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Medicare-for-all is the top priority for the leading candidates in the democratic primaries and it includes covering all illegal immigrants in this Country. Billions of dollars from drug kingpin El Chapo have been seized by the US government. The best part is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has legislation to take all funds and use it to build the wall at our southern border. Liberals in elected office have decided to aid criminals who are in this country illegally by warning them of ice raids. It’s time to hold them accountable for this illegal activity.

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Marlene Kruizenga
3 years ago

Keep working to inform us of the truth Who are the elected officials that are warning about ice raids. What is the best way to make them accountable

David Kubisch
3 years ago

Undocumented isn’t a “race” of people, it’s a crime! I’m tired of being considered a “racist” because I’m NOT OK with 20 million criminals loose on our streets in America! I’m tired of the fact that my President is being called a “racist” because he’s not ok with it either! In fact, it is exactly those LibNutz who call us racists, projecting upon those of us who oppose their crazed ideology, that suffer from this character flaw–especially the self-named Squad: do they tolerate anyone who disagree with them, even “people of color” and within the gay community (ask Candace Owens or Guy Benson or Ben Carson or Burgess Owens or Sarah H. Sanders or anyone in Israel)?

Cathleen Howren
3 years ago

Love the weekly updates! I back President Trump! These so called elected officials are anti American and are only trying to tear our freedoms away from us!

Terri Smith
3 years ago

I’m so sick of hearing people say Medicare for all is the answer….I don’t think they understand Medicare!!! I had to work 10 years to qualify for Medicare Part A, I have to pay a monthly premium(usually about $135/month) for Medicare Part B and those plans together have deductibles and copays! If I want to have virtually free medical care, I need to then purchase another Medicare Supplement plan for about $250/month. And that doesn’t even begin to discuss Part D for prescription drugs. Who are they fooling? They are just showing their ignorance!!

Connie GeeAbate
3 years ago

Remember these women are pushing a socialist agenda by using a highly charged emotion…ANGER. The fastest way to the brain is through emotion and most people buy into it. It is a tactic to get people angry enough to come out to vote for them. We must continue to flush out what they are really saying and let others know about their tactic to control them through making them angry.

Connie GeeAbate GeeAbate
3 years ago

The TWEET: The President ASKED a question. He did not make a declaratory statement telling them to go back. He suggested they go back, solve problems somewhere, and COME BACK to tell us how it is done. In business, this is a bench-marking trip. Go, learn, come back. No one talked about the invitation he extended to them to come back to share their experience. There are also no racial slurs or name calling…which is what they use all the time. Calling someone a white supremacist is a racial slur. Calling the predominantly Latino border patrol Nazis is a racial slur. These were all said by AOC. AND, the Democrats never filed a resolution against Omar condemning her for her anti-Semitic rhetoric.

BJ Jenke
3 years ago

Ben Sanders is an idiot. Medicare is not free. There are monthly premiums based on income, deductibles, (hospitalizations have an over $1,300. deductible), we still have to pay 20% of the approved amount, and drugs are a separate insurance with premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Apparently, the Dems have never really looked at Medicare. Also, I’m billed for all the paperwork that Medicare requires for each visit to a provider. Advantage Medicare is an HMO, where every consultation and surgery has to be approved in advance.
Why not make a law to restrict the amount of deductible every person has to pay and a limit for families? I (for me, alone) had to pay a $10,000. (ten thousand dollars) deductible per year when I had state sponsored Blue Shield insurance, because I was uninsurable.

3 years ago

I back Trump ,we have homeless,here and childern going to bed hungry,anti American congress people need to thrown out of our goverment we do not open borders and we sure as hell don’t want socialism

L. Lamn
3 years ago

Is Congress going to”Exempt” themselves from this insurance like they did with Obama Care?

L. Lamn
3 years ago

Is Congress going to “Exempt” themselves from this insurance like they did with Obama Care?

Jennifer Little
3 years ago

President Trump is doing an amazing job. He has brought the USA back from a major decline. Is he perfect, NO, but he is OUR President!!! As for the 4 troublemakers in Congress. They have shown time and again they hate America by spewing their racist, hateful views. The mainstream media is trying to make them national figures when they should be condemning them. Speaker Pelosi should be requesting their resignation.

LaNell Barrett
3 years ago

All for Trump’s policies. Especially The Wall. Someone told me years back that I would love Ted Cruz….if he takes seized money and assets of El Chapo’s and gives The Wall a big start, then they’re right. Except I’ll add in, American born, able bodied welfare recipients, of all backgrounds, need to be put to work building it.
Deport traitors. Period.

Renee Carlton
3 years ago

Socialism (giving free collage, healthcare etc) will not work. Look at other Countries to see the disasterous results.

Betsy Hammer
3 years ago

The rhetoric used is intentionally aimed at manipulating the human brains primitive fight or flight mechanisms rather than appealing to our higher brains capacity for higher reason, so any rational discussion of issues is being thwarted by known marketing gimmick and those who function at a primitive level will get sucked in every time so no sensitive, compassionate, merciful, kind discourse is occurring politically, rather the sort that is catalyzed by squabbling children, playyard bullies, underhanded politicians and tyrannical despots. Trumps loves for you to hate your enemy, loves to stoke fear, resorts to overexaggeration and lying to cover his true agenda, manipulates supporters to create an image for himself that he is invincible and convince them that they can be too. He is intoxicated with his own self importance and despises anyone who would challenge him, has no reservations about making anyone look small and humiliate them in public. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth to purposefully inject unpredictability thus maintain control over the social narrative and ultimate outcome, but his strategy lacks the crucial element of humaneness, as we are all diminished in the process. He expects to be treated like a god and he is accommodated, allowed to pursue selfish, self serving, self righteous, self centered, self aggrandizing agendas on the backs of those who give their own power over to him. The chanting mob mentality of send her back and lock her up is reminiscent of Hitler’s rallies, who appealed to people who felt personally unempowered and disenfranchised, thus they were willing to put their faith and belief in a mere mortal who conjured up an uber race who would stand over against the world for the edification of one nation,the Third Reich. The political ideology he spewed distorted in the minds of some Germans their own importance and justified the slaughter of over 6 million people. So how will we know when America has crossed the line into antidisestalishmentparliamentarianism? And once we begin to chant, then someone shoots someone in the name of the same ideology, or destroys a business, or starts to round people groups up, begins to confiscate property, bulldozes over, marginalizes and disenfranchises specific people groups, disregards the humanity of the other, portrays the neighbor living among us as enemies, Stokes suspicion and fear until we feel forced to take sides. Uses incendiary messaging to control and manipulate so no one speak out and suffer the consequences of public ridicule. Trumps already uses a Twitter account to control the narrative, so no-one can inhibit his impulse to express self righteous indignation and moral outrage. While Melania calls on the rest of us to Be Best, her husband is free to run around like a bull in a China shop. Democracy is fortunately not so fragile that it cannot endure the whipping of a one term president, but when the disparaging remarks, domination, oppression, abuse, suppression go on long enough it becomes an integral part of the human psyche. We have fought hard and long to free the slaves, but now we must free ourselves from that slave mentality that has been dependent on a master to do our bidding, and give our minds, hearts and hands over to the only One who can keep us from falling, who has the power, authority, wisdom, grace, to take us out of the land of Egypt, deliver us and transform US to be servant leaders who will do his will and care for al those whom God loves, particularly the most weak and vulnerable living among us. That is the Gospel truth. We are called to sacrifice our bodies as living sacrifices to the praise and glory of His name, not to fear any man or to set any one man’s agenda as greater than God’s own. At whose altar do you worship, that of the High Priest, or Jesus Christ, son of God who takes away the sins of the world and makes all focus sins and daughters, heirs to a divine inheritance where no-one is deprived of being in the land or ever told To “go back from where you came. “

Monica Sivek
3 years ago

I’m a Democrat and think the president is a immature bully who degrades women. However I do not think non citizens should be able to receive services that should only be for citizens. I believe we need greater security at our borders and elective officials going against federal law and warning illegals of upcoming raids should be held accountable.

Debra Foxwell
3 years ago

I stand with Potus Trump 100%!! These 4 Anti-American terrorist & illegal sympathizers should not be serving in OUR Congress!! If America is not their priority and it’s obviously NOT) they need to be relieved of their duties immediately! Its time to CLOSE our borders, Suspend Asylum completely & Deport illegals (especially those with criminal backgrounds like the 19 MS-13 gang members that killed 24 people over 2 yrs). At least they are in custody!! Mexico must do more to assist at the border & Border Control Agents need to multiply & with better pay. It’s a thankless job for many!!
#TRUMP2020 ??????

Mark Sanfratello
3 years ago

It is transparently clear that the Democrats desire to destroy our beautiful country. The evidence has been manifested to the American citizen by their own Democratic Media, of what they have diabolically have in store to reach the climax of their agenda of destruction: to not build the wall so Illegal Immigrants will have the green light to storm into America, so in order to put all their illegal votes into the Democratic cause to regain power, the power of hate, immorality, and central control to rule with the hand of Democratic Socialism. The Democrats foresee their lose in 2020 against President Trump; therefore, the only way they can win is solely based on the their sinister plots, no matter what they may be, to achieve victory in November of 2020. I believe and truly appreciate the incentive Senator Ted Cruz-Republican from the great Patriotic state of Texas, in proposing to apply El Chapo’s exhorbitant amount of currency, he had accumulated throughout his reign of corruption, and install those monies for the sole purpose of building the final construction of President Trump’s proposed wall. The Democratic party, in my own estimated opinion, is not holding on to true American values: the decrease of Congressional financial support for our beloved Veterans, Post birth abortions, the elimination of the Electoral college, Driver’s licenses for Illegal ?, Health Care for millions of Illegals, and the many more corruptive schemes the far-Left has planned for the annihilation of the American dream, like wise, as well for the American citizen or people as one nation as a whole! I am voting for President Trump once again in 2020, for he is the only one who wants to preserve and protect our perfectly inscribed Construction!

Tony Byrum
3 years ago

I am with our President! These 4 are anti-American and antisemitism. I hope they get voted out of office!!!

3 years ago

I back President Trump 100%, The four anti Americans are only here to help bring our country down. They all need to go. Also, nothing the POTUS said was racist by any sense of the word.

3 years ago

No Medicare for all, most especially illegals. We cannot afford the massive cost, nor is it our responsibility to care for all of the illegals coming here. I am retired and living on a small income and sometimes it gets hard to pay the rent on my small apartment let alone the additional cost for food, medicine, utilities, etc. We all know who this will affect the most and it is not the moochers coming here to live off of we the taxpayers. God help us if things don’t change.

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