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Lefties Attempt to Put Those Evil Oil and Lobstermen Down


Just a little common sense from the peanut gallery. Leftism is shot through with contradictions, from promoting welfare as empowerment and racism through “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) to promoting “transgenderism” that destroys Title 9 protections for girls. But two recent examples steal the show – lefties are eating their own.

On one end of the country, you have Maine lobstermen (and women, by the way) just trying to make a living – thousands eking out a modest income at sea in ways done for a hundred years. Suddenly, they are pummeled by dark money from environmental activists, told they are evil.

More, they are told they are so evil to whales, several of which have washed ashore dead, so must be put out of business. Now, 80 percent of lobsters consumed in America come from Maine, and liberals – except for Jane Fonda – like them, but no, “lobster persons” must go.

Irony of ironies, the real reason whales are washing up dead (not tied up in line) – as the latest oceanic reporting suggests – is new ships blithely traversing sea lanes to map and install massive wind turbines, a horizon-altering process that also deals death to migratory birds. Increasingly, this appears the culprit, despite frantic activist denials.

So, to correct the record, what should be happening? The wind farms, which will never power your car or stove, should be discontinued, saving whales and birds. But what will happen? No, the environmental lefties, dying for whale equity and loathing lobster, will push on. Lobstermen will be punished, many never having seen a whale, while wind monsters are worshiped.

On the other end of the country, in Alaska, the Biden team this week may deal a crushing blow to that state’s economy, and another blow to the cost of energy. Despite the entire state legislature and bipartisan congressional delegation opposing it, Biden is leaning toward a “compromise” that will either kill the “Willow” oil drilling project in Alaska, or will hamstring it to the point of making it economically unworkable, to “save the environment.”

Incredibly, Mr. hug and sniff your hair, warmhearted Biden, is giving the cold shoulder to Mainers, Alaskans, and Americans trying not to freeze to death in coming hard winters. We will see where federal decisions lead, but at this writing the crazies are winning, with Biden’s aim to nobble Maine lobstering and Alaskan oil – both economic lifelines – well on their way.

The incredible thing in Alaska is, again in the spirit of leftists eating their own and caring nothing for reality, if Biden kills the Willow drilling project that virtually every Alaskan wants, he will deal a body blow to Native American tribes across the state.

Likewise, while there are more than 5,600 Maine lobstermen, many inheritors of this historic trade, many are Indians or Native Americans. In fact, Maine law is explicit in protecting the Maine lobstermen of the “Passamaquoddy Tribe, Penobscot Nation, Aroostook Band of Micmacs, or Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians.”

But never mind, the cause wins, until the next cause calls, until the next leftist aim eats the last one, until one day – once again – the American Dream will replace welfare and CRT, lefties recall their biological daughters matter, wind turbines get rethinking, and lobster love returns.

Or maybe it will be simpler. One day soon, when the lights go off, heater goes cold, and leftists get old, there will be a sudden rebirth of fondness for things old fashioned, the sort that work and let people work, maybe not back to flintlock duels, but perhaps just fossil fuels.

The left is nuts by definition, unpersuadable, sure that communist utopia is around the corner, and will solve all problems, if that dog can only catch his tail, if the proletariat just understands they are in charge, and if people will only learn to pedal while leaders fly. If we can just drive wind-powered cars and scooters, put those evil oil and lobstermen down, all will be well.

Only the fallacy is that normal folk – or as Jimmy Stewart once said, “This rabble you’re talking about…that do most of the working and paying and living and dying” in this country – are not keen on all this. And they are likely to outlive the lefties, too. Do you know why? Because they work, think for themselves, and act on facts, and because they would prefer to eat lobster than their own. Just a little common sense from the peanut gallery.

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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2 months ago

Nicely put Mr. Charles! I especially like wit and sarcasm in these opening articles. Helps keep my attention and a constant smile on my face!

Lorna Heikkinen
2 months ago

Thanks, this is another eye-opening report. Truth is so clear.

2 months ago

I think we all know that “Mainers” vote for Democrats. Trump assured lobster fisherman that they can fish in any waters they choose, and still voted for Democrats. He was there with them, and stamped it in the law books. Keep voting for these creatures,and they’ll keep winning.

2 months ago

Conservatives AREN’T AFRAID OF COVID like YOU Communists! You’re the ones STILL WEARING MASKS that NEVER kept you safe from catching Covid in the first place!

2 months ago

Wind turbines produce almost no energy, but they make lots of politicians rich. They destroy millions of birds and sea animals. Well, the nasty left wins, again.

Robin W Boyd
2 months ago

The fact that Progressives are willing to eat their own may be the most saving grace of the Socialist assault on the U.S. Progressives are elitist and fascist minded, but worse, they have no loyalty to any others, including others like them. This is how Socialist regimes ultimately fail as those at the top turn on one another.

David Millikan
2 months ago

Excellent article.

2 months ago

Ignore bastard Biden & the deep state Marxists, drill for oil put thousands to work in Alaska, whats Biden going to do send the military to stop them. Go ahead you bastard Biden & it will start , the much needed, revolutionary war & we can wipe out all the deep state, all the demoncrats, and all the Biden’s & his staff, Get rid of the corrupt FBI and dismantle the Chinese media!!!!

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Then No lobsters for Davos then right??

2 months ago

No, those phonies will have plenty of lobsters and sturgeon eggs. Unbelievable!

Donald Christian
2 months ago

let them eat kale !

2 months ago

Lefties lack Common Sense, that’s why they’re Democrats!

2 months ago

Anyone who thinks this stuff will stop, slow down, or collapse under its own weight is sadly mistaken. Remember what the international left has done to holland. The country is a net exporter of food. It takes petrochemical fertilizer to grow that food. The lefties are forcing farmers out of business. Thats gonna be one of the next shoes to fall here when the demon party tries to restrict fertilizer use. Do you think dem robot voters will wake up then? No, i dont either. They’ll be absentee voting in cattle cars for dems on the way to the crematoria.

2 months ago

So who will Biden offend, the environmentalists or the Alaska native tribes who probably voted for him? I think we can guess who has the most money to donate to dems.

2 months ago

They could not pull any of this stuff off without the mainstream media. We need a serious effort to boycott anybody that advertises in the mainstream media. All they are is a bunch of shells for the Marxist woke Democrats. If they have their way there will be no electricity to power the TV set and nobody will have TV sets.. everybody will be equally broke you will have nothing and be glad of it.

2 months ago
Reply to  Nick

Exactly, this is too stupid to be stupid!

2 months ago
Reply to  Nick

Bingo! Somebody FINALLY hit the nail on the head. THE NUMBER ONE reason for all this woke crap to continue to survive!! Without the lying mainstream media, the truth of what the dims & company have been doing to destroy this country would would become common knowledge and anybody with half a brain would stop voting dimocrat! Yeah, I know, it’s not likely to happen! Not enough people in this country with half a brain.

Barrett Smith
2 months ago

If you keep turning left, you are just going in circles.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

How sad to punish and ruin hardworking lobstermen and lobsterwomen just because the radical lefties get a kick out of blaming others when their wind turbine schemes cause environmental destruction. Also, how tragic that the same radical lefties are destroying the lives and futures of people who could be leading comfortable lives, just because ideologically the woke automatically are addicted to treating the oil industry as the big enemy of mother earth and its environment. The lefties are too full of hate to actually think things out. They are motivated by blind fanatical feelings.
Debate and reason have no place at the conference table when the Marxist Democrats are running the show.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Am I supposed to believe that they forgo lobster for fried crickets?

Ann S
2 months ago

Right on Charles. Only the lefties follow the WEF and they decide what is going to happen in America and Europe and Asia.
And the sheep still follow a man who doesn’t know where he is or why is there for. No joke.

Paul W
2 months ago

Excellent article RBC. Contradiction, thy name is leftism…or vice versa…it’s a commutative property.
Bonus points for getting a George Bailey quote in there. As he would tell the lefties, “You’re, you’re, you’re screwy!”

Gabe Hanzeli
2 months ago

The left will always eat their own because yesterdays ultra liberal is today’s middle of the roads

2 months ago

“Leftism is shot through with contradictions…”
“So, to correct the record, what should be happening?”
So called “leftists”; actually: socialists, marxists, communists, totalitarians by any other name should live in caves and eat berries so as to not “disturb” mother earth(come on, LEAD BY EXAMPLE). THE MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRE CLASS THAT IS FUNDING(SCHILLING) FOR ALL THIS MARXIST CRAP SHOULD BE THE ONES TO FUND IT FIRST! IE. they can pay taxes to benevolent big brother UNTIL THEIR ASSESTS, INCOME, ETC.(ALL FINANCIAL ASSESTS) ARE REDUCED TO THE LEVEL OF THE “LITTLE PEOPLE”, IE. MIDDLE CLASS BEFORE THE MIDDLE CLASS PAYS A NICKEL. This would be equity, guaranteeing an equal outcome FOR ALL!!!
Let’s see how george soros and his elitist,”god like complex” a–holes like that!!!!!

Moby Dick
2 months ago

Just remember Mainers—you voted Susan Collins in and she is going to put all the fishing industry out of business.

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