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President Trump Ends U.S. Ties with WHO Over China

trumpPresident Donald Trump said the U.S. will terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization, which he has accused of being too deferential to China and of failing to provide accurate information about the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have detailed reforms that they must make and engage with them directly, but they have refused to act,” Trump said on Friday at the White House. “We will be today terminating our relationship with the WHO.”

Trump’s announcement came as he delivered complaints against the government in Beijing, ranging from trade wars to legislative moves that would compromise Hong Kong’s autonomy. He had previously suspended funding to the WHO, stating that it had been complicit with Beijing in concealing the extent of risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in Hubei.

It wasn’t immediately clear how President Trump intended to execute his promise or how quickly the U.S. could really withdraw from the treaty it signed to join the public health organization, which is part of the United Nations. The president’s statement, in the short term, could mean that his earlier decision to freeze U.S. funding to the WHO may continue indefinitely.

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2 years ago

This is another positive thing President Trump has done to secure our nation away from organizations that continue to go against our national security, and then expect us to pay for it. Hooray for this President who is not afraid to expose these organizations and their intentions toward us. I hope the United Nations is next on his agenda!!

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