Proof of God

When I was a child I began to believe in God. My parents and the Sisters of Charity taught me that God is all powerful and all knowing.  As I was growing older and started to question my own beliefs, one thing bothered me most. How, is it possible that God could know what each of us was doing at the same time? How could God know what we all were thinking? After all, there are billions of people.

I had no choice; I had to accept this on blind faith.

The major religions place a high value on faith. The two important religions in America, Christianity and Judaism, rely on the faith of their members to believe in God without any proof.  Now, it appears science has produced, if not proof, at least a potential explanation of how it might be possible for God to be watching all of us at the same time.

Scientists have discovered a force of energy that exists throughout the universe. This force consists of tiny particles that shoot through space. They are so small they actually pass through the atoms that make up matter. They go right through the earth from one side to the other, passing through anything that happens to be in the way, such as rocks, buildings and people.  There are many subatomic particles much smaller than atoms. They have unusual names such as Quarks and Neutrinos. The strange manner in which these particles act has caused much interest. Quarks, for example, sometimes are pooled into a “sea of quarks” that appear and disappear due to quantum fluctuations. No one is sure what causes this phenomenon.

How does all of this relate to the existence of God? Think about how television works. In a TV set a beam of electrons hits the TV screen causing images to appear on the screen. In effect the screen “reads” the electron beam converting the blips on the screen into images that are able to be recognized.  We do not actually see the person on the TV, we see their image. Likewise when neutrinos pass through our bodies they could register where each one of our molecules are at a given moment. Unlike the flat two dimensional view we receive from our TVs, these images would be in 3-D.  Astrophysicists tell us trillions of subatomic particles are constantly passing through us. Can you imagine how sharp the definition of those images would look like? Of course there must be a means of receiving the transmissions for this to function.

Perhaps the receiver is in heaven. Although the foregoing comment was half made in jest we should consider other discoveries our scientists have made. We have learned the universe consists of only 10% of matter that can be seen. The other 90% is dark matter or energy unseen by normal means. Could Heaven be hidden in this mass of unseen material?

While I do not expect to see definitive evidence that would reveal God’s secrets in my lifetime, it is pleasantly reassuring for my inferior brain to know of the existence of a mechanism that could easily allow God to do what I once thought was impossible.

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