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Joe Biden I Am, Green Eggs and Ham


Cat in the Hat, Joe Biden I am, Green Eggs and Ham – Maybe this is now our national dialogue. Untruths replace truth, genders and borders vanquished, parents, churches, and pro-lifers pursued as terrorists, Communist China our friend, cabinet members blunder with impunity, more interest in Ukraine than unity, illegals and criminals outranking citizens and kids dying of overdoses.

Sometimes, the only way to make a point is parody, which becomes harder when the subject regularly roasts himself. But we seem to be here. We have a chief executive and second in command unable to talk truth, sometimes unable to talk at all, slurring, stumbling, forgetting, remembering people not there, facts that did not happen, or just giggling. We are in a world of wonder, honest hurt, leaders of the country mocked internationally, open objects of derision.

How do you get at something like that? Say anything new, help people see the folly, and then start planning for ways to get beyond this precarious state of continuing national nonsense? Maybe Dr. Seuss, who would have made a good White House doctor, can help…

Okay…so, here we go. Just…Gimme the Springtime Shimmy, Electric Slide, or Republican Rag, but please don’t make me do the Biden Shuffle! Oh yeah, watch out, watch your wallet, car and gas, watch your pension, six, and ask – Is this real? Is the Shuffle catching on, becoming a riot, do we see a rash – like the old “Monster Mash?” Is the newest thing on all college campuses to yawn and slouch, mumble and muffle, then stretch and do the Biden Shuffle?

Can it be that, instead of gowns and miniskirts, scholars, athletes, and muscle cars, Jitterbug, Twist, and Beatles, we have anti-gas and anti-girl fanatics, trans fans, fentanyl, and needles? Does this Biden business, slide to the left and Marxist muck – constitute culture theft? Is it a midnight heist, a coordinated caper, like hiding all that classified paper?

Is it catching, should I wear a mask, does it come from China, dare I ask? Oh my, who would have thought this nonsense caught? What a mess, all these turns, and what a kerfuffle this Biden Shuffle!

But wait, hang on, there is breaking news, something special on which to muse. Photos of a suit and tie, cheerfully waving hi, strolling a war zone, caught by Iran’s drone; it looks like a shuffling buffoon, quick check the Chinese balloon. Yes, that is it, something wild and crazy, makes you stamp your feet and give up lazy!  

It is the missing president, and so much anticipation, with the missing Secretary of Transportation! What is this? Is it true, more to embarrass? Vice President Harris? She is giggling and talking about order, on the lookout for a border. And there is the Secretary of State – just when you thought he played hooky he shows up with a fortune cookie!

But why are they all in Ukraine, doing the Shuffle? This is insane, we have an exploded, derailed, American train, Americans who cannot drink water, get food or oil, cascading turmoil. But maybe that is the point, get out of Dodge, escape the crazy craze, take the Biden Shuffle to another place.

Maybe the thing is not so cool, and kids will go back to school. I guess we will see, but as for me, I am easy to please, give me the “Monster Mash” and four wheels with keys. Gimme the Springtime Shimmy, Electric Slide, or Republican Rag, but please not the Biden Shuffle! Just hand me a volume if you can, of Joe I Am, or Green Eggs and Ham! If fact is fiction, and fiction is fact, that is – alas – the way I will act.

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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Greg McQuaide
2 months ago

I would laugh however, I find myself crying in despair.

A Voter
3 months ago

More like scrambled eggs…….

3 months ago

I’ve read many comments here, many are perceptive and true, some are funny however, what I failed to see is that the real problem, one that, unless something radical happens, will continue for the foreseeable future: the real problem is that those who call themselves republicans are not, they are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”
We’ve been bilked, fooled, flim-flamed into believing that the GOP in general, care about us and this country.
Wake up! Almost ALL of them HATE YOU! And the only way this is going to change is if the voting machines/systems are scrapped and paper ballots are counted in the open, on local TV…..
This will never happen….

3 months ago

RBC, you are on roll this day.

3 months ago

With Obama as Biden’s puppeteer, we know how terrible the Obama presidency in the open was; This is blatantly 100 times worse.I just pray all can be reversed with our next REAL president.

William Hodge
3 months ago

They say, I don’t know who they is, that Joe Obiden has dementia which I don’t doubt a bit. But I also believe he has a terrible case of mental retardation in addition to dementia. There is no way this white boy is as stupid as he is without these illnesses. He learned fast and well from Obama to lie, cheat, steal, lie again and lie about lying. That’s what democrats do, lie. Just as Obama is, Obiden is a pervert also and they both seem proud of it. FJB!

3 months ago
Reply to  William Hodge

I believe that Biden knew how to lie, cheat, steal, lie again and lie about lying long before Obama came on the political scene!! Just look at his long, unfruitful career

David Millikan
3 months ago

Excellent article.
WHY has DICTATOR Beijing biden WASTED $133 BILLION on Ukraine instead of spending it on SECURING OUR BORDERS?
Answer: He wants WWIII and to SEND OUR TROOPS to fight Russia in Ukraine War.

Nobody’s Business
3 months ago

The reason we have to help Ukraine is they have the goods on Biden , It’s as simple as that. Zelenskyy is just as corrupt as anyone.

3 months ago

If anyone gets a chance to watch, there is a You Tube video and Zelensky and a “friend” are playing the piano with their “manly part”. A real class act!

Ralph S
3 months ago

Never again will I want to see, a U.S. President as incorrigible as he…
Divisive, perverse, peevish, treasonous, and more…
What additional un-American policies does he have instore?
Lies. damn lies, statistics, and MALARKEY;
Pathetic poohbah of Marxist oligarchy.

3 months ago

I am Joe Biden and I say HELLO; however, I should be in a home eating Green Jell-O … EAT YOUR HEART OUT DR. SEUSS!

Steven Coughlin
3 months ago

Lock this traitor up!

David Millikan
3 months ago

Should have been charged with Treason on 1-21-21, when DICTATOR Beijing biden ATTACKED and DECLARED WAR on the United States.

3 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Yes, and stayed in his basement on October 24, 2021 when he stated how “They put together the greatest voter fraud ever”!!!”

T, Wilson
3 months ago

Brain dead biden is bullcrap and lies.

3 months ago

Jackass Joe Biden is a disgusting, poor excuse of an American Citizen and deserves to be brought up on charges of TREASON!

David Millikan
3 months ago
Reply to  Rik

The faster the better.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
3 months ago

Your mind is so bad you dont know what your are. You are a sorry excuse for a pres. Kyle L>

Patriot Will
3 months ago

Yes, Biden is like a dysfunctional pretend character in a children’s book; however, the real disturbing fact is that Biden is actually the president of the United States. I must admit, even in my darkest dreams, I never imagined an American president as confused as Joe Biden. Never, in a million years, did I believe it possible for an American chief executive to be so full of hot air. Biden has done everything possible to make our great country a world laughing stock. He has destroyed our ability to be energy independent, has given us the worst inflation in over 40 years, has seriously weakened our supply chain, is making our military more dysfunctional, and is opening our Southern Border to millions of illegal intruders, many of whom are bringing in all sorts of serious criminal drug and sexual activities. Biden is a one man wreaking ball, and those who prop him up are equally to blame.

Rob citizenship
3 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Very good comment Patriot Will , especially in the last sentence with ” those who prop him up are equally to blame.” Those of us who value the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution will probably agree that there is plenty to do to keep the country on the right course and to maintain stability in the political sense. I do believe that the citizens of this country who have a sense of purpose, live by a code of conduct , who value Liberty will prevail. Having hope in the will of God, keeping in mind the qualities of honor, honesty, integrity, courage , loyalty, maintaining a clean sense of humor , and realizing the responsibilities involved in Faith, Family and Freedom provides a great advantage over those who disregard those principles and values.

John Bass
3 months ago

Loved the article, we need more like it these days to lighten the mood.

3 months ago

Not the best article I have seen on AMAC. Not sure of what it means?

anna hubert
3 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Maybe it means all is a mess the size of major earth quake and tsunami combined

John Bass
3 months ago
Reply to  johnh

I think it was a great article, and I believe it’s called parody.

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