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Immigration Update: What the Latest Numbers Say About the Border Invasion 

During a debate in 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden said that, if he were elected President, he would “make sure” that migrants and asylum seekers “surge the border”. Almost immediately after President Trump was sworn into office, he declared a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border, as violent criminals and deadly drugs, like China-made fentanyl, had been pouring into the U.S. killing Americans and destroying innocent families. With the emergency declaration came nearly $15 billion in critical funding that Trump devoted to build the border wall, which saw 458 miles of new wall built by the end of Trump’s term. President Trump’s tough by fair immigration policies, pre-pandemic, had lowered southern border crossings to a historic 50-year low. Fast forward to 2022, Joe Biden is president, he stopped building the border wall, and he kept his campaign promise of ensuring migrants surge the southern border, thus undoing all of President Trump’s hard work to secure America. So what do the latest numbers say about the migrant invasion? The numbers will shock you, and it’s important that Americans know the truth about the Democrats’ invasion of America.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released data showing that August was the sixth straight month with over 200,000 illegal southern border apprehensions. Combined with data over this last year, there have now been 2.1 million people who have attempted to illegally cross the southern border into America, (the highest number ever recorded by CBP!)

President Biden and the radical left’s open-border policies are directly to blame. Almost immediately after being sworn in, President Biden issued Executive Orders to undo Trump-era policies, cut border funding, halted the construction of the border wall, and reversed a law called Title 42 that Trump used to keep illegals who attempted to cross the border on the other side during detention.

It’s not just people that are invading America. Law enforcement circles across America have been dealing with another surge, drug-related deaths of young and minor Americans. It is no secret that China, the world largest fentanyl producer, is purposely pushing this deadly drug into America with the help of their Mexican drug cartel pals, in order to destabilize our society and destroy America from within. A few days ago, over 1 million fentanyl pills were taken off the streets when the Phoenix Police Department made the largest fentanyl bust in police history.

To add insult to injury, a few weeks ago Vice President Kamala Harris, who was appointed by President Biden to tackle the border crisis, had the audacity to claim that the “border is secure,” forcing the White House into damage control mode. Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich pushed back on White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, asking her “Do you think that Americans believe that the border is secure?”

Jean-Pierre replied, “What I can tell you is the record and the process that we have been using to make sure that we do our best to secure the border. We do our best to make sure that we fix a broken system that was left behind by the last administration, and that’s what we’re going to continue to do.” Another word salad with no substance. 

It’s comical to hear the Biden administration attempt to lay blame on President Trump for the flooding of people and drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border when the data clearly shows that Trump is the one who was improving our border and Biden is the one who personally invited the migrant caravans over and that has resulted again in over 2 million people trying to illegally enter America in the last year. The Biden administration would have you believe the surge in numbers coinciding with their term so far in office is all a big coincidence. 

It’s fair to say that Americans don’t want President Biden to continue doing whatever it is he is doing on the southern border. The numbers and polls show that clearly. Even Democrats, like Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) who represents a border district, have publicly criticized the Biden Administration, saying recently that “they’re just not on the same page, where they say that the border is closed. It’s not closed,” Cuellar said. “There’s got to be repercussions at the border,” the congressman said,”otherwise they’ll keep coming.”

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action 

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7 months ago

I learned in Viet Nam that Americans really don’t care about many subjects unless they see it affect them. Don’t worry someone else will take care of it. Well someone else is taking care of it. And we are in trouble.I don’t want to live in someone else’s Utopia. with round about, cheap energy that isn’t cheap and doesn’t work. When you fill body bags with what was your friend or family it all become real and important. Some liberal ideas like some conservative have merit but this is not a wish list. “Ifwe can dream it up let us build it. Do you liberal people want to pay 52% income tax,8.00! For a gallon of gas, require permits with a price to have a chainsaw or ceiling fan and worse have Govt even in our bedrooms .If this is coming like Sweden I got to move and find America because somehow it isn’t here anymore.

7 months ago

And the socialist/democrats would say: we’re pretty much on schedule.

7 months ago

For the first time in my life, if someone assonated the POTUS, I would have a difficult time in my thinking to consider it a criminal act. It shows that maybe it is time for a Constitutional Amendment for some way to allow the voting citizens to do what a failing majority of Congresspersons refuse to do when it is obvious that a POTUS like Biden is not competent. But that harkens back to having a rigged election in the first place. If the FBI appointees were really serving the interests of the citizenry, they would be engaged in a thorough investigation of how that happened.

Henry D
7 months ago

How come NO justice department official has NOT gone up to Biden when in public and ARRESTED him for acts of TREASON? He is never defended this country from ENEMIES both foreign or domestic since coming to office! Begs the question: can he also pardon himself?

William C Smith
7 months ago

Have more babies. Raise them to be good conservatives, principled, morally astute, productive individuals conributing to society and the nation by their work and honest efforts, forming nuclear families joining to build and sustain healthy communities.

7 months ago

Wise suggestion to follow …. but, not pragmatic for the present circumstances. Has a taint of “locking the stall after the horse is gone.”

7 months ago

Your article states “ 2.1 million people who have attempted to illegally cross the southern border into America”, how about giving the numbers of how many have Actually Crossed the Border?? I want to know how many ARE here vs how many tried & failed (attempted). Is AMAC trying to cover for Biden’s open borders like msm does, by not posting the ACTUAL numbers?? Very, very disappointing.

legally present
7 months ago
Reply to  K.9

You can find that information yourself by googling the border patrol, the numbers are there. PLUS there are the almost 1 million got-aways- caught on camera, footprints, etc, but not found!

7 months ago

Average Americans like you and I are in trouble…is what it says to me. Neighbor watch groups going to become critical.

james michalicek
7 months ago

Nancy says we need illegals to pick the crops, whether they are criminals, diseased or otherwise.

7 months ago

Democrats will do anything, including destroying the country, to stay in power. Total idiots, destroying the most successful country in history.

7 months ago
Reply to  granky

The DemocRats surreptitiously are turning the Nation’s governance into a Communistic form of governance … with the DemocRat Party being the politburo. It is a deep concern of mine that there is a large segment of American citizens who don’t realize what the DemocRat Party stands for governmentally …. briefly, “RULE, not just GOVERN.”

7 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Yes Hal, I can’t seem to figure out if so many Americans are so ignorant, or so apathetic to be worthless citizens. If we ever totally lose our freedom, hopefully those who voted for all this will finally see the truth.

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