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Opinion: Did Democrats Elect Trump Tormentors Instead of Lawmakers in the 2018 Midterms?

democrats failure democratic Trump lawmakers midterms mobWASHINGTON, DC – Voters elect their representatives for one purpose, and one purpose only: to produce and enact legislation that will make their lives better.  They don’t put them in office to seek revenge.  But, Democrats will have a majority in the House of Representatives come January and many are hell bent on mischief and then some.

They want to cause as much trouble as possible for Republicans, in general, and President Trump, in particular.  They are “Trump Tormentors” and they are far from what used to be called, the “loyal opposition.”  They live only to make life miserable for the party in power, notwithstanding the negative impact it has on Americans and the American way of life.

It’s true that Nancy Pelosi [D-CA], who will likely be elected Speaker by her fellow Democrats, told PBS recently “for those who want impeachment, that’s not what our caucus is about.”  And, as Congressman Emanuel Cleaver [D-MO] put it during a Fox News interview: “our goal in Congress should be to pass policies that benefit the American people, period.”

But then, Rep. Jerry Nadler [D-NY] shouted into his cell phone during a trip on the Acela between New York and Washington D.C. that impeachment would be high up on his agenda when he takes over the House Judiciary Committee in a few months.  Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at the Federalist, happened to be on the same train, in the same car as Nadler and overheard the phone conversation.

The fact is that an impeachment attempt is top of mind for too many Democrats. A lot of progressives were elected to Congress this year and, based on their rhetoric during the midterm campaigns; they apparently want to initiate a movement to turn the U.S.A. into a new Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Meanwhile, Nadler said last month he’ll also be gunning for newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Despite undergoing one of the most exhaustive investigations ever for a Supreme Court nominee, Nadler says he will further investigate allegations of misconduct and perjury on the part of Justice Kavanaugh.

And then you have Adam Schiff [D-CA] who says he wants to go open yet another probe into whether Mr. Trump conspired with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign.  This, despite the fact that special counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating that allegation for nearly a year and a half.

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings [D-MD] also wants a piece of President Trump.  He says the president is guilty of “gross misconduct” in the way he dealt with the Hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, among other things, when he takes over the House Oversight Committee

Are they jealous of how President Trump and a united Republican Congress in just two years managed to right the Ship of State after eight years of recession, mounting debt, rising unemployment and higher taxes?

It would appear that, in the 2018 Midterm Elections, Democrats elected bullies who are out to torment the president instead of lawmakers who seek a bipartisan approach to making America great again.  Perhaps President Trump was right when he said “The Democrat party has become an angry, ruthless, unhinged mob determined to get power by any means necessary.”

As the nation’s largest Conservative senior advocacy organization, our Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] is rededicating itself to the task of restoring a sense of decency and sanity in America’s political life.

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this is
4 years ago

It is so irritating to read the comments some of these Democrats have mentioned and I think for all the things they want to do to further undermine Pres. Trump and Judge Kavanaugh tells me they have nothing to go on so they try to knit-pick on the same old, same old worthless accusations. Instead, I think the Republicans should start investigating those Dems who are screaming loud and clear about what they want to do comes Jan. 3d, and see what skeletons they might have in their closets worth exposing. They are nothing but trouble makers and do not deserve to serve in the highest seat of govt. if all they want to do is destroy rather than help to make America great again, and learn to ” agree to disagree” as sensible adults!! I think most Americans are sick and tired of the childishness those reps are displaying and should be put to shame, and honestly, after that shameful Kavanaugh “crucifixion”, I don’t know why any Democrat would even think of re-electing the same troublesome reps from their states back to Washington, unless they enjoy watching the horror movies being replayed over and over again. They are a big part of the problem this country faces. I’d love to see whose names are on the sealed indictments since there are now 62, 233 ready to be unsealed, of American leaders in our country. I think some people should already be shaking in their boots from their behavior and I think they might already know who they are too. Justice will be served real soon, so let these big mouths keep on mouthing off. We should should have the last laugh, right?

4 years ago

Yes, the democraps would prefer failure for all to conservative success,but the silent majority (conservatives) are just as guilty. The lack of standing up and being counted for true USA values, allowing the liberal takeover of the education system and the failure to stop their agenda forced on our children in schools has propelled this anti-USA culture. As a mixed race person with an Hispanic surname, I watch as ignorant Caucasian folks doom their own races, led by black lives matter (modern black panther party) about issues 200 years are treated as if they happened yesterday. Somehow failed to be recognized in their new history is that their own fellow tribesman captured and sold them to the highest bidders, and there were also slaves of every color and nationality. Now what will you do today? Hide your head in the sand or stand and proclaim your conservatism and fight as did our forefathers.

el Dorko
4 years ago

To a certain degree that is exactly what happened. DEMs are little more than a mob of Trump tormentors. They have no sensible action plan unto themselves, unless you want to get stuck on genderless bathrooms in grammar schools? Or convicts voting? Or rigged elections? #MeToo wet dreams? Or open borders? Or God help us! And the reason DEMs won the House, this pack of brainless mobsters, falls more at the feet of RINOs, i.e., our hapless REPs who have totally wasted two years House ($) control in favor of the trivial and not “the meaningful” while they had a full congressional majority. Stupid, no? The DEMs are imbeciles by definition and on purpose. Apparently the REPs have too many in the same category! Collectively they all blew it for the citizenry as they jockeyed for themselves (power) and therefore we have the defeat in the house almost by default since most of our pols are truly empty suits. Without Trump our country would already be down the toilet, over the cliff, lost in space. Thank God he is willing to keep on fighting the absurdities extant in our left wing polluted idiocracy. How did we get here? W have had it too good, and our educational system has reverted to fairly tale schools for affirmative action cadets and lazy middle of the roaders. There are reasons for our decay and avoidance of reason as we move from decade to decade. Might as well start to list those reasons as axiomatic for our decline. Item: consider Ocasio-Cortez. How can a crazy, truly looney-toons girl be taken seriously by anyone other than crazy, nut job constituents? Really ignorant and crazy people? Answer: the obvious.

Ted Carbone
4 years ago

Even this new DB from New York Alexander ocasionis whatever before she even got to DC the very first thing she said was she was going after Trump by impeachment. This behavior should not be tolerated by our congresspeople. One of these days there will be another civil war and it won’t be black on white. And I can’t wait.

Floyd Reese
4 years ago

Of course!! They want the US to fail big time. Problem is they will be persecuted and tortured along with the rest of the populace and worst because they r lawmakers the first to die r all heads of governments then judges ALL judges the joke is on them they expect the enemy to keep their “promises” when the reality is the enemy will NOT

Rick Adams
4 years ago

Too many students voting. They have been blind sided by professor with all the socialist ideas, i.e., Univ of Texas professor was giving passing grades to all who voted for Beto. These kids do not pay taxes, rent, own property or have any responsibility except to graduate from school. Mom and dad pay for everything. They have no clue as to how the real world works. But that person standing at the podium is telling them everyday how they should think and most believe them. Another reason that over 30% of our colleges are no longer teaching American History. They do not want these kids to see how things worked in the past and the struggles our fore fathers had to go through for them to be where they are today.
But the problem lies with us. The parents and grandparents of these kids. We are more worried about the blue chip quarterback they the school is recruiting, or the tall center for the basketball team, or the ace pitcher for the baseball team, than we are about what the school Is teaching our kids. Want to make changes, work on the colleges and universities, that’s what the democrats figured out 50 years ago. I was fighting in the Vietnam war and our colleges were teaching the kids to protest what we was doing.

4 years ago

I would hazard a guess that the Democrats mentioned in this article are students and followers of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” The spoilage of our representative republic started 100 years ago with the beginning of the Progressive movement in 1916. The Russian Chancellor Nikiti Khrushchev said we would rot from within and would fall into communist hands like an overripe peach. Methinks he was right in his assertion. We are dying by our own hand.

Sandra Wightman
4 years ago

We the people need to come together as a nation and invoke our constitutionional rights if we want to take our country back

4 years ago

Our only hope is to get our children on the right track. Private schooling as much as possible. GET OFF FACEBOOK, DITCH GOOGLE (THEY SEND ALL MY CONSERVATIVE EMAIL TO THE JUNK which I read first) TRY proton mail.com.
FACEBOOK’S AGENDA is to eliminate conservative thinking and people have become so stupid they just flock to it. The MIT magazine has published articles titled “Hacking the mind” and “hacking the soul,” which depict exactly what GOOGLE and FACEBOOK’s agendas are. People live with their phones in their hands 24 hours a day. I feel sorry for them they are so poor in spirit and great alzheimer’s candidates. Now, we could make the conservative mind see clearly starting with the children….who knows.

Elena Tellez
4 years ago

We now CLEARLY have TWO AMERICAS — the RIGHT (traditional, Constitutional patriots), and the LEFT (progressive, Marxists & Communists). Time for martial law and a civil war — with our armed forces and sheriffs offices fighting for the RIGHT (i.e. the Constitution). The more we wait, the worst it will be.

We must draft a statement of loyalty to the US Constitution as written, and have all legislators and judges sign it. Hold them to it — and if they refuse to sign, oust them. It’s TIME. President Trump has the GONADS to force this — we’re all for it. GO… get ’em OUT.

Start serious investigations into Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, Huma Amadin, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder… ALL of the infidels. Put ’em in the slammer.

Ted Carbone
4 years ago
Reply to  Elena Tellez

What they are doing is by vote. The only problem is they are scheming their way to it. Calif is blue all the way because of the immigrants they allowed in. They are spreading through N.M., Arizona, and Colorado. N.Y is socialist and now they are allowing felons to vote as in Florida. They will flush this country with their wicked unlawful schemes as long as we let Soros free to do his dirty work.

4 years ago

Consider that the new style Democrats are perfectly okay with letting Hillary run AGAIN in 2020, you can see how ridiculous their thinking (if you call it thinking) is centered. Instead of working to find viable solutions, all they can do is foam rhetoric. Take their “Medicare for all” program, when asked how they intend to pay for it, they have no reasonable answer other than it will pay for itself. They are more worried about how they can afford a fancy Washington DC apartment (trying to not use their own money), forgetting there is a price to getting the position and if you come from a close enough area, you can actually commute (the horror of using a public transportation system).
I expect to see very little legislative action solutions with this new group.

Ann Mueller
4 years ago

The name “Democrats” do not apply to this party. They are totally a headless mob. I understand it was the rotten Jacobins who became democrats. But today, they are totally despicable and a disgrace.

4 years ago

Suggest Trump open an investigation into Hillery and the Clinton Foundation . It might just bring the Democrats to their senses!

4 years ago

A national ID would be a great idea but will likely never happen, If it did illegals would not be able to cast votes, The headstones in the cemetery would no longer cast ballots, and there would be little reason for uncounted ballots to be in anyone’s vehicle. Having to recount due to very close results makes sense, but not finding new ballots. We should pay elected officials about 75% less than what they get, the job is supposed to be a service not a career. There also should not be any pension. They do not earn it anyhow.

Donald R Greene
4 years ago

Issuance of a national identity card, if it ever passes Congressional legislation, must follow essential steps of clearly confirming the individual’s US citizenship, then obtaining a clear facial photo to be posted on and as part of the card immediately after such confirmation, require the individual’s signature (or mark, if unable to provide a signature), include the signature of a duly authorized federal government official, and contain several anti-tampering (including anti-copying) features. Otherwise we are back to the ballot-ballot, who’s got the ballot hi-jinx of the Florida election process.

4 years ago

Despite Trump’s accomplishments, Republicans blew opportunities to put forth legislation stopping illegal immigration and replacing Obamacare. I fear the next 2 years will be endless investigations and groundless accusations. Blue states will try to make voter registration and voting more lax to steal elections from legitimate voters. Our great republic is in serious trouble.

4 years ago

What will be interesting is to see how many Democrat Trumpsters were elected. I know they exist. It could be an interesting Congress this year. With cooperation, this country could soar back to being the number one world power for ‘good.’ Helping others in times of natural disaster etc. But with ‘obstructionists’ taking control, the world will come closer to total demise with their quest for ‘one world’ order – which just makes it easier for the devil to control the economies of the world and his torment of Christians. Nevertheless, Jesus will prevail no matter what happens, keep the faith.

4 years ago

The Dems are nothing but big babies. They lost get over it !!!!

4 years ago

The left are ALL Trump haters, period.

Irv C
4 years ago

I don’t get it. Aren’t these democrats conspiring to overthrow our Government ?
Isn’t that Treason? Why aren’t they being arrested for treason?

P Star
4 years ago
Reply to  Irv C

They aren’t be arrested because the wrong side owns the courts and lawyers and those who slow down everything they are told to do in our government. The corruption is larger than anyone expected?

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