Advocacy / AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

Red Letter Day in Washington

Last week was a red letter week in Washington DC, in more ways than one.

Dozens of patriotic AMAC Delegates, representing the nation at an extraordinary time in our history, made a significant impact on Washington this week.

As if the stars of history, respect, moral compass and commitment to our nation’s future were in perfect alignment, AMAC Delegates convened in Washington with one mission – and completed several missions.

The primary mission was, as long and thoughtfully planned, to visit nearly 100 congressional offices to discuss the importance of AMAC priorities, from fiscal discipline to innovative ways for advancing medical care for seniors.

Discussed were topics ranging from moral leadership and the historical bankruptcy of socialism, to the importance of recognizing and rewarding those with courage in Congress. AMAC Delegates reinforced the importance of leadership, action and accountability. Their message resonated.

As a burgeoning national organization of active, caring seniors, with 1.5 million members and rapidly growing, the attending AMAC Delegates pressed Congress to support legislation of importance for older Americans – and the future of the Nation.

A centerpiece was the cost-saving – and path-breaking – legislation called the “Good Samaritan Charitable Physicians’ Services Act of 2018,” which offers a tax deduction for medical care given to those unable to afford it. This bill, H.R. 5856, is already supported by a number of forward-thinking, fiscally responsible and senior-focused members of Congress. If not hotlined in 2018, it is certain to be reintroduced in early 2019.

But this was a week for the ages. This week, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, man of humility and honor, goodness and humor, nobility, courage and decency took his leave – at age 94.

Volumes could be written, have been and will be, about his impact on the times in which he lived. His accomplishments were legion:

Ending the Soviet Union, with dexterity and grace. Bringing down the Berlin Wall, which divided Germany, and kept millions of souls captive who simply yearned for – and on Bush’s watch found – freedom. Pioneering civil rights legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and placing priority on balanced budgets.

But he was so much more: America’s youngest naval aviator, combat veteran shot down – and back in a TBM Avenger cockpit within 30 days, flying and nearly dying for the America he loved.

Man of depthless dignity and unwavering kindness, he was first a loving father of six, one of whom died at age three, causing him to fortify his broken heart. And Barbara’s.

From there, he would become a member of Congress, head of the CIA when moral compass was needed, rebuilder of the Republican Party after Watergate, envoy to China when diplomacy called, Ambassador to the UN, then Ronald Reagan’s loyal Vice President – before becoming our Commander-in-Chief.

AMAC Delegates knew their American history, knew this good and great man for what he was, and knew their duty. Those who could waited hours, to pay their respects and say prayers at the side of his flag-draped casket, in the Capitol’s grand and humbling Rotunda.

It was a transformative moment, inspiring, reflective and an indication of what can yet be – as much as what has already been. The AMAC loyalists in Washington this week, many of whom were veterans, honored this great president – and did AMAC proud by their presence. So, there was a second mission completed.

And perhaps the third completed mission was to ponder, as AMAC Delegates did this week collectively under the roof of the Heritage Foundation, the meaning of all this, the perpetual call to duty, love of country and principle – even in turbulent times.

To see all this up close was inspiring, invigorating, and uplifting, a palpable restoration of hope in a time of national ambivalence and confusion, a reminder that – even in stiff winds – true north never changes. And keeping that bearing is what makes a life worthwhile, and the value of an organization like AMAC clear. God bless America.

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James Mansfield
4 years ago

oh btw: another interesting benefit of MediCURE FOR ALL – since you’ll be able to adjust out-of-pocket expense according to premium, you won’t need to carry Medigap or other insurance plan!

4 years ago

I thought President Regan told Gorbachev to tear down that wall. I also thought President Bush was not reelected because he promised no new taxes sand there was. I have and will always vote Republican. There isn’t one of them that is perfect but, the republicans are the best! Will check my own comments for accuracy.

4 years ago

Great alternative to the liberal AARP!! Thanks for supporting conservative values!

Janice Entzminger
4 years ago

I am so glad I joined AMAC. This is a much better organization than the other senior group out there that is really nothing more than a giant advertising company taking money from the vendors in their publication if you sign up for their services.
AMAC however has thoughtful articles and information about the happenings in Washington DC that affect the lives of seniors.
I have recommended AMAC to many of my friends as a better and conservative group. Keep up the good work!!

Bill Carson
4 years ago

As the Delegate for Texas CD6, and a member of the Texas delegation for AMAC, we met with staff members of both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn. we were met well and the Healthcare specialist for the Senators were both attentive and willing to hear our lobbying effort for the “Good Samaritan Charitable Physicians’ Services Act of 2018″
As it was my first visit to the Capitol city, I enjoyed the sites my limited free time allowed.
Bill Carson
Delegate for the Sixth Congressional District of Texas
Proud member of AMAC (they agree with me on almost everything!!)

Steven T. Vath
4 years ago

Well done good and faithful servants! You have represented the members well.

4 years ago

GHW Bush did a lot of good things; however, he signed the US onto Agenda 21, the UN takeover of our sovereign country. That, to me, negates every good thing he ever did. Interesting that no one talks about that.

James Mansfield
4 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Hi did you note that Trump and a very few members of the people in his group left BEFORE the casket and did not attend the burial?

There looked to be some very strange expressions on people’s faces and quite a few were seen to have received enevelope messages…and what were all those secret service agents doing standing so close?

Just wondering….

Barbara Smith
4 years ago

So glad to read of what happened when the delegates from AMAC met in Washington. Thank you for your dedication and follow through of what we AMAC members believe will help the USA. We can pray that congressmen and women heard the truth with their hearts and with their minds to do the right thing for America and for the people.

4 years ago

What a great effort…Amac has turned out to be the best. I’m still waiting for Amac to support the Fair Tax, it’s an effort that benefits the American People more than anything going. If information is required, please call me.

Fred Easton 352-528-6760

Earl Ferguson
4 years ago
Reply to  Fred


Like you I wish for the Fair Tax, and so does AMAC. It would solve so many problems. But it is a huge battle and AMAC needs to be 15 Million strong to make a dent in that project. Join your local AMAC Chapter – or start one if necessary and help get the ball rolling.

Earl Ferguson
AMAC Georgia 11th District Chapter President.

4 years ago

We made a great impression on the Congress and Senators and their staffs. Roaming the halls with Red Jackets and AMAC name tags.
We were selling the AMAC supported Good Samaritan Legislation, informing, answering questions, it was a good day to be in Washington. A lot of relationships were made and awareness of our organization. Conservatism is alive and well.

Michael Miller
4 years ago

I’m a 60 year old man married 35 years to an American women I served in the US Army as did my wife we are members of AARP I was not born here I was born in British Columbia CA. And remain a citizen I’ve been here as a legal resident since 1966 I know my wife can join would I be allowed to join

4 years ago

Good articles. Very informative. Thanks for good reporting and keeping us updated with all that’s been going on recently. So glad I joined AMAC last year.

Ann DeBarros
4 years ago

It was a breath of fresh air to hear positive voices from DC this week. Unfortunate circumstances, however. I pray a positive spirit can continue to grow from this week.

Bernie Holst.
4 years ago

Sorry I wasn’t aware of Amac activity in Washington.
I have participated in this type of activity for my national association. The larger Amac gets the more influence it can have. Thank you for your efforts!!
I am a member and proud to be.
God bless the USA.

Ben Simpson
4 years ago

Keep up the good work! Proud to be a member. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. God Bless America, and God Speed President Trump!

John S Gaspar
4 years ago

AMAC has changed, and the change is so much for the better. Great information coming out and knowledge of your promoting new talks with our Congress people has made this an organization well worth belonging to. Thank you.

Jim Gaunt
4 years ago

Thanks and keep up the good work and the good fight!

Martha Butler
4 years ago

I am AMAC member. Thanks for letting me know what you are doing to preserve our country. Glad to hear your are going straight to the representatives in verbal format and not just with written information. The personal touch may make some representatives listen due to your passion. Thank you for your service!

4 years ago

He was a good man. The failure of the people to reelect him for a second term was a travasty and the left wing “news” media was to blame. To this day they continue to dumb down those who listen to then.

Roger Jockisch
4 years ago
Reply to  Wingleader69

Don’t forget Ross Perot. He took a lot of votes that would have been cast for George Bush.

David Fendley
4 years ago
Reply to  Wingleader69

I disagree. GHWB was a big government Progressive and a globalist, He made the mistake of crossing celebrities with his “boy george” speech in 91 and announced the New World Order. It didn’t compliment him much that he a Barbara vacationed with the Clintons on Martha’s Vineyard several times. He might have been the worst kind of Republican and definitely not a conservative. The “Deep State” owes a great deal of it’s existence to him.

4 years ago

So which conservative social media sites did you engage with to document and then broadcast your work over their web sites concerning your lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill? Just curious which one AMAC used. After all, that is how you reach a larger audience these days. Thanks.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

So, what part of this New World Order is to be disliked? OK, so no social media was not well utilized. Maybe that’s a good thing.
Sorry, PaulE, but some actions and brags are just disgusting. Just blame it on a grumpy old man.
Signed: Grumpy.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Ha! Thanks for the laugh. Good one.

I was just wondering with SO MANY conservative news outlets on the Internet in general and even still on places like YouTube, despite the crack down from the parent company Google to purge anything not supportive of the Progressive agenda, why in this day and age AMAC seems to be only able to do is use old-line means to update folks. If they really wanted to get their message out there, one or two on-line conservative news outlet could conceivably reach millions around the world. Nothing wrong with leveraging technology unless they don’t want the coverage for some reason. Hint. Hint.

John Higgins
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul, you are absolutely right! One big weakness with AMAC is their lack of presence on Social media. They are on radio with Mark Levin, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager etc but they are missing the boat on Social Media.

Concerned Citizen
4 years ago
Reply to  John Higgins

So “Like” them on your Facebook page. Whoopie Ding Dong! Sometimes it’s better to be active but just out of the line of fire from the Leftists! Meeting with Congress and keeping it low-key is just fine with me, as long as they accomplish their goal!

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