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Opinion: Money For The Infrastructure Bill Is Coming At The Expense Of Medicare Part D

Infrastructure Bill

House Democrats recently voted to advance the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate last month, setting up a final vote by Sept. 27. The bill will pay for a lot of pavement, bridges and broadband services, but it will also leave a lot of chronically ill people by the side of the road. 

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Connie P.
1 year ago

There’s just one small paragraph here, no article or link to click for more text.

1 year ago

Bad policy

Don F
1 year ago

Let’s face it elected democrats don’t care about seniors. All they really care about is power and stealing from hard working and retired citizens.

1 year ago

Virtually everything in the bill is going to end up costing all seniors substantial amounts of money. Not just impact Medicare Part D. The senior population is not a big pro-Democrat voter base, so they have no problem making seniors take a hit.

1 year ago

Par for the course with the Democrats. Lies and misinformation. Everything they accused President Trump of was to divert our attention while they committed crimes of massive proportion. The really mind boggling thing for me is they’re never held accountable. It’s a don’t do as I do but do as I say regime. Quite frankly I’m appalled at the hypocrisy. Lining their pockets at the expense of the American tax payers.

1 year ago
Reply to  Brenda

Who is going to stop them? A lot of Americans in general just don’t care because they are only thinking of themselves.

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