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May 18 Coronavirus Update from the Trump Administration


  • President Trump laid out science-based guidelines for Opening Up America Again to help governors begin a phased reopening when able.
  • The President released additional guidance on testing, describing how states should unlock their full testing capacity, expand the number of testing platforms, establish monitoring systems to detect local outbreaks, and conduct contact tracing.
  • Rather than a blanket, one size fits all guidance, President Trump is empowering states to make decisions based on the situation on the ground.
    • Each state has different needs and requires different resources.


  • As a result of our efforts to rapidly build up testing capacity, we now have sufficient testing to enable states to begin a phased reopening when they choose.
    • DR. FAUCI: “For what we need in the first phase — if these things are done correctly, what I believe they can — we will have and there will be enough tests to allow us to take this country safely through phase one.”
    • ADMIRAL GIROIR: “So let’s talk about the fact that the science tells us that we have and will continue to have enough tests to safely go into phase one.”
  • President Trump has deployed vast resources to equip states with personal protective equipment, testing supplies, ventilators, and more.
  • The Administration is working to rapidly develop new vaccines and therapeutics through Project Warp Speed.

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Pam Brown
2 years ago

Replace Fauci

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