young and old”It is time to stand up to these immature,regressed individuals who are willing to sacrifice any and all in their way.Under the guise of words like globalized, socialized,greater good we are lulled into a feeling of false security that our leaders care and will include everyone.Beware the trap door or the promise of a virtual trip but especially before it is to late,I Pray that it is not,Don’t believe anyone who tells you that our Constitution is archaic,read it and then stand with your fellow American human beings and defend it. As an outpost for human respect and family values and above all gratitude to Our Creator we can be a model of strength to the rest of the World.Thanks for listening! Barbara A.Renner

Teri Graves
12 years ago

The Obamacare Bill SHOULD BE SCRAPPED and REPEALED because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Nowhere in the Constituion does it say that the government has a right to MANDATE that citizens purchase insurance of any kind!!

Paul Richard
12 years ago

It is pretty disgusting when I served 20 years in the military to protedt the rights of this country only to lose them to these incompetents.

Vance MCClellan
12 years ago

Is WW2 so far gone that we can’t even see the lessons that it should have taught? Does no one remember the War Crime Trials. This government is headed the same place that Hitler took Germany. The government deciding who lived and who died. Who was Pure and who was not.
If we can’t look that far back, look at the medical systems that this government thinks is so wonderful. These countries can’t get out from under the mess they made and it’s cost is killing them.

I serviced in the Navy for 23 years. I paid S/S for nearing half a century. I worked until an injury put me out of the job market. I got a degree that the government didn’t pay for. Paid a ton of taxes over the years and this is what I get – Rated to see if I live or die. IF THIS is what America is coming to, Death will be my choice and I’ll die with the Country I’ve always LOVED !

Susan Edwards
12 years ago

I totally agree! If it’s good enough for the American people, then it’s good enough for the Govt.! Since Berwick is “romantic” about this type of health care system, I hope HIS health care is rationed! I’ve spoken to too many people in Ireland who don’t like this type of system. I have no trust in Berwick or this whole administration. Besides, there are certain people residing in the US who aren’t required to participate in this system due to their religious beliefs. Everyone living in this country should have to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Edward Taylor
12 years ago

A health care system for the American people can be expected to be much more equatable and useful if it’s the same system that politicians will be expected to be covered by. A dual medical system is suspect at best; when politicians aren’t served by the same system as the American people, something is wrong. In this case, criminally wrong.

leonard r romero
12 years ago

american seniors worked hard to build this country. show respect and dignity for them. give credit where it belongs. return our country to the righful owners, “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”..

12 years ago

Don, I agree!!

Don Caldwell
12 years ago

health plan should be scrapped!!!

12 years ago

“The Administration’s lack of transparency about this appointment is a perfect expression …” Yes continual disregard for open discussion and business behind close door secret deals! Enough,
Change in November…

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