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Polls Expose the PC Movement as an Effort to ‘Stifle’ Free Speech, says AMAC

PC movement

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 30 — There are no more criminals living in San Francisco.  In a decision that some would consider an extreme example of political correctness the city’s Board of Supervisors has proclaimed that “convicted felons” will now be known as “justice involved persons.”

And, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], when a “justice involved person” is released from jail, he or she is to be known as a “formerly incarcerated person” or a “returning resident.”

Matt Haney is a San Francisco supervisor and he told reporters: “We don’t want people to be forever labeled for the worst things that they have done.  We want them ultimately to become contributing citizens and referring to them as felons is like a scarlet letter that they can never get away from.” 

But, says AMAC president Dan Weber “no matter how you sugar coat it, a felon is a felon and an ex-con is an ex-con.  And, while a criminal may, indeed, see the errors of his or her ways, no amount of political correctness will undo their crimes.  In fact, authoritative research shows that the majority of Americans are fed up with the notion of political correctness.”

Weber cites a massive study conducted last year by an international organization known as More in Common among 8,000 respondents that found 80% of them believe that political correctness is a problem. 

Reporting on this study, the National Review noted that there is an “exhausted majority” of Americans who are fed up with the politically correct movement.  In fact, researchers found that “despite the reputation that millennials get for being too sensitive, 79 percent of respondents under the age of 24 actually reported the same thing. So did 97 percent of devoted conservatives and a full 61 percent of traditional liberals.”

Meanwhile, a more recent study by Rasmussen researchers showed that 68% of Americans believe they need to be careful “not to say something politically incorrect to avoid getting in trouble.”  Most of the respondents to this survey said, “political correctness is a tool used to silence political and social opponents.”

The AMAC chief says it is noteworthy that the Rasmussen report found that “just 26% of American Adults believe Americans have true freedom of speech today.”

Weber points out that “in the old Soviet Union, the communist culture was built on systematic indoctrination that brainwashed the citizenry into believing that the leftist elites and their apparatchiks who ran the “Evil Empire” had their best interests at heart. The American Revolution, on the other hand, sought to allow the people to become individuals with a collective lust for freedom and justice.  If there is a sinister motive behind the PC movement, it will not succeed. Our kids are smarter than that, for the most part.  And, the polls show that a growing majority of Americans see the movement for what it is: a concerted and nefarious effort to stifle free speech.” 

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Vickie Rennie
3 years ago

We’ve been sucked down a wormhole into a vortex. Up is down ….down is up. Wrong is right
…right is wrong. “Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good”. Welcome to Bizzaro World.

3 years ago

the government is a control FREAK.

3 years ago

And the problem is once released they become repeat offenders. Very few change their behavior and the prison population tend to distribute information on other schemes and crime. Our prisons have numerous corrupt organizations within the prisons.
Paying decent wages and checks and balances on employees could effectively stop some of the abuses of the law.

Joseph canna
3 years ago

OF only stifles conservative free speech.It is also part of socialism/ communism movement to get people used to being told what to say,do,and act.If you look back ,Nazism proceeded the same way.Then children ,most susceptible in schools,we’re turning in parents for violations children were taught to police.Later the full blown Nazi plan became more evident!

Joseph canna
3 years ago

PC mainly seeks to stifle conservative free speech.It is also a step to socialism/ communism to get people accustomed to bring told what to say,do,act

3 years ago

Political correctness is causing more harm that good. The good guys have to cow tail to the off beat liberals. This also cost taxpayers millions of dollars to initiate and enforce. Stop the political but kissing to everybody’s whim.

Don Callen Jr
3 years ago

maybe civil war, there’s an agenda somewhere behind all this/ former military here

3 years ago

Solomon the wisest and riches man that ever lived said it paraphrase
When a nation turns away from God they get stupid… do not believe me, read Proverbs
Till this nation meaning us.. you and me turn back to God we are getting exactly what we ask for, a nation where we can do what we want with no moral compass ( which used to be the Bible)

Katja K
3 years ago

I have seen the strongest push yet by socialists in this election year. Mostly aiming at young people promising free health, free college, free everything. Nothing is free. Taxpayers foot the “free” bill. Also foot pork barrel bills that benefit crooked politicians. While the “middle class” work hard and live from paycheck to paycheck, seniors barely making a living too large a number of elected officials are enjoying the good life. A luxurious home or two, expensive cars or two, planes, mistresses, trips to exotic places, while acting like they care about our welfare. Bull pucky. They now think we work for them. Time to set term limits, punish those that break the law and oust those that think they are above the law. Too long have crooked politicians had freedom to run our country for their benefit. We the citizens of the United States of America deserve better.

Bob W.
3 years ago

What’s “Politically Correct”? Nothing. When it comes to politics, nothing is real, just made up. Look at the Impeachment for example. My Dad, born in 1893 said that to be a politician, you have to be a great liar. Thank God we don’t have a “politician” in the White House. He says it as it is, corrupt.

Diana Erbio
3 years ago

No Joking allowed either…? hope you saw my latest AMAC column… “Shhh…DON’T SAY THAT!”

Dale Hammond
3 years ago

Speaking of brainwashing, how about our public school system. The students are brainwashed into believing in evolution, there is no God, do NOT have to respect authority, can not take an aspirin without parental permission but CAN have an abortion without it, sex is “fun” with no consequences, if it feels good, do it, and way too many other wrong things. YES, there is still, and always be OBJECTIVE right and wrong. God, have mercy upon us!

3 years ago
Reply to  Dale Hammond

Dale, you are absolutely right. Along with PC, the school are out of control in their teaching. if they must teach evolution.Sex education if taught at all needs to teach that casual sex is discouraged but if engaged in carries with it extreme consequences, Like STDs, unintended pregnancies and a total disruption of their lives as they know it. If they are going to teach evolution, they need to also teach that there is another thought on the subject of creation and that is that God created us. Then allow the kids to make an educated decision on how they view their lives and how they want to live it. Personally, I would make a lot of changes in our educational system. First I would bring prayer time into every classroom. I would teach how to budget money, how to be a good parent, how to disagree with someone without becoming out of control. I would discourage casual sex and would teach the consequences if one decides to engage in it., I would encourage learning a trade beginning in grade school by means of introduction into different trades they can learn later beginning in middle and high school, Prepare them for life. I would teach drug abuse classes which would explain the different drugs, how they are used, where they come from and what happens to your body and mind when they are used. How to avoid drugs and deal with peer pressure. The problem is I have my doubts as to if there are any teachers that qualify to teach this way, I don’t know if any teachers that would be well versed enough to teach on any of the subject matter I just mentioned. Please don’t misunderstand my opinion of teachers, They are great for the most part but they teach what they are told to teach so some of this is not their fault. However, I do believe teachers are our best allies when it comes to our children, They can fight for what is right or they can neglect what is true and teach what is wrong, I appreciate teacher and think most of them do try, it’s the other ones that concern me. Thank you for your post. God Bless..

Vickie Rennie
3 years ago
Reply to  Dale Hammond

It’s no longer Education…….it’s Indoctrination

Roy Law
3 years ago

Let’s see? PC is right? WRONG! We need to be able to express ourselves and our beliefs and ideas without the hashtags that political correctness wants us to use. Brutal honesty is needed. I proudly served in Vietnam and experienced the name calling and the being spit on by the so called people who knew everything about what was going on over there while never leaving their classrooms. Call me old fashioned, but you are going to get what my opinion is on things, and I am not going to sugar coat it with the PC labels that the socialists, democrats, and commies want. I am 72 and just don’t care what they feel. I am going to call a duck a duck and a illegal alien a illegal alien!

3 years ago
Reply to  Roy Law

I agree 110 %,

Gerald Schalk
3 years ago

Our kids may be ‘smarter than that’ but only if they are taught (by both parents) HOW to think, instead of being taught (by school teachers) WHAT to think.

Linda Brown
3 years ago
Reply to  Gerald Schalk

There isn’t much hope for kid’s in public (government run)school’s anyway.

3 years ago

This article puts my very thoughts into words.Thank you for putting your talent and boldness into effect to express the feelings of millions of Americans.

Charlie Lunsford
3 years ago

I’m not sure if “PC” stands for Politically Correct or Pro Communist!

Joanna Johnson-Smith
3 years ago

It just gets more and more DEMENTED every day. Had enough yet? Go to: Join Us!

3 years ago

I tell my LIE-beral friends (??) if they wish or try to violate my rights they automatically forfeit ALL of their rights, up to and including their right to life. Then I bring out my pocket knife. I’ve only had to open it twice.

notluf trebor
3 years ago

Hey, I’m from San Francisco, does this law require the victims to speak this way, too?

3 years ago


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