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In Julie Su, Biden Nominates Another Incompetent Ideologue

President Joe Biden looks on as Julie Su delivers remarks on her nomination as Secretary of Labor, Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Throughout his administration, everyone nominated by Joe Biden seems to offer a unique amalgam of functional incompetence and ideological extremism.  

Take Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Transportation Secretary and former Democratic Party wunderkind, who likes to characterize America’s infrastructure as institutionally racist. After a series of high-profile performance debacles during his brief tenure, however, a majority of Americans now want him to resign.  

Has there ever been a Transportation Secretary whose name a majority of Americans could even recognize, let alone desire his resignation?  

Never one to learn a simple lesson and correct course, Biden just nominated Julie Su, former California Labor and Workforce Agency Secretary, to lead his Labor Department.  

Su’s record in California was one of failure and partisan radicalism, which may make her a nice fit within the Biden Administration. For U.S. Senators reviewing her nomination, however, it should immediately disqualify her.  

Let’s start with Su’s demonstrated incompetence.  

On Su’s watch during the COVID pandemic, California’s Employment Development Department badly mismanaged state unemployment claims during a most desperate time for unemployed Californians.  That wasn’t the opinion of Su’s partisan opponents, but rather the conclusion of a 2022 study from the California legislature’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office:  

California’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides temporary wage replacement to unemployed workers…At the Employment Development Division (EDD) – which oversees UI – payments were delayed for roughly 5 million worders and improperly denied for likely 1 million more. The department’s phone lines were routinely overwhelmed by the number of frustrated callers. These failures caused hardship for unemployed workers and their families, held back the economic recovery during both periods, and spurred frustration among Californians with their state government.  

Additionally, Su herself acknowledged that under her watch the EDD wasted up to $31 billion in taxpayer dollars through fraudulent unemployment benefit claims.  

Apparently Joe Biden considers all of that a feature, not a bug. Under his administration, causing hardship for unemployed workers and their families, holding back economic recovery and spurring frustration among affected citizens qualifies Su to fail upward to apply her talents at the national level.  

Exacerbating matters, Su’s radicalism matches her incompetence.  

Perhaps most conspicuously, Su disregarded the concerns of working families by supporting California’s so-called “Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery” (FAST) Act. That bill allows a state government panel to dictate wages, benefits, training and other working conditions for restaurants.  While advocates suggested that the law only affects fast-food restaurants, it also sweeps coffee shops, sushi counters, delicatessens, juice bars, yogurt shops, salad bars, bakeries, taquerias, pizzerias, burger counters and other food servers within its provisions.  

The FAST Act also imposed through the back door what’s known as the “Joint Employer Rule,” which unfairly imposes legal liability on restaurant franchisors for employees whom they haven’t hired and over whom they exercise no everyday control. That upends longstanding U.S. labor law, which logically imposes liability on businesses when they exercise direct control over hiring, supervision and termination of employees in question.  

In addition to causing job losses, independent analysis from the University of California-Riverside determined that the bill inflicts particular harm to lower-income Californians by raising food costs between 7% and 22%. That’s a tradeoff Su was willing to make to reach the deeper pockets of franchisors and placate Big Labor supporters. It remains a high priority for union activists at the national level, which again makes this a feature for the Biden Administration, not a bug.  

Su also supported legislation that would forcibly reclassify millions of independent contractors and “gig” workers as formal employees. In an era of plentiful full-time and part-time job opportunities, gig workers choose the flexibility of setting their own hours, working in locations most desirable to them and their families, setting their own incomes, accepting or declining jobs as they please and working for different or even competing companies. Gig work also offers income opportunities for workers while they seek other long-term career opportunities (such as musicians, artists, students or parents).  

Gig economy players like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash also offer consumers options unavailable until just recently. Even before the COVID pandemic, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 55 million Americans – over one-third of the U.S. workforce – sought gig work, and contributed $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy.   

Just this week, a California appellate court upheld a voter initiative preserving independent contractor status for certain industries against the wishes of people like Su, illustrating that her agenda is both unpopular and legally hapless even in deep-blue California.  

None of that seems to deter Biden, however. Which means that it’s up to the U.S. Senate to provide adult supervision and reject Biden’s attempt to expand California’s failed labor policies on a nationwide scale.

Reprinted with Permission from - CFIF by - Timothy H. Lee

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2 months ago

Why choose candidates for a position merely because appearance-wise, they match the inclusion-equity role–what happened to choosing a candidate that has the skill to perform the job. What point is being made by choosing this kind of preference when we know they can’t do the job in any capacity, except to fake it? I guess fake until you can’t is the new idiom

2 months ago

Biden needed someone that was truly incompetent to join his disastrous team, to continue the destruction. Job done!

William Hodge
2 months ago

Another loon that Graham, Collins, Murkowski and Romney can vote for as all conservatives are against this type nomination. RINO’s all will vote for her.

2 months ago
Reply to  William Hodge

Your list of RINOs did not include Mitch McConnell, who is the reason I will not rejoin the national Republican Party.

2 months ago

How do they keep finding these incompetent , freakish ideologues?

Thomas Frazer
2 months ago
Reply to  Russ

It’s too easy. They make up the bulk of the democrat party these days. They’re everywhere.

2 months ago

Another radical incompetent joins sleepy Joe’s Keystone Kops.

James P.
2 months ago

When did incompetence become a REQUIREMENT???

2 months ago
Reply to  James P.

when Uncle Joe became president.

2 months ago
Reply to  flitec

Biden just can’t have anyone smarter than him in public offices.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

SO What’s new. ??? Kyle L.

Leland John Eagleson
2 months ago

I am reminded of those incredible clown cars where way too many come pouring out; the Biden cabinet has even more clowns that stumble bumble and tumble day to day in hapless idiocy.

Voter Ann
1 month ago

One thing all these incompetent people have in common: they will follow orders from whomever is calling the shots for this administration: Obama? Soros? With this approach to governing, you appoint people who KNOW they are not equipped to take responsibility (or even know what the position entails). They are so grateful for a position of prominence and a high salary, they will do/not do exactly as they’re told. Democrats have moved from their “Rule or Ruin” approach to running things to “Rule AND Ruin.” Too bad for the sane honest patriots in America.

2 months ago

This Julie Su looks like another cackling idiot like Kamala Harris.

2 months ago
Reply to  scrat

It’s a California requirement.

2 months ago

The whole Biden administration is a disaster. Doubt there is one competent person in it at all.

2 months ago

Please remember that Biden is the front man to a much bigger game and is only a distraction. We never see who is behind the curtain so we can’t focus on them while Jo is playing on stage out front. Same game as Viet Nam. Ask where is Keye???

2 months ago
Reply to  Tom

The “who is behind the curtain” is the WEF, World Economic Forum, headed by Klaus Schwab. They are the ones pushing the destruction of human rights in an effort to bring about One-World-Government and One-World-Economy. Once that is accomplished, those who hold the purse strings will rule the whole world. Then comes the Anti-Christ.

2 months ago

Ignorant nominees are another loss for Uncle Sam if appointed. After their replacement due to incompetence the high cost to repair the damage and bring all matters back to zero we then start over to reach the goal first entended. Hire a true winner and receive a winning effort.. Trump 24

John Diaz
2 months ago

Nothing New here. It’s a Biden nominated.

2 months ago

China and Russian Are both trying to win A-war The US is trying to say which bathroom you should use

2 months ago

I often hear and read of harsh criticism for the Biden administration, but NEVER do I hear of voters looking in the mirror and seeing the root cause of our country’s downfall, the very same voters that repeatedly elect corrupt, clueless and obtuse politicians, of both parties.

2 months ago
Reply to  Canuckulator

Yep, things politically would be a lot less sub rosa if there were Constitutional term limits on Representatives and Senators (two term, e. g.).

1SG Daniel J Smith USA Ret
2 months ago
Reply to  Canuckulator

We here in upstate NY try as we may to elect smart folks but due to NYC and its overwhelming population of zombies plus afew other major Demo cities we just cant get a break. With cost’s climbing and being on a fixed income some of us cant leave purgatory and must suffer. My family would love to move to a friendlier state but cant cause we owe so much and in our town the housing market is dead.

2 months ago

Just about any political Biden promotes is about as near to 100% bad for the Nation ….. but surely good for Hunter Biden and the rest of his family and Commie DemocRat cohorts.

2 months ago

Biden continues to make himself look more and more idiotic while dragging this once proud country into the grave with him. The law of averages says that eventually an idiot such as Biden will make a competent choice for some position in government ! However, even this law doesn’t apply this this communist loving SOB.
Biden should have gone to a real university and studied personel management ! He might ( and that is a big might), have learned that if you surround yourself with competent people you will look competent and your job will be much easier. Remember what Tom Hanks said in the movie Forest Gump, “ Stupid is as stupid does”. Biden is as STUPID as STUPID can be!!

2 months ago
Reply to  MJB

Biden is tainted evil ….not just Forest Gump naive.

2 months ago
Reply to  Hal-

My openion, Biden works for the DEVIL. He has no conscience, no heart, no truth within him. He despises the greatest Country in the world. He needs to be exiled to China.

2 months ago

All that matters is that she checked the boxes — female and Asian. For Biden puppeteers, that’s all that matters. Do good work for our country? Ha! that’s the lowest qualification of all. The last 2 years has made all that more than obvious I sure hope Congress does its job and refuses her.

David Millikan
2 months ago

Another ‘DUH’ nominee from the ‘DUH’ administration.

anna hubert
2 months ago

Perfect candidate fits right in

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