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SCOTUS Decisions Will Change Political Landscape


With SCOTUS concluding one of the most historic and consequential terms in its history, it leaves in its wake consequences and implications for the direction of our country.

One very important result may well be a movement of Black and Hispanic voters to the right.

It is reasonable to conclude that conservatives are happy with where this court has taken us and liberals are not happy.

More specifically, those who believe in the original vision of the country, that it is about individual liberty and that the Constitution is designed to limit the federal government to few and well-defined areas, are happy.

And those who believe that the vision of the founders is no longer relevant today, or that the country was flawed from the beginning and their job today is to fix those flaws, are not happy.

To continue to drill down, many may conclude that this recent court session will deepen the divide between those already on the right and those on the left.

However, decisions of this court bear directly and positively on Black and Hispanic realities and challenges, and it is most reasonable to conclude the political result will be migration of Black and Hispanic voters to the right. For sure Blacks and Hispanics will hear otherwise from propogandists on the left.

Most of the headlines have been focused on the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade. But there were other critically important decisions with far-reaching implications.

In the case of Carson v. Makin, the court found that the state of Maine was in violation of First Amendment protection of “free exercise” of religion where state funds used to pay tuition for public and private schools could not be used for religious schools. 

In Kennedy v. Bremerton, the court ruled that Bremerton School District violated free exercise of religion and free speech protections of the First Amendment when Bremerton High School fired its football coach for praying at the 50-yard line at the conclusion of football games.

In New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, the court found a New York State law requiring “proper cause,” that is, a special reason to carry a handgun, in violation of the Second Amendment guarantee of the right to bear arms.

As Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked in the hearing of the case, “Why isn’t it good enough to say I live in a violent area and I want to defend myself.”

For Black Americans, who live in some of the most dangerous communities in the nation, the court’s decision guaranteeing them the right to defend themselves is important and good news.

For Black and Hispanic Americans, whose children are disproportionately trapped in failing public schools, the court’s clarifying protections and guarantees that strengthen the ability for parents to choose where to send the children to school is very good news.

The court’s decisions firming up religious freedom protections of the First Amendment and disabusing the faulty notion that the U.S. Constitution is indifferent to sanctity of life and provides for abortion rights will move Blacks and Hispanics to the political right.

Black and Hispanic voters are beginning to see what the cultural chaos of the left has done to their families and communities.

The recent election of Mayra Flores as a Republican and the first Mexican-born member of Congress is case in point. She garnered 51% of the vote in a district in Texas that has never before elected a Republican. She ran as a candidate raised with “strong conservative values that focused on faith, family and hard work.”

Her campaign poster branded “God, Family, Country” in both English and Spanish.

I truly believe the recent Supreme Court session will sit well in America’s Black and Hispanic communities and gives good reason to expect strong implications for change in the nation’s political landscape.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.”


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Bill T
10 months ago

Why do you think our southern borders are now as porous as a sponge, they say a few million illegals already crossed? It’s probably more like 10 million or more! And there all arriving here looking healthy and we’ll cared for (except for the horrific and tragic truck incident last week, this is what happens when it’s like the Wild West with no concerns) Anyway, what’s the full intentions of the socialist democrats and president, to easily replace all minorities with new ones for only one reason, keep the lying, cheating, destructive progressive socialist democrats in control of everything. For the betterment of all of us (Total Bull Crap) . This is a disaster and almost every American citizen sees this Regardless of what political party there from, unless you’re an outright Marxist. Bernie Sanders is extremely happy right now, so are progressive socialist democrats.

10 months ago

All the two recent SC rulings did was restore the principles clearly outlined in the Constitution to he matters of abortion and the 2nd Amendment. On the matter of abortion, it is back to being decided by each of the 50 states. The Democrat run states will see either no difference or the states will make it even simpler for arbortions to be obtained right up to the moment of birth as states like NY and California have done.

One the matter of NY’s excessive restrictions to get a CC permit, the SC merely stated the criteria can’t be as vague and subjective as to preclude anyone but the politically well connected from qualifying for such a permit. As of today, NY has already passed a state law that will make any applicant for a CC permit jump through so many hoops and navigate a myriad of requirements as to make getting a CC permit nearly as impossible as before. I fully expect every Democrat run state to copy NY’s law by the end of the year. Thus the Democrats in D.C. have their supporters protesting all across the country for nothing. The states they control either are completely unimpacted or they are already taking steps to nullify the impact of the SC’s rulings.

What really bothers the Democrats in D.C. is that they can’t mandate their wishes on the Republican run states, which is what all the staged mob protests are really all about. The Democrats want EVERYONE to be forced to adopt the Democrat point of view on all issues. They have NO tolerance for anyone exercising any view other than what the Democrat Party wants enforced. As I’ve said many times before here, this country is made of two distinctly opposing perspectives: One centered around a absolute command and control mentality on the Democrat side and one centered on personal rights and freedoms within the guidelines of the Constitution. Unfortunately socialism and free will don’t co-exist very well in the same space.

10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

On the money, Paul E.

10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul E, what do you know of Biden’s Executive Order 14067 (?) that will create digital dollars (probably to be called “Biden” bucks) to do away with Fiat monies (paper), that will probably lead to the “TOTAL SURVEILLANCE ” by the government, ie. government/state control of the populace lives. I know of several countries that are already using and testing such as China, Russia, Canada, Germany and France, for just a few. What do you know?

10 months ago
Reply to  Max

It won’t come in the form of an Executive Order. The Treasury and the Federal Reserve have been studying how China created their own version of a digital Yuan to ultimately replace all their physical currency. The Democrats want to create that here as it would allow the federal government to track and control what you spend your “money” on. The concept of “your money” would cease to exist as what would replace it is essentially digital credits issued and controlled 100 percent by the federal government. They would then remove all physical money from existence and make it worthless. Thus effectively confiscating all money owned and controlled by the American people and replacing it with a digital debit system controlled by Washington.

A digital currency issued and backed by the government would be the opposite of Bitcoin. Instead of an open and unrestricted system of commerce, a digital dollar modeled in the Chinese digital Yuan would be completely programmable to reward or punish each citizen based on how well they adhere to the policies and rules of the government. Every purchase for anything would be tracked and either allowed or denied instantly. The Chinese call this their “credit scoring” algorithm, which tracks and controls everything each person is allowed or denied to purchase.

To give you a quick overview, if you are a loyal party member and follow all the rules of the government, you will earn points that help elevate your “social credit score” and allow you to purchase what the government want to allow its citizens to buy. Conversely, if you are NOT such a good a citizen, you would lose points from your credit score and you would be restricted in what your digital money could buy. If you were a really bad citizen, then your digital assets would either be frozen or taken from you, making you instantly destitute.

This is a real high overview of a 30 page document explaining both the Chinese digital Yuan and how various western governments are looking to replicate it. The United States being one of those countries. Does this help you to understand the basics of what a digital dollar modeled on the Chinese version might entail? Let me know.

10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

This is what I thought this information was about but wanted to make sure that I had understood it correctly. Thanks for your help and confirming clarification. Woe to this country when the government implements it. From other sources, the government has been testing it.

10 months ago
Reply to  Max

Testing has been ongoing in China for over a year now in a few targeted cities. No formal word yet when China plans to go nation-wide in its testing or when they plan to completely switch over to a digital only mode for their economy and all international trade based on the Chinese Yuan. I expect we won’t hear about that until after President Xi gets his formal President for Life designation from the CCP gathering this October.

To date, there has been no public alpha or beta testing of a digital U.S. dollar in the United States. Not surprising given the inner workings of both Treasury and the Fed. They will need several massive data centers, filled top to bottom with the latest and greatest servers and communications capability, to handle the daily load of replacing the combined comercial banks in the United States that will become obsolete with this move. I can tell you with absolute certainty that those Federal Reserve data centers don’t exist today. So we’re quite a ways off from full scale implementation the way Yellen and Powell are envisioning things.

From everything I’ve read, both the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are still haggling over things like regulations, how to deal with the obvious pushback from both banks, that stand to lose their main source of the capital (deposits) and revenue (loans of all types), and the expected blowback from at least part of the American population when they finally grasp the Federal Reserve will be controlling all aspects of the American economy and access to capital. Not to mention the fact that the American people will lose personal control of all the money they have in banks as we transition over to the fully electonic digital dollar system where the Federal Reserve issues and controls access to credits. Not trivial issues by any means. I would expect most people would object to the implementation of a digital dollar based on the CCP model. Then again, the American people have been behaving like sheep for the last 18 months of massive changes. So maybe the American people will just accept the physical confiscation of the money in their bank accounts and elsewhere and just roll over yet again. Americans have proven to be quite docile.

10 months ago

The DemocRats view the SCOTUS as an asset in helping them gain and RULE the Nation. Also, the DemocRats realize that they can get people’s minds off of their ineptitude in managing the economy if they can create a war to give jobs to people. The bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan in 1941 was a political godsend for Roosevelt and the DemocRats that helped get the 1930’s Depression out of the publics priority concerns that might otherwise been focused on the DemocRat Party. LBJ sought the same strategy to engage in the Viet Name war, but it didn’t work as effectively in that case. IMO.

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