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Polling Surprises?

polling surprisesSome interesting polling surprises out of Gallup:

Nearly half of Americans express a “great deal” or “fair amount” of confidence in Sen. Bernie Sanders (47%) and Gov. John Kasich (46%) to recommend the right thing for the U.S. economy — the highest ratings among the five remaining presidential candidates. Americans have the least confidence in Donald Trump (30%).

Does it surprise you that among Republicans, Kasich leads on economic issues and Trump is in last place?

And then there’s some news for Hillary:

Hillary Clinton ranks within striking distance of her Democratic competitor, Sanders, with 43% of Americans saying they have a great deal or fair amount of confidence in the former secretary of state. However, a majority of Americans (56%) say they have “only a little” or “almost [no]” confidence in her to recommend the right thing for the economy. Americans’ economic confidence in Clinton is lower now than during her 2008 campaign, when 51% were confident in her economic leadership.

Do the Kasich and Trump numbers on the economy surprise you?

What about the fact that Sanders has overtaken Hillary in this area?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and let me know what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a television host and commentator, author, and columnist. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Gene E Daniels
6 years ago

I think Donald Trump would make the best president because he isn’t into it for the money, he is in it to make the USA better and he’s not a life long politician. He would make the USA better and will make a whole lot less money so I feel he is the right choice. He doesn’t say what politicians do, he says what he believes in because he isn’t afraid to speak the truth where as Clinton is. She is also a liar giving away secrets on her private pc and it’s been proven she has hidden many things from the USA. Illegal immigrants have killed many in the US and she wants 560% more to be brought to the US. She will be just another Obama which has hurt the US more than any president that I can remember other than Johnson when he stopped the bombing of North Vietnam and Carter for letting the criminals come back to the US when they fled to Canada to avoid the draft. Trump would not have done any of this and I’m a Vietnam Veteran so I know how it hurt us. Donald Trump isn’t liked because he isn’t afraid of the establishment in Washington DC. Trump will repeal Obamacare and the other unheard of things he is doing behind the US. Trump is also a Christian and I do believe in him on 90% of what he wants to do.

R A. Trower
6 years ago

Where’s the Cruz information

daniel chiarella
6 years ago

Ican understand Kasich he did great in ohio . sanders is a socialist Hillary is a progressive socialist bad and real bad. bobble heade Hillary will ruin our country and lead us down a path to hell. bobblr he4ad because her head is always nodding yes to whoever is speaking way back in the 60’s my dad called democrats tax and spend liberals they have only gotten worse

6 years ago

It’s true in Ohio Kasich reduced payroll taxes 8% for high income earners and gave small business a 50% cut on the first $250,000 of their income.
It’s true in that same budget he increased property taxes, increased the state sales tax and reduced eligibility for Ohio’s homestead exemption for Ohio’s senior citizens

Kasich is a tax shifter not a tax cutter.
He shifts the burden of taxes from one group to another

…….. to paraphrase Donald Trump:
“Kasich has never had a negative ad ran against him because, frankly no one cares about him”


6 years ago

The economic illiteracy of large segments of the American public (thank you public education system) explains these results. Most of the people supporting Bernie Sanders don’t realize that he’s spouting pure Marxist communism as his economic solutions. Of course these people neither know nor care that that what Bernie is advocating for as failed terribly in every nation foolish enough to adopt it. All they know is he is promising them unlimited free stuff that someone else (the so-called rich, the evil corporations, Wall Street, etc.) will pay for it all. Never realizing that they themselves, one way or another, will be the ones paying the price via a permanently stagnant economy, no jobs, and little future prospects for anything beyond living hand to mouth.

As for Kasich, his economic success in Ohio was almost entirely due to fracking. By the way fracking and taking advantage of our own homegrown energy resources is a good thing. As for Kasich, he has no real economic plan for America, which is why his official site is so sparse in that area. He’s also never articulated any plan of substance in his speeches. Thanks to the fracking boom in Ohio, it generated massive amounts of revenue for the state. Which allowed him to govern as a moderate without having to do the normal tax hikes on the middle class that are usually done by moderate to bankroll the pro-spending agendas they rubber stamp. Unfortunately, with the collapse in the price of oil and natural gas, that gusher of money to state coffers is slowing to a trickle real fast. So it will be real interesting to see how Kasich deals with the revenue gaps going forward. It won’t be a pretty picture for residents of Ohio in 2017, so Kasich may find himself out of a job there as well.

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