More Trouble for Hillary

hillary clintonAs Joe Biden considers a presidential run, more bad news for Hillary emerges. The Hill reports:

Over half of Americans think Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lacks honesty and trustworthiness, a new poll says.

The Quinnipiac sampling released on Thursday found that 61 percent of all voters believe Clinton has neither of those attributes.

That score is her lowest on honesty and trustworthiness since the polling agency began tracking her campaign in April.

It added that just 34 percent of all voters see the former secretary of State as honest and trustworthy.

Although the poll still finds her leading all GOP candidates, including current front-runner Donald Trump, the numbers are very tight. She leads Trump 45 to 41 percent, Jeb Bush 42 to 40, and Marco Rubio 44 to 43.

It appears that people still value honesty and trustworthiness in presidential candidates and that Hillary is having a hard time recovering from her email scandal, particularly because new information that exposes a greater lack of transparency keeps emerging.

Questions to ponder…

Can Hillary recover from this or has too much political damage been done?

Will GOP candidates begin to surpass her in polling? In light of all the negative press with respect to her emails, why haven’t they begun to surpass her already?

Will Joe Biden jump in the race? How do you think he’ll poll beside her and beside leading GOP candidates? (The recent Quinnipiac also finds Biden beating all three top GOP presidential candidates.)

Who has the best shot to beat Hillary or Biden? Does a different GOP candidate match up best against Hillary than Biden?

It’s still really early, but some patterns have already been quite consistent. Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a TV host and analyst on Fox News and Fox Business. For more information on Jedediah, please visit http://jedediahbila.com/.

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robert timmons
6 years ago

Hillary is a career criminal.She has been since the 80’s.Her and bill have gotten away with down right criminal actions that anyone else would go to jail for. The clinton foundation is the most crooked and protected organization of all time. In all the debates not once has anybody said anything about the many many scandals they have been up to there necks in.The E-mail is not more than a smoke screen to keep the other criminal activities they have been involved in coming to light .The E-mail thing is pail in comparison to other activities.they have perpetrated on americans.Her supporters are blind to how she really is.She’s mean,deceitful,dishonest and conniving, I wouldn’t trust her with a potato gun let alone the safety of a nation.She has been bought time after time and its usually been a situation that is in her own personal interest not the country.She doesn’t care about you .She cares about your money going to thr clinton foundation,which has no accountability to anyone.WOW what a deal. She will sell this country out just as she has done in the past.If you vote Hillary in,kiss life as you know it and this country good-by.

Joe McHugh
7 years ago

Let me get this straight. If the Hildabeast said that the sky was blue, there are STILL some who would not look up to verify she was telling the truth? I guess it’s true the average liberal is an automaton, one who shows no intelligence and asks no questions of his master.

And let’s not forget about the tax-suckers, these “citizens” would vote for ANY Democrat candidate who simply promises bigger government checks.

Michael Stroud
7 years ago
Reply to  Joe McHugh

About those ‘ Tax Suckers ‘ they are as ” CROOKED ” as those that have given them their position in the Federal Government, remember here just awhile back that the majority of those that have such a position as a IRS Tax
Revenue Collectors was known to be Cheating on their taxes, but that’s okay their elected official’s for that office, so
there was no foul or harm done, nor was there any accountability for their actions in breaking this man made LAW that
were all suppose to answer to, it’s okay if these elected officials cheat the fed’s but don’t you do it, you’ll be imprisoned by the Colonists / the Corrupter’s that rule us as Masters, ” FREEDOM ” my ass, its all an Illusion, we
are loosing our COUNTRY as well as our ” RIGHTS ” to Organized Crime in our Political Office but that’s okay who the HELL cares ‘ I do so please ” WAKE UP and act as an US CITIZEN to those that gave their very LIVES in the creation of this great land we call America …

Were all ” SLAVES ” to a Government that is out of Control, the majority of the people in this country today are truly
a ” SLEEP ” and are known by God’s word to be ” SHEEP ” things are happening all around you people that is questionable but you think its negative to talk about such matters, when in fact you should be wanting to get to the bottom of these issues that are directly an attack on our way of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness in this messed up land we call the ” Land of the FREE ” … Only those in Power & Wealth are truly free, you and me are
bonafied slaves and were being taken to the cleaners financially through Tax Extortion so those above us in Power
that we’ve elected can LIVE as self appointed ” KINGS & QUEENS ” bloody well right mate …..

Another interesting subject is this coming ” Election ” ? ? Why is Hillary making a ” FOOL ” of herself as far as I am concerned she is the ” Enemy ” that I want removed from our present Government, I am fed up with all the lies & deceit that spews from those in office, its like it’s acceptable to those of us that must endure their BS because their Locked into their political position so its okay if they lie to our FACE about what happens all around us from day to day, you can’t even get the truth out of our media (CNN,FOX,CBS etc) because they are told what they can report and if they don’t listen their very lives are threatened as well as their families, corruption all around us and
they want you and I to be ‘scared ‘ so were no threat to whatever they want to do whether its good, bad, or evil …

I keep telling my friends that Obama could be the last president that we ever know, despite all those running for
office . . . ‘ How could he be the last president, they ask ? ‘ Here’s how that could happen, on YouTube : it reports on all FEMA Camps being activated back in June 2013 and filled with Military personnel, they used to be concentration camps that held the communist back in the 40’s .. In the past 6 years 1 dozen semi-trucks were pulled over by state troopers in various states and inspected when opened they were filled with martial law signs ?
Its been reported that we can expect a Stock Market Crash any time ? On YouTube : it reports a discovery of seeing 102,000 Railroad Shackle Cars out in the middle of no where and being seen by many of those living in the region, these cars have leg shackles on the floor and the back of the metal seats, what are these for ? Duh . . .

The stage is being set for something BIG, its not a matter of if but a matter of when martial law will be enacted and when it happens don’t be caught with ‘ Your Pants Down ‘ . . . This is how Obama could remain in Office, if it comes down to a State of Emergency he will not be removed from office, period . . . Look around and wake up to everything that’s been happening since 2001 (9/11) we are not impervious to peril . . .

Bob M.
7 years ago

It`s funny how everyone assumes that a Liberal cares about the character of their leaders.All they care about is their agenda.Most Liberals I know don`t know really anything about anything.When you hear one you hear them all.They really have their talking points down.But when asked to backup their beliefs,they have no answers.If you want to see a dumb look on a Liberals face just ask them to explain why they believe the way they do about something.You won`t get an answer,just a koolaid drinking talking point.As for the cost of shipping illegals,and building a wall.I would like to know how that compares with giving them free health care,free schooling,and welfare.Both would cost a lot but which one would be cheaper,and better in the long run.Once they are given the right to vote,Kiss everything you ever loved about this country good bye.I`m one of those that believes Obama will try to cancel out the election,so I will choose my candidate on election day.To quote the brilliant words of Tomi Larhen”we need a leader,SOMEONE”.We`ve got a lot of problems to solve in this country,and we need a fighter for POTUS.Someone who won`t buckle under pressure.We need someone who is brash,and bold.Someone who can truly make America great again.I know those are Trumps words,But it`s up to us to figure out which candidate truly fits that mold.

7 years ago

After everything people have heard about Hillary, how can they still support her?

7 years ago

This country is finished unless immigration is reformed and illegal aliens deported. The Democrats will never do that, they see aliens as potential voters for their party. I never trusted Hillary from way back when she was first lady. Can’t believe it took Americans this long to notice how dangerous she is. I’m with Donald Trump all the way.

7 years ago

I refuse to accept the inevitability of the Hillabeest, but there are no good choices on that side who are also “electable” – Webb? O’Malley? At least Bernie is honest and likeable. Biden the doofus? He is obama’s third term and with Pocahontas as running mate creates a potential commie dynasty that should finish us off probably faster than a Hillabeest presidency. We need a kick-ass leader like Trump with a balance of Dr. Carson or Carly Fiorina. Younger potentials like Cruz and Rubio need some more seasoning. The rest of the 17 are on the dock watching their ship sail away IMHO.

Lincoln Sorensen
7 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

Trump is not POTUS material. He is a spoiled, elitist, special interest name calling bully who buys cheerleaders to attract bigger crowds. He talks about deporting 11 million illegals. How long would that take and what would the cost be? Same with a 3200 mile wall. What would be the time table, cost and sense of that? What other country has a wall around it’s perimeter? Try entering one of those other countries illegally. Aint gonna happen. We can do the same with the border patrol, military and local law enforcement. Give them the tools and take the restrictions off and treat illegal “scouts” on our side of the border with radio communication back to the drug and people smugglers , like the spies that they really are, shut off the freebies and the problem would be eliminated. We lost the Korean war, Vietnam war and ultimately the war in Iraq because we insisted on letting the politicians direct the military. Basically, fundamentally, tie their hands with restrictions and political correctness. We have been doing the same on the border for more direct political gain.
Wake up America and get acquainted with intelligence, awareness, honesty and common sense. Get acquainted with Dr. Ben Carson for president. NOT VP, Surgeon General or some other cabinet position to Trump. Do any of you think for one moment that trump is humble enough to listen to any advisors if he is president? Hell no!! He’s going to steam-roll this country right over the cliff.

7 years ago

I’ve got a good friend who served on the border patrol with Mexico. His first hand accounts of the situations down there were enough to scare the crap out of me. If you want to talk about deporting 11 million illegals and building a wall as being too expensive and time consuming, please do your homework and look at the facts. These problems have been building for decades and have hit overdrive since that racist/terrorist who occupies the White House took over. Like a cancer or festering wound, the longer you wait to do something to fix the problem the worse it becomes. It is now life threatening!!!

Don’t be so down on Trump. Whether he wins or not is not the point. He’s bringing up issues that NEED to be talked about. Issues that would send a career politician vomiting and crapping their pants simultaneously.

Michael Stroud
7 years ago
Reply to  Gary

Well said Gary and I totally agree with you about Mr. Trump, he is addressing real issues that most others ‘ LOOK ‘ the other way on, ” Scared ” maybe or just know that if they step on the ‘ Wrong Toes
there will be HELL to Pay ‘ . . .

The fact remains I respect Trump because he cuts through all the BS and gets right to the issues that need to be addressed, Being the Chief in Command (President) is not for ” Whoosie’s ” and to see
a man that knows how to take care of business running, tickles me PINK, lets not forget Trump has experienced 3 to 4 times total bankruptcy and he Charges back to the position of a BILLIONAIRE
each and every time, that’s impressive to those that don’t have it or to those that wish they could win the Lottery … The man knows how to do business, plus he is intelligent and well informed about the CRAP that goes on in our Government and not easily intimidated by those that think they’re somebody and like myself ” He Don’t Like It and wants to really make some changes, unlike Obama who talks a lot of BS but he hasn’t backed up his Promises of Change . . .

Here’s something that’s also interesting about Obama – when he say’s these words ” Yes we can / Yes we can ” , play those words backwards and they come out ” SATAN ” ” SATAN ” what’s up with that ? ? ?

In fact I feel he’s the ” DEVIL’S ADVOCATE ” setting the stage for SATAN to take the Helm of this
nation, were becoming a 3rd world nation because of his administration … Later

7 years ago

Ever consider the possibility of Sanders running as an Independent? He’s an Independent now, drawing good crowds, and he looks to be determined not to cave under Hillary’s political weight. The GOP was worried that Trump is going to run as Independent, but I think Sanders would be even more likely to do so … taking votes away from Hillary and “handing” the election to the GOP nominee. That would be cool.

7 years ago

I’d like a President willing to stand up for equal pay and Women’s health. That leaves Marco Rubio out of the equation.

7 years ago
Reply to  Tina

Tina, why do you believe that women’s health issues and equal pay leave Marco Rubio out of the equation?

7 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Mary, Tina is a Communist, she fears Rubio because he’s Hispanic and might draw away “illegal” voters! … Best to just ignore her, she never has anything “nice” to say about any Republican.

Lincoln Sorensen
7 years ago

Why do all of you want more paper space, air time and name recognition for a neighborhood bully, spoiled brat, name calling egotist and elitist who simply wants to put the ultimate feather in his cap? Then you want more time and space for a socialist. Think that would be a better direction for america than Marxism? Then everybody keeps bringing up Hillary. One half of a pair so corrupt and scary from the time she and her husband entered college the only reason they are not doing time is because they have had the thugs to scare investigators into stopping investigations so they could spend the next 40 years claiming “no proof” with that condescending smile.
How about some air time and paper space for a candidate who, with his wife of 40 years has quietly gone about his business since retirement and spoken against political correctness and special interests. I am 74 and I have no interest in another spoiled elitist, name calling bully, who buys raving crowds and rants about solutions that are so ludicrous as to be funny. A 3200 mile long wall? What are we going to do about the open border during the 30 years it will take to get congressional approval, let bids, approve a bid, negotiate annual union labor disputes, cost overruns, , changes in administrations and funding? C’mon people, Wake the hell up!!!
If you really want to see a viable candidate, check out and vet Dr. Ben Carson and it is like giving oxygen to an emphyzema patient. Here is a man with a true backbone and a HUGE SET OF CAJONES!!!

7 years ago

FWIW, Dr. Carson and Donald Trump (I’m assuming that your name calling refers to him) have expressed great mutual respect for each other and speak of each other in kind terms. Your verbal assault doesn’t serve Dr. Carson’s image well.

Besides that, you didn’t even name which candidate you’re referring to. I’m assuming it’s Mr. Trump, because of the “wall” references. And about that wall? It would only be for large portions of the 1900 mile border. It’s just a fraction of the length of the Great Wall of China, built thousands of years ago.

Dr. Carson is a fine man from all indications, but he’s just not going to shake things up the way Trump is. If anything, Trump’s dominance is helping Dr. Carson get his message out and attract voters who would’ve not been made aware of how bad establishment pols have become.

Why are you so opposed to someone who’s doing everything it takes to finally wake up the US, maybe before it’s too late?

Ivan Berry
7 years ago
Reply to  grania

Grania, do you really think it would be wise to give Trump access to the black box nuclear bomb codes?

7 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Of course. Look at Trump’s business decisions. He does not go of the rails when he’s building wonderful things, and he won’t go off the rails when he’s in charge. Can you think of anyone who will be more careful about who the advisors at his side will be?

7 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Why not? Look who has them right now!
I would trust Trump over any liberal democrat, because he tells the truth!

7 years ago

Good job keep hammering that crook . That’s the Democrats only hope how sad .But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bill got reelected and the experts said he was not , someone once said you could keep your doctor , you could keep your plan , your rates would not go up Oooppss he got reelected, by the way how is that working out for every one ?? Eight years and four years of dirty Harry and queen Pesi its time, hopefully the uninformed the young and the undecided can see through the media fog they are pumping out and help America .

7 years ago

Something important, hopefully nation-saving is happening in the US. It involves us Seniors and our ability to convey those values and dreams we were brought up with. The US is now in shambles, and spiraling down that slippery slope to the trash heap of failed civilizations. Our peers who’ve dominated in the political world, both political parties, are embarrassments to our generation. I’m speaking about those of us in their 70s or very close to that milestone. And you know what? We’re mad as hell and we vote.

Gals my age like alpha, can-do guys who take care of situations and have confidence, achievement, and some humor. It’s Donald Trump who will deprive hillary of a large part of that vote she had locked in. Add to that, Trump is reminding us that we used to have freedom of speech and never even heard of political correctness. Our new-found willingness to speak out has become a movement. We start speaking out and younger generations will learn how much the bums in power have done to destroy their futures.

On the other end of the political spectrum, Bernie Sanders is waking people up.

So, instead of an article about those who’ve been so content to destroy the US for their personal gain, how about an article about how we get Trump vs Sanders instead of the anointed oligarchs?

Michael Stroud
7 years ago
Reply to  grania

Thank You, GRANIA . . .

For ” SPEAKING UP ” and sharing the TRUTH, Men & Women in political office are well paid and awesome benefits that go way beyond reason or understanding, not all of them but most of them don’t give a S+*t about our youth, long as it’s not their children that goes with out a future or life who the hell cares, their paid well enough to look the other
way .. We are a Nation with a SEARED CONSCIENCE when it comes to what’s happening here in ” AMERICA ” it’s
like the ” BLIND leading the BLIND ” no one see’s how ” TERRIBLE ” our condition is, no one see’s just how ” UGLY ”
we have become as a WORLD leading Country and people ..

You Know this to be TRUE GRANIA, the WORLD used to LOOK up to us and want to be like us, we were COOL,
we were PRAISED, they wanted to be like US, they adopted our Fads & Trends (50’s – 70’s) dressed like ” James Dean, and many other famous Icons, the WORLD literally CRIED at the assassinations of JOHN & ROBERT KENNEDY I know I was 10 years old and seen it with my own eyes on our ancient TV (1968) the People around the
WORLD was crying at the deaths of these 2 GREAT Men, they too stood up to the ” BULLIES ” in our Government
and were KILLED because it …

Today the Majority of the World ” HATES ” us , IRAN, IRAK, TERRAN, TURKEY a lot of those countries now call
us the ” GREAT SATAN ” because of how we live, our Freedom of expression, our lifestyles and sexual preferences, they want to ” NUKE US ” so does NORTH KOREA, RUSSIA, who knows who else wants to see
the destruction of ” AMERICA ” ? ? We have Fallen from GRACE, GOD no longer is BLESSING this Nation but
rather allowing it to be JUDGED for its SINS and IMMORALITY …

We are living in Evil Times and our FATE is assured as you have said , we are a ” FAILED CIVILIZATION ” and
JUDGEMENT from God will indeed follow ……

7 years ago

Hillary was going to be, is now, and will be the D candidate. The name recognition factor, as well as the first female factor make her a lock. About the only thing she could do to alienate her hypnotized base would be to announce she had a Paul on the road to the PP ‘clinic’ experience and that she is now prolife. That would do the trick. Failing that, the mechanized units in NY and CA will vote for her no matter what. All else re Hillary is distractive drama. Whoever her opponent is must win almost the rest of the country, especially Fla and Ohio. Emails, Benghazi bimbo control, none of the supposed crises touted in the media actually affect her voters. They are issues thoughtful people Think her voters should take a look at, but they won’t. Wishing for something doesn’t make it so. I believe we are witnessing a hardening process that is designed to armor her a yr from now. They are creating a scenario like one of those nightmares where the monster keeps coming no matter what you throw at it or how fast you run. The Ds believe they are there; at the long sought tipping point. Bernie is the only possibly non scripted development on that side. However, do they not need the appearance of a horse race.? Their debates, if they hold them, will look like cats licking lice out if each other’s hair. Bernie may be their Trotsky or another of the true believing Bolsheviks who thought they really were working towards a proletariat society. Hell, they might have even imagined visiting collective farms to help w the hoeing. Stalin had other ideas involving the age old lust for absolute power.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago
Reply to  DA

DA, when you are good, you are very good. The Alinsky radicals will stick with her come hell or high water and through thick or thin. She has mastered the Fabian method of Wolf in Sheep’s clothing to a tee, pulling the wool over the eyes of her followers so well that they fail to see the power grabbing Stalin that she either always was or has become.
I fear that you are correct in your assessment. Would that you were wrong, but fear otherwise.
It really seems strange that so many have forgotten her attatchment to the Alinsky model. They seem to also fail in recognizing who it was that took control of the Democrat party in ’72.

Diana Erbio
7 years ago

Sadly it seems honesty might not be a high priority for voters…

7 years ago

17 republican applicants have been vying for the past 4 months to be the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate …. and conservative author/commentator Jedediah Bila decides to pen another back-to-back-to-back-to-back piece on democratic front runner Hillary Clinton.

Why no articles about the 17 republican Presidential candidate hopefuls?

Cause Jedediah knows if brains were lard these 17 republican applicants couldn’t grease up a skillet let alone be elected President and Commander-in-chief and Leader of the free world.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

Hey BozO, you do a wonderful job of “attacking” Republicans with rhetoric but NO FACTS! … How about defending this Jackass President Obama and HIS wonderful policies? … Let’s hear you explain how this wonderful “treaty” with Iran WILL GUARANTEE that they won’t get a nuclear weapon? … Or, why don’t you explain to ALL us seniors how Obamacare HAS BENEFITED us other than higher rates, prescription costs and deductibles? … Or, how about WHO screwed up and was responsible for the death of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans in Bengazzi? … Or, how about how just letting ANYONE just enter our country “illegally” is a good policy? … Or, how about why THIS president is allowing thousands of Muslims to be resettled here in America is good for us, but NOT ALLOWING Christian Muslims in? …. Or, how about why allowing “gay marriage” is REALLY an attack on Christanity and Christian beliefs and freedoms? … awaiting your “educated” responses!

Do you REALLY think real AMAC members (NOT counting the other Communist trolls, like Tina) agree with ANY of your jackass comments?

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

Paulo, I don’t believe that we have no one in the 17 Republican applicants that don’t have the brains to do the job. But I do believe that the name calling and cat fights that seem to go on in blogs does not help us learn which possible candidates can and WILL get the job done. I am no Trump advocate, but I do think he has stirred up enough controversy to cause some interest in checking out the issues that confront our country.

Even though I hear that we are not a “special” country, it does this old lady’s heart good to hear about the American men on a train in another country taking down a most likely terrorist while many others watched rather than do it themselves. I hope his brashness and “Political incorrectness” continue to open up discussions about what isn’t and hasn’t been done in Washington DC for the last 20 years or so. Career politicians are the worst development we have had in this country since its inception. The founders of this country must be rolling around in their graves in pain and disgust!

Let’s DO have more articles that show us what these potential candidates really want to accomplish and how they plan to do it, Jedediah. Really a good thought!

M. Oringer
7 years ago

The comparison made here is between a running Democratic Primary candidate and one who has not yet even declared.

Why have you not included Bernie Sanders in this equation? It seems to me that it is not only inappropriate, but also lopsided, to completely discount a candidate that is actually rising in the polls.There are many voices of Americans over 50+ who are supporting his integrity, honesty, and policy platform.

It is becoming more than tiresome to see the media continue to ignore Sanders who should not be left out of the equation regarding Democratic candidates.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago
Reply to  M. Oringer

M. Oringer, Sanders is too honest for the Alinsky radicals who took over the Democrats during the McGovern campaign in ’72, and have been adding to their influence since. Hillary, like the card carrying Trotski Communist, calls herself a Progressive, the radicals’ preference. Her use of lies is based on the Alinsky model, but hers are too transparent and subject to failure, like her birth name being based on a world acclaimed explorer who hadn’t even been heard from by the time of her birth, and like that landing under fire in Bosnia when recordings of the landing showed all those smiles and little children, as well as others, welcoming her and her daughter.
Biden, on the otherhand lies with apparent impunity. Should he mis-speak, it’s judged as a gaff and not a lie. Hence, Biden constitutes a greater hazzard to her standing than Sanders who is subject to give away his ends. The Radicles prefer to show their means while continuing to hide from the public the ends striven for.

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