Not Quite, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Thank you, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for reminding me how much I hate gender stereotyping.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Wasserman Schultz made the following statements with respect to the government shutdown:

“If we put all the women, Republican and Democrat in the House together, the consensus from all of us is that we would get this done in a few hours.”

“Usually women prefer to hang back–they might take a firm position–but they’re going to leave themselves some room because in a negotiation, a woman doesn’t want to ruin the person on the other side of the aisle or the table. They want to make sure they can find a way to have them feel good about the final outcome and also make sure that they get as much out of the negotiation as they can.”

She also contended that women are “less dug in” when it comes to their political positions.

That is utterly ridiculous. First off, I know plenty of women who dig their heels in on principle (I’m one of them.). Secondly, the notion that women–as a gender whole–are more willing and able to compromise and/or more inclined to want the opposition to “feel good about the final outcome” is absurd.

Are there women like that? Sure. And there are women who are exactly the opposite. Just like there are men like that and men who are the opposite.

Could the right group of women sit in a room and come to a solution? Sure. So could the right group of men and the right mixed group of men and women. This has nothing to do with gender.

Individuals are individuals for a reason. So start treating us that way.

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Dean Nyffeler
8 years ago

I don’t want the women DWS is talking about into combat. Women are better fighter pilots but not the ones she is talking about.
If shes paving the way for Hillary all we have to do is campare Hillarys four years to John Kerrys beginning. He seems to have done more in the short time hes been Secretary than she accomplished in four years. If he handles this not so little snit the Saudis are having with the UN as he has everything thrown on his plate so far. I may have to vote for him for President.

ardith ellis
8 years ago

sounds as if DWS has been directed to prep the stage for Hillary…

Pete Y
8 years ago

We need only compare (can you?) Jedediah Bila to Sheila Jackson Lee to understand that all women are not of a single mold…

nancy snead
8 years ago

I agree with u I also call them tyrants hiltlers terrorist just to name a few things they r liers scumbags of the earth they want to rule over us take away all our rights if we don’t get them out of Washington or our states they will also take our religious rights rights for an education they will destroy all of us they want us all 2die

Mark Siegel
8 years ago

It’s a little hard to imagine DWS herself being part of a amicable compromise.

Does she ever abandon her hard-line ideology in favor of a practical resolution to anything?

She’s not exactly a poster child for the point that she is trying to make here.

8 years ago
Reply to  Mark Siegel

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the Alan Grayson of the female gender.

Ron Smith
8 years ago

Thanks Jedediah,

While generalizations are necessary for understanding the world, it is also true that you must take into account all of the generalizations that come with each group. While women tend to be better at working together in groups, it is also true that they tend to be too compassionate, for getting that when you are compassionate for one person, justice is not done for someone else. Women politicians tend to want to spend money they don’t have as well. Having all the power and a credit card as well is not a good idea.

Kitt Burr
8 years ago
Reply to  Ron Smith

?? You start with “Thanks Jedediah”, then go on to seemingly make the opposite point of her article. “Women” is just too large of a group to generalize. Not many statements encompass all women, except maybe they are all human or all female.
“Women politicians tend to want to spend money they don’t have as well”. Seriously? You could have just said politicians, no need to narrow that definition.

James Shaffer
8 years ago

There are people who will not negotiate no matter what the issue and don’t really give a damn who gets destroyed in the process. We call these people Tyrants. Hitler, Attila, Nero come to mind. Obama will join that list,deservedly so, he’s working so hard for it.

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