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It’s Time to Hold Mayor Pete Accountable

AMAC Exclusive – By Louis J. Senn

Last week, for the first time since September 11, 2001, a ground stop was issued for all domestic flights in the United States due to a malfunction of FAA safety software. While the White House and mainstream media were quick to blame outdated technology, this travel nightmare was just the latest transportation-related fiasco to occur under the watch of Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, raising fresh questions about the small-town mayor’s fitness for the job.

Looking back at Buttigieg’s record as a public official, it’s perhaps no surprise that the country has seen an inordinate number of transportation crises throughout his tenure. During Buttigieg’s time as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the city’s pothole situation got so bad that one local newspaper flatly stated that “potholes around South Bend might be worst in recent memory.” When Buttigieg announced his 2020 presidential run, many South Bend residents slammed the mayor for failing to do much of anything to improve the city. “How is he gonna run the whole country if he can’t even get your city right first?” one resident remarked. Another said plainly, “I ain’t ever seen the dude.”

Many residents felt that Buttigieg had ignored basic infrastructure projects. The aforementioned pot hole situation eventually got so bad that Domino’s Pizza selected South Bend to be the recipient of its pothole repair grant – hardly a ringing endorsement of Buttigieg’s administration.

Apparently ignoring these obvious failures to run basic city services, President Biden moved forward with his nomination as Transportation Secretary, and Senate Democrats lined up to support his “historic” confirmation. Media outlets gushed about his education credentials and labeled him the “first openly gay cabinet secretary” (a distinction that in fact belongs to President Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell), while noticeably failing to make the case for why Buttigieg’s degree in history and literature, even from Harvard, qualifies him to run the Department of Transportation.

Once confirmed, Buttigieg’s first problem arose as reports started to surface in the summer of 2021 that a global shipping crisis was brewing. There were indications that delays would start to stack up after an almost 4,000% increase of ships waiting at ports of entry. These delays, experts warned as early as August 2021, would lead to higher prices as well as shortages of goods.

The supply chain crisis soon came to dominate headlines, leading to empty grocery store shelves and contributing to drastic price hikes for everything from clothes to lumber. But Buttigieg was nowhere to be found. Throughout the worst two months of the crisis, he was on paternity leave – he and his husband Chasten had just adopted twins.

To be sure, welcoming two children is a big change for anyone. But as Secretary of Transportation, Buttigieg had the entire country looking to him to alleviate the crisis. When he finally broke radio silence, he merely stated that it could take years for things to return to normal – in effect tossing up his hands in defeat. As Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) warned at the time, “Buttigieg couldn’t organize a one-car funeral. He’s not going to organize our nation’s ports and railroads and highways and airports.”

Since this initial crisis, Senator Cotton has been only further proven right. The second major debacle occurred during this past summer and fall when talks of striking began to surface among the railroad unions. With crushing inflation fueled by still-unresolved supply chain issues, many worried that a stoppage of the nation’s extensive and critical rail network would cause a complete economic meltdown.

By September, the administration secured a tentative deal with the labor union leaders, who then needed to obtain member approval. However, it was immediately clear that union members did not like what was being force-fed to them. With the White House locked in a stalemate, Congress was eventually forced to pass a deal which Biden signed into law in early December 2022.

Throughout these several weeks of tense negotiations, Buttigieg was once again missing in action – on vacation in Europe, to be exact. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) eviscerated Buttigieg for his dereliction of duty, saying “Rail workers just wanted a few days of paid sick leave. President Biden told them to pound sand and his Transportation Secretary vacationed in wine country.”

Then, during the most recent holiday travel season, thousands of airline passengers found themselves stranded as Southwest Airlines experienced unprecedented cancellations due to a number of issues. Buttigieg finally appeared ready for action as he blasted Southwest’s CEO on December 29, writing, “The level of disruption Southwest customers have experienced over the Christmas holiday and into the New Year is unacceptable.”

But that statement would come back to haunt Buttigieg two weeks later as the FAA announced its extraordinary decision in the middle of “airline rush hour” to issue a ground stop on all domestic flights. The disruption was caused by a failure in a system called NOTAM.

The White House, elected Democrats, and the mainstream media were quick to point out that NOTAM and the computers it runs on are badly out of date, much like many other government systems. This indeed appears to be the case.

However, Buttigieg has been in office for nearly two years, and has had multiple opportunities for budget requests. But instead of upgrading this critical FAA system, Buttigieg has had another priority: infusing wokeness into every part of the Department of Transportation’s mission. For instance, a December 6, 2021, memo notified FAA employees that “NOTAM” would no longer stand for “Notice to Airmen” but rather “Air Mission” – thus removing supposedly “sexist” language from the acronym. The 2023 Federal Budget also provided the following insight into the priorities at the Biden Department of Transportation: “[the 2023 budget] will strengthen the Nation’s transportation system while tackling climate change…and advancing environmental justice.” Nowhere did it make any request for actually updating NOTAM.

Buttigieg’s only contribution to the Department of Transportation has seemingly been to play a sort of sociology professor pontificating about our racist highways and infrastructure. His FAA has repeatedly held training to ensure “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives are met, but apparently made no preparations for the event of a massive systems outage.

As Nina Turner of Race, Power and Political Economy put it, “Secretary Buttigieg is a prime example of failing up.” From his time mismanaging South Bend’s infrastructure, to his history of ignoring racial problems in his own presidential campaign, to his husband complaining about their struggles affording housing in D.C. (on a cabinet secretary’s $220,000 annual salary), Buttigieg has been out of touch, tone deaf, and in over his head.

If Biden truly cares about serving the American people, he might start with holding Pete Buttigieg accountable for what has objectively been one of the most disastrous cabinet tenures in recent memory.

Louis J. Senn is a lawyer living in Louisville, Kentucky. He previously served in the Trump administration.

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2 months ago

The only reason Buttigieg is where he is is because this administration prides its self on pandering to the immoral’s of society. Buttigieg’s only qualification for this administration was that he is GAY. Nothing else matters, he doesn’t need to be able to do the job he only needs to be a symbol for this administration. Think of this, this whole administration is filled with appointees of do nothings.

Thomas Smith
2 months ago

Another a-hole placed over ‘it’s worth by Our Chief Sh*t For Brains. Not to denigrate the brain dead electorate that lied, cheated, and generally supported the A**HOLE in CHIEF….May you idiots wallow in your ignorance, while we restore our Republic.

2 months ago

This administrations focus on checking minority boxes vs putting the best qualified shows up in the daily faux pas. A president who is lost in space, a VP who begs the question how can you be a lawyer? Attorney General?? I know rocks that are smarter! And on and on and on. The incompetence is mind blowing, God Help us.

2 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

Agreed. Our leaders are an embarrassment. Uninformed fools. Buttigieg is a socialist and liar.
President of the US. I’m going to toss my lunch.

2 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

so very well said

2 months ago

Mayor Pete, as Secretary of Transportation is useless to the American taxpayer. Another corrupt phony, and he wants to be president of the US. His father is a communist and he is a socialist. Why do we need another politician like creepy Mayor Pete?

2 months ago

Fort Wayne is no more a small town than Louisville, KY. But this has nothing to do with this person’s inexperience. Just like Obama, he really did not have any real credentials to run for the president of the U.S.

But you act like a person from a small town cannot be smart enough!. Some of the greatest people in the world have come from small towns.That is not a measure of imtelligence or greatness!

Donald King
2 months ago

I keep hearing people say that we are in danger of becoming a third-world banana republic nation. Wake up folks! Those of us out here in the real world live actual lives and are accountable for our actions, but, within the D.C. beltway, it already is the equivalent of a banana republic.

2 months ago

I hear speech after speech after speech but I don’t see any changes just talk talk talk

2 months ago

As much as I despise Pete, the gov’t has a big problem with procuring technology systems.

It’s not just that the systems are out of date now, but in some (many?) cases they were out of date the day they were installed.

I worked for a large national retailer who used a particular brand of computers designed to stay running even during hardware failure. The FAA asked for bids on a project and this company won the bid — but it took 10 years for the bid to be awarded! If you know anything about computer companies, you know that they no longer made that particular hardware — it was way out of date. The company offered a free upgrade to their latest hardware but gov’t procurement rules prevented that — the company had to supply *exactly* what was in the bid.

The company came to us because we had a ton of that older hardware and gave us the free upgrade they had offered the gov’t. They took our old hardware and used it to fulfill their contractual agreement with the gov’t (including having spares). When the system was installed “brand new” it was already running on decade old equipment!

I don’t know that that was the NOTAM system but I’m certain that whatever hardware is running NOTAM was similarly sourced and similarly aged when “new”.

2 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Many of the government products that get approved are obsolete before they are ever built. The design has to be complete before the bid can be made. That makes it very difficut to get government
jobs. Then they take years to decide which company wins the bid. By that time the technology has changed. Transistors were replace with integrated circuits. Integrated circuits were improved. Microprocessors were invented, feature sizes were changed, all of which took a lot less time than to design a government project and quote a product.

I saw the preliminary design for the Airphone system. It was huge, using obsolete TTL integrated circuit logic and needed a huge power supply. It was big and bulky. But it was what was approved at the time. We were 10 years beyond that technology. I am sure it was redesigned. But that would have meant a new bid.

2 months ago

Joe Biden serving the American Public. Are you crazy? Joe Biden has for fifty years had the American People serving he and his family, and does not see anything wrong with that. I mean isn’t he royalty?

2 months ago

Mayor Pete: Only one question: ” & if you do, then how would you describe the living conditions for the majority of American citizens in 20-years ???? Good or Bad in your opinion ???

2 months ago

The Blacks even hated him in South Bend, In were he was mayor. He’s nothing but a empty suit or a empty dress.

2 months ago
Reply to  Boots

The Buttguy is nothing but a disgusting rump ranger.

Pat R
2 months ago

Buttigieg, Mayorkas, Becerra, Blinken, Garland, Austin, Levine (the man playing a woman), his near-total cabinet + John Kerry & others, are all total losers, one-time want-to-be’s. They are all about as capable as Biden or Harris are. And this is what’s running (or rather defaulting on) our country.

We will be a truly blessed nation if we get through this fiasco without being taken over by the China-Russia-Iran-N Korea bunch.

2 months ago
Reply to  Pat R

We are already being run by the cabal elites. WEF, WHO run the show. All is out in the open. WEF in Davos right now is telling us -Xiden obeys and Americans are getting screwed over by this tyrannical gvnt.

Andrea T
2 months ago

Pete is actually doing the job he was hired for. Research the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Intentional and controlled chaos to elicit crises in order to hasten the collapse of capitalism and allowing the government to step in, takeover and usher in socialism (communism). These two radical socialist Columbia University professors were inspired by radical organizer Saul Alinsky. The BLM rioting, the Covid plandemic, flooding the country with illegals to overwhelm hospitals, schools and welfare systems, depleting our energy resources while at the same time demanding electric vehicles, electric heating, electric stoves while overloading the outdated and insufficient electrical grid forcing blackouts and the shutdown of internet and communications. Complete and full government controlled society.

2 months ago
Reply to  Andrea T

You are so right! We live in scary times!

Randall L. Beatty
2 months ago

He never should have been in this position he is not qualified to handle it he is just one of many in Washington that should be fired.

Timothy Burt
2 months ago

Ah, the beauty of being part of a special group given special rights. Accountability excapes them.

Curtis Fay
2 months ago

The reason he was late to work that day is he was home nursing his Baby!

Donald King
2 months ago
Reply to  Curtis Fay

The one that is adopted or the one he’s married to?

Patricia A Arsenault
2 months ago

I thought this RAT was still on his/her/it maternity leave..yes/no? #AmericaFirst

2 months ago

Santos lied about his qualifications and the media, dims and rinos are all over him. This guy only has to check one box, token gay, and he’s the most wonderful thing since sliced bread!

2 months ago

When you hire people because they check off a minority or a specific category, you get incompetency at all levels. Buttboy is no exception, he knows nothing about the FAA, flights or transportation efficiency. We have another such moron over education, and his expertise is drag queens. The press secretary is an idiot that can’t find a response to a prepared question. And the biggest moron on DC is pedo Joe.

Walter Rose
2 months ago

Un qualified for the job.. Period

2 months ago
Reply to  Walter Rose

I think the Council on Foreign Relations sees him as a future President, putting him in this position to groom him for that job. No specific qualifications are needed there either!

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