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Leaving Hollywood Behind! | New Kevin Sorbo Movie, Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist | EP 189

We all know how Hollywood treats Christian Conservative artists who are outspoken about their beliefs. Against all odds, Kevin Sorbo has succeeded in the entertainment industry, continuing to act and produce films that promote his devout faith, leaving Hollywood behind! Sorbo joins Rebecca on the Better for America podcast to discuss the relevance of his new movie, Left Behind: The Rise of the Antichrist, and to share his personal experiences in Hollywood.

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Rene' Null
1 month ago

For those of you who don’t know, Jerry Jenkins’ (co-author of the Left Behind series) son, Dallas Jenkins, has made a series called “The Chosen”. It is about the life of Jesus Christ beginning as He is calling His disciples. It is based on Scripture and is fantastic!!!! The actors, sets, costumes, bring the Bible to life! You can watch for free on the Chosen app. Dallas and the other writers have used actual Scripture in the dialogue, but have fleshed it out with words which help us to see these heroes of our faith as the very real people they were. You can watch the first two seasons in full and season three as it wraps up.

Maria Elena Martinez
1 month ago

Went to see the movie. GREAT!! I recommend every Christian take a non-Christian friend or family member to watch it. Only shame is that it’s only playing a few days!!

Wes Nolan
1 month ago

Take NOTE folks! Communist and Hitler’s invasion is to FIRST: 1. Take over the media. 2. Take over the educational systems. AND 3. DEMORALIZE THE COUNTRY! How shaky is
the GROUND you STAND ON??? It’s gonna take MIGHTY STRONG BELIEVERS from this day forward, Y’all! Breath His Words in EVERY ENCOUNTER and MAKE HIS PATH KNOWN! … OR ELSE!!!

1 month ago

I have read the whole Tim Lahaye series of Left Behind books and look forward to seeing this movie. I have seen others based on the books, and hope this one holds the same standards.

1 month ago

My friends and I saw the movie last night. It was GREAT!

1 month ago

We like to go to the movies and thought the new Tom Hanks movie would be worthwhile since I heard all good things about the book. Heads up, disappointed because he changed the guy on the bicycle to transgender, great way to ruin a story. Hollywood just loves shoving things down our throats. Movies are suppose to be an escape, not anymore.

1 month ago

Amen. I can remember the last time I went to the movies. Even Disney has ruin their movies with being Woke if my children were still young I’d never allow them to see their movies.

1 month ago

Hallelujah. A movie with meaning and purpose that will inspire people to live and serve others in harmony.

Cathy H.
1 month ago

Great interview! Love Kevin and agree that we need to let our voice be heard. Our culture needs salt and light. God Speed Kevin.

1 month ago

Sorbo is a great actor and his movies are fitting for all genres. This is great!

Terri Hutchison
1 month ago

I love Kevin Sorbo and his movies, watch PosiTV alot and he has some movies on that channel. Looking forward to this one too.

1 month ago

Is this a remake? I think I remember this title in the original Left Behind series….

Crystal Clear
1 month ago
Reply to  Vonniequirk

Yes. kirk Cameron stared in the old version. You can find on you tube

1 month ago
Reply to  Crystal Clear

I have already viewed the whole series on DVD!

1 month ago

Looking forward to this movie. I like Kevin Sorbo and I am sure this movie will draw a decent box office return.

David Millikan
1 month ago

Look forward to seeing movie. Hollywood hasn’t made a decent movie in decades. Been since the 90’s since Hollywood made any movies worth watching.
The garbage they call movies today is just that, garbage. There hasn’t been any decent actors that can actually act in decades.
Hollywood at one time was actual entertainment with stories that didn’t put commie correctness in every film with no plot.
As Hollywood continues down its loser path of WOKE they will go BROKE. Every loser WOKE so-called movie has FAILED miserably in the Box Office.
Until Hollywood goes back to hiring Conservative Actors and Christians and make REAL movies Hollywood will continue going BROKE.
We are sick of garbage movies and I for one don’t WASTE my money on Hollywood garbage so-called movies.
But I do look forward to seeing Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist.

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