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How Much of a Problem is Trump’s Money Problem?

money problemHow much of a problem is Donald Trump’s money problem?

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump‘s campaign finished May with just $1.3 million in the bank, a strikingly low figure for a presumptive presidential nominee.

Trump raised just $3.1 million for his campaign in May, compared to the $26.4 million raised by presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s figures are more in line with a Senate or House candidate than a presidential nominee, and would put him behind not only Clinton but Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, who were runners-up in their respective primaries.

This is a very strange election season. Things that have historically been of great importance in an election process suddenly have not. Many surprises have emerged.

Some questions to keep in mind as the process unfolds…

Does money still hold the election power it used to?

Does a big financial disadvantage necessarily destroy a national campaign?

Will Trump’s numbers improve? What would need to happen to facilitate that?

They say money talks. You say what?

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6 years ago

Not a Problem. Pray is much more beneficial. However, I have contributed and will continue to contribute when I have the money.

6 years ago

Per Trump’s son Eric (in a Fox News interview) they did not START fundraising until May 28. So that paltry sum is for THREE DAYS of fundraising…

Michael J. Clark
6 years ago

Hello stay on FOX News you do a great job……… Now I say to you and the Good working People, have nothing to worry about Mr. Trump MONEY…. he has a good sense of MONEY….so i close say no need to worry….. Mr Trump will Raise more Money than all the Thugs put together !!!The American People have had enough B H OOObama, Cooked Hillary, Joey Biden, Congress, the A.G. what bunch of Misfits…The justice Dept….and the 2nd bunch of misfits is the good boys club THE IRS…How stupid are they…all lie under oath, they to need to be in PRISON PERIOD….MR Trump and WE the people will take our country and restore HER to greatness that our founders had visioned for all American people… Thats what I SAY………………..

6 years ago

I wish Hillary was in the same boat as Trump. Getting BIG money out of politics and replacing it with small donations is crucial to fair elections. Overturning Citizens United and establishing a publicly funded system of campaign financing would eliminate the quid pro quo for special interests.
That’s just one reason why you should vote for Hillary, she’ll appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Citizens United.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

You do know, don’t you, that it BECAUSE of Clinton that we have a “Citizens United” in the first place.

Look it up.

…and btw, I don’t have a problem with it.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kevin

ooohhh, its all Clinton’s fault, thanks for reminding me Kevin.
…. And anticipating your next post.
It’s all Obama’s fault.
Thanks in advance

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

Paulo….That’s right Paulo. The mess this country is in lies with the BHO and the Clintons. You have drunk the Cool Aid my friend. Glad I’m not you.

Joe McHugh
6 years ago

The answer to your question, Jedediah, is that Donald Trump still has the edge over his opposition.
Many would-be contributors think that Trump can finance his own campaign expenses and therefore withhold their support. They are right to think this way for two reasons.

First, Trump is a showman who naturally gets free broadcast time from the electronic media that only cares about viewer ratings. This reduces the total amount of campaign money that he needs.

Second, Trump is, indeed, rich and has the ability to underwrite whatever expenses that he thinks to be necessary.

Let’s face it, the whole reason that Trump is able to say things that infuriate the Republican establishment and the big campaign donors, is that he is financially independent. No other candidate had, or has this advantage that allows frank discussions with the voters. This is the first time in recent history, that such a candidate has presented himself to the voters for consideration.

Never the less, such financial independence would also enable a President Trump to be overbearing even toward the people. He is truly uncontrollable in a normal sense. You know, like obama has already demonstrated.

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