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Is the Media Mob Normalizing American Decline?


There are some troubling undercurrents in the mainstream media these days. You must listen carefully to catch them, but they are essentially different versions of this: “Just grin and bear the spiking inflation, crime surge, and shortages and be thankful you aren’t in Ukraine.” 

There’s a very real “you don’t know how good you have it” narrative being spun lately, and its purpose is simple. It’s an attempt to normalize the decline in the American economy and explain away the pain. The liberal media mob can no longer say, “Don’t believe your lying eyes,” on inflation or crime. Gas prices are just too high, and they’re displayed on gargantuan signs. Further, the crime wave has hit virtually every major city. Local news stations couldn’t ignore it if they tried. 

It’s all reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s 1970s. Remember Carter’s July 1979 speech amid inflation and an energy crisis? Intended to be a national “pep talk,” it seemed to blame Americans with lines like “too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption.” Phrases like “crisis of confidence” and “the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation” were not well received by the public. It was forever dubbed his “malaise” speech. Two years earlier, Carter compared the energy crisis with the moral equivalent of war, and that too was mocked with the acronym of a cat’s cry for help—MEOW.

Democrats and their media allies know their history, and Democrats know they are an endangered species this election year. Thus, they are seeking to minimalize and normalize the misery we see around us. Ukraine potentially gives The Left the ability to achieve that goal. How?

Yamiche Alcindor of PBS and NBC lamented the missed opportunity in Biden’s State of the Union speech. “There are critics, including Democrats. Some really wanted him to tie the fight for democracy in Ukraine to the voting rights struggles and the challenges with American democracy here at home. He did not do that.” 

Princeton professor Eddie Glaude said of Biden’s speech on NBC’s Meet the Press: “We have to address the question of what’s happening across the country in terms of the assault on voting rights. And we would also have to address the illiberal forces within our country that are driving the challenge to voter rights.” 

Georgia’s Democrat candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams added to the lunacy with, “My mission is to make certain that everyone can cast a ballot,” while discussing the loss of democracy in Ukraine. Of course, all these pronunciations about people struggling or being denied the right to vote or the war on voter ID in America leaves one to ask, “What struggles are these leftists talking about given that elections last for weeks now rather than a day and an ID is required for nearly every aspect of our lives?”

MSNBC anchors are also talking about comparisons between threats to Ukrainian democracy and our own. They want to rehash January 6th again. That network’s Joy Reid said, “[Biden] did not mention the January 6 insurrection. If you want to talk about a profound hit to our democracy, there’s nothing more profound than a violent physical attack on the very building he’s standing in.” Reid even suggested Americans were only paying attention to Ukrainians because they’re white. David Frum of The Atlantic flat out implored Biden to “blame the invasion of Ukraine on Republican ideology.” 

Will Americans accept this bloviating from The Left that America is fraught with problems but that we should be glad we are not Ukraine? Is the “things may be bad here but look, they are worse over there” argument going to save Democrats this year?

I say no, though I have fresh memories from twice running for office in blue Providence, Rhode Island (2004 and 2006).   The state ranked at the bottom for favorable business climate and at the top for tax burden. I showed these and other statistics to many while door-knocking. Many Democrats, though polite to me, said straight up, “Look young man. In this state, this is the way it is, this is the way it’s always been, and this is the way it always will be.” 

Many reacted as if I were trying to “confuse them with the facts” into voting Republican. It was a lost cause, at least in the capital city. But I remain more hopeful that our country as a whole will be wiser and that voters will choose not to be fooled into accepting American decline and instead vote to change course this November.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communications at AMAC, a senior benefits organization with 2.4 million members. He previously taught high school economics for 15 years and ran for state representative in Rhode Island as a Republican.

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6 months ago

So if the wife and I go out to breakfast it costs $35.00 plus. So I’m waiting for the left to say $15.00 an hr. min.wage is not enough, and raise it to $20.00, how can it stop? Up and up.
Remember your vote is the only answer.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sensai

I agree, everyone deserves a decent wage but first prove to me that you are worth $15.00/hr. When the current mayor in my NJ town was elected to his first term he was only in office 1 week and demanded that his salary be DOUBLED!!! Guess what…he got his wish!!! So this is a case of “prove to me why you are worth that money and what are you going to do to show it’s worth an increase”! Any no the town is not better, this clown was elected for a second term and the city never benefited from his office. Except the City Hall was renovated and redecorated!

Stephen Russell
6 months ago

Yes save NewsMax & FNC OAN CBN

6 months ago

The talking heads are trying to destroy our country. And they make millions of $$$$$$ a year doing it. Breaking news 24/7 disgusting. Awful and never ending.

GR American
6 months ago

Democratic candidates are clueless to real American citizens. The problem is that about half of the voters believe the democrats are the answers. These people don’t listen, are looking for the government handouts, and can’t give valid reasons as to why they actually vote for “their” candidate.
These voters will be fodder if the government collapses. The majority have less than a $1000 in savings and wouldn’t last past two months.

James Thompson
6 months ago

I e-mailed my local FOX affiliate station and thanked them for helping me decide on a New Year resolution. I let them know how much they helped and thanked them for influencing me so much. My resolution?
TURN off TV!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb Rockwell
6 months ago

Honestly, I feel like the media talking heads are basically highly paid puppets by the wealthy sociopaths like Soros who want to destroy our country. They want to brainwash as many willing fools as they possibly can. These people can’t all possibly be on board with the never ending insanity. I sincerely think people are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Ray McDowell
6 months ago
Reply to  Deb Rockwell

I’ve always wondered how those left wing newscasters can look at themselves in the mirror after a broadcast, knowing they just spewed Communist propaganda.

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago

Look at who/what gets “awards.” Crappy music and movies which would be called B-class or lower 60 years ago. No-talent bums run late-night “comedy” shows. They wouldn’t know real comedy if it bit them on their Whoopis.

6 months ago

Agreed. No comedy comedy shows with awful mean and boring people talk talk talk. I hope they go off the air.

6 months ago

They “win” because our society has become so low people don’t know a talent when they see one. All the current “entertainers” do is run around half naked and swing their bodies and rant stuff no one can understand and “they got talent”! And they rake in millions for having “no talent”. Someone recently asked that in 50 years from now will Rapper and Hip Hop music become the “Golden Oldies”? I don’t think so!

Nobody’s Business
6 months ago

There is not one Democrat that loves this country. They are all scheming to destroy us. I use to think they were stupid but no this destruction is all planned and the media is going along with it. James Carrville the mouthpiece for Bill Clinton once said he could never spout his BS for Republicans, he said you can tell Democrats anything and they’ll believe it. So true and that gives us the mess we are in now!

Patriot Will
6 months ago

If a legal voter can’t be expected to carry valid ID or physically vote at a voting booth, unless there are extenuating circumstances, then we, the American people, are opening ourselves to rampant voting corruption. If there is rampant voting corruption, then, in all actuality, the US is no longer a Constitutional Republic. Many Americans feel that the right to vote is no longer a sacred gift given to legal citizens. We feel that our rights and liberties are being destroyed by angry Democrats, who are actually lawless socialists and communists.

6 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

You are so right! Our rights and liberties are being destroyed by mean, nasty, and angry Dems.

6 months ago

0mambo stated, on record, that he wanted to “preside over the controlled decline of America”. He and the so-called “media” are aligned with the deviI.

6 months ago

Confuse them with facts is a great line because that’s exactly what trying to reason with leftists is like. It’s reminiscent of the old scifi motif of aliens in the form of slugs that attach to the backs of victims, burrow into the nervous system and take over the thoughts and actions of the host. As long as that slug is there youre dealing with it, not the host.

6 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

Remember their line of choice??? Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Well that’s what we are living with and no one really cares. At least not those in office!

6 months ago

I still watch the liberal news and compare it to more conservative takes. From an intelligence point of view, it is a shame what the liberal MSM is spreading out to the people and a vast majority are believing in what they are hearing and reading. When these people do wake up , it will be too late. With the upcoming mid-term election coming up, MSM will be in full swing for producing their propaganda for deception. If the Demos take a beating, then the MSM will go swinging against the winners for two years and spread as much negative rhetoric as they can. People beware !!

6 months ago

Good Read

6 months ago

When you bring to the table the articles of impeaching Biden
Only then this will be stopped
Normalizing the decline of América ???????? is sliding easy
Because you are allowing it

Why is it that all the networks do not play what Biden said
That they had the best organized system for cheating
Why do you guys think he is kidding or that he is not in his right mind ti have said this statement

Linsey Graham lied when he said that he did not see any evidence of now proven fraud back then a lot of people who is helping with voting came and sign affidavits



6 months ago
Reply to  Juanita

Again…”never let a good crisis go to waste”! This “war” is a distraction from what is really instore for us. My question is…”If America had a war on her soil, how many foreign countries would come to our aide??? Either physically or with money??? Probably no one, so why are we the worlds police dept. and innkeepers”?

6 months ago

Thanks Jeff, I’ve stopped watching liberal leaning news, knowing that they are always trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Praying for a resounding victory in the upcoming elections!

Kevin S
6 months ago
Reply to  Cecile

Without meaningful election reforms and oversight, which in many states is doubtful, I have little faith in our “system”. Stopped MSM “news” shows when it became obvious. NBC Today host Courics vehicle only needs right side tires – like NASCAR – it only turns Left.

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