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It Was the ‘Heroes of Liberty’ Who Made America Great

Heroes of Liberty

WASHINGTON, DC, July 7 — The controversy of Critical Race Theory [CRT] has put a spotlight on America’s schools as it aims to indoctrinate the next generations of citizens, teaching that America’s historic heroes and heroines were actually oppressors of the weak and the vulnerable. The concern is that CRT is a blatant attempt to undermine our way of life by dismissing history and brainwashing our children at a very young age.

Amongst all the controversy, the Heroes of Liberty organization seek to set things right. Heroes of Liberty is a new children’s book series that focuses on the individuals who made America great — people such as Ronald Reagan who warned us that, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Bethany Mandel, a writer, editor, and Board Member at Heroes of Liberty, used the Reagan reference in a new interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her Better for America podcast. Beth was joined by her colleague, Tal Heinrich, a Heroes of Liberty representative, journalist, and expert on foreign affairs.

Beth told Rebecca that “the best way [our kids] learn history is by forming personal connections with [historic] individuals and then learning about the time period in which they lived and the events that they experienced or participated in…we have three boys and we want to teach them the values of manhood and honor and of behaving in a way that is upright and that kind of messaging is nonexistent in children’s literature now…[we] have two girls and the message that is out there for girls does not include the importance of motherhood and family.”

Although Tal hails from Israel, she calls herself an “American by ideology.” As she put it, “it is so important that this country — especially that the next generation — will preserve what made this country so great.” 

That’s the purpose of Heroes of Liberty. They produce books about great people who embody the life values that we want our kids to have as they grow into adulthood — people like Ronald Reagan, Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Alexander Hamilton, and even John Wayne and Rush Limbaugh. “One of the things that I love about our books,” Tal said, “is that there are great introductions for kids about these figures…we write these books in a way that is challenging and draws kids in and doesn’t treat them like idiots.”

Before ending the interview, Beth noted that Heroes of Liberty offers a new book every month and that AMAC members have the opportunity to purchase their books at a handsome discount! Members can also sign up for a subscription that ensures new books are delivered as soon as they are published.

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Karen Knowles
8 months ago

Great article! Kids today need to read books like these to teach them the truth about the beginnings of our great nation and our national heroes. It is sad that for some time now, the truth about our nation’s history hasn’t been taught to them.

Gail Tubbs
8 months ago

If WWIII broke out would President George Soros make us fight for him?

8 months ago

One of our great history lessons is WWII (1941-46) and what happened in the world. And the United States came together as a nation to fight these evil powers. People after this war became THE GREATEST GENERATION & with some govt. help in creating jobs & loans to veterans created the greatest Middle Class that made America the greatest nation in world. And then take a look at changes in history starting in 1970’s thru today & reach your own conclusions.

8 months ago

Study of our History is required & needed in order for future generations to know where we were & where we are now. This is very important to our Republic. One of the goals of Communism is eliminate a nation’s history so that future generations are brainwashed.

8 months ago

It was God who make America a great nation in the first place. He was keeping a promise he made to father Abraham. Now because of our sins he is removing the blessings he poured out on us and replacing them with curses.

8 months ago

White Europeans created Western Civilization, and the industrialization, technology and engineering that made a vigorous world economy and lifestyle of comfort.

The rest of the world was ever so eager to have the good stuff our ships brought to their shores.

A simple, but heart felt, thank you would be appropriate from the non-Western people who largely benefitted from our efforts.

If they hate us so much, why don’t they quit using all the goodies we invented and sold them and go back to the way they used to live.


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