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Part Two of the Poll for the 2022 AMAC Man or Woman of the Year! We Need Your Voice!


The Association of Mature American Citizens is asking for your participation in this year’s AMAC Man/Woman/Persons of the Year Award.

Please complete the second part of our poll to determine the 2022 Winner!

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William Brown
1 month ago

Peter Doocy, cause he’s the only news guy that keeps the heat on KJP and the Biden administration

Sue Beck
1 month ago

Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk

1 month ago

Mike Lindell. He will be the ultimate hero in exposing the truth about the absolute steal of the 2020 election.
Dominion machines were “fixed” prior to Election Day.

1 month ago

Ron De Santis and Kristi NoemAnd the same for a Presidential team

Tom Spencer
1 month ago

Elon Musk for his courageous effort to promote free speech worldwide.

1 month ago

Elon Mush1. Elon built and automobile company in America giving thousands of Americans jobs.2. Elon is building a communication system to help connect more Americans to serviceable networking. This network reaches rural America where common sence is still important and practiced.3. Elon also purchased twitter and exposed the truth about the governments overreach and criminal abuse through federal agencies to silentance truth and/or opinion of American citizens.

2 months ago

Trump/Kari Lake 2024. Then, Desantis/Lake 2028. And immediately replace Ronna Romney as RNC Chair

2 months ago

Ron de Santis

2 months ago

Ron DeSantis for all he has done to fight for Floridians future against Woke ideology and Democrats insanity.

Julia R
2 months ago

Elon musk for fighting for free speech, exposing the truth and taking on the government that is trying to silence the American people.

2 months ago

President Trump

2 months ago

Elon Musk for his fight for free speech and for taking on the liberals who are trying to silence us. Definitely not Trump ; his ego is big enough.

Peter C
2 months ago

Any and all FBI and DOJ ‘Whistle Blowers’ who’s testimonies may help us END and THWART the current corruption taking place with the leaders of those agencies…who are threatening our freedom as Americans!

2 months ago

Trump. He’s given America a lot and at get personal cost. As have members of his family Without him we would never have had the proof regarding the level of corruption in the government. We all figured it was there, but Trump sacrificed himself so the truth would come out.

2 months ago

Elon Musk used his and other’s wealth to bring down and expose Twitter, expose the FBI, and those “elites” associated with suppressing the free speech of millions of Americans. This not only exposed big tech, but gave American’s proof that their government had worked against them and their freedoms, to meet the goals of big pharma and foreign nationals. In my opinion.

2 months ago

President Trump is the man of the year, decade, and perhaps even Century. Without President Trump we would all still be hiding in the dark, to afraid to speak up and tackle the most important issues of these modern times.

Brian C.
2 months ago

I think Ron Desantis would be a good choice. Through his leadership in the state of Florida the US has observed his word with action for his people. All people were represented in his state using a moral compass and decisive action. He is an example for other states to pick their battles and make good choices on how to approach a good resolution.

Dave Simon
2 months ago

What about Jim Jorden from Ohio. He works very hard for the Amercan people investigating shady circumstances.

2 months ago

I would think a Trump /Lake ticket now and a DeSantis/Lake ticket in the future providing they want to tackle this. Floridians still need DeSantis to show his policies are well structured and get other Governor’s on board. We need to break thru to the younger generation and show them why the policies of these leaders are what/ why these policies we’ll benefit them.

1 month ago
Reply to  Randall


Agree all the way with you. DeSantis needs to get other governors onboard to show just how bad policies don’t work. Hope the younger generations wake up from their naps.

2 months ago

If it is between Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis, it has to be Elon Musk for this year. Without his sacrifice of buying a platform he knew had real problems and then exposing with facts what we all knew was going on and much more and opening up the platform to real discussion again, the truths unearthed would have been buried for much longer.

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