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Illegal Immigration – Americans are Seething


Some things are hard to hide. If Biden’s inflation and energy fiascos poll high, illegal immigration is close behind. Anecdotal data – arguably more reliable this cycle than polls – suggests Americans are seething.

Five major factors show how distressed Americans are about Biden’s open misrepresentations about the border, illegal immigration, and the devastating impact Democrat policies are having on the nation.

First, rather surprisingly, Independents – and moderate Democrats – are fed up with Biden’s “spit show,” an invalid, recurring claim that the border is secure. Americans know it is not. In a recent poll, 50 percent of Americans think Biden must do more, 55 percent of Independents, 76 of Republicans.

Despite Harris and Biden claim that the “border is secure,” data does not lie, nor do planeloads of non-English-speaking illegal immigrants all over the US. Like Lyndon Johnson pretending no one cared about Vietnam, or the “body count” favored us, Americans know truth. They did then, do now.

Truth is Biden and Senate Democrats are “all in” for soft-shoeing illegal immigration. They accept the wrong-headed premise that major laws do not need enforcing on humanitarian or political grounds.

Thus, laws are not enforced that prevented release of non-adjudicated asylum-seekers (who often disappear), assured asylum seekers remained outside the US pending adjudication, or were vetted.

Anecdotally, are Americans ticked off? You bet. Notably, shipping illegals to the swanky Democrat getaway Martha’s Vineyard resonated.  More reliably, Americans are concerned about issues tied to illegals (even in New York City), links to drug trafficking, record overdoses, homelessness, and crime.

Second, naturalized Americans – including Hispanic citizens – are sick of the double standard.  As midterms approach, many are tipping hard to their conservative values, including public health and safety, faith and gun rights, preservation of traditional values around family, work, faith, and females.

Misunderstood by Democrats, Hispanic Americans are not “all-in” for illegal immigration, Hispanic or other. They do not favor devaluing the traditional family, Christian faith, citizenship, hard work, safety on the street or quality of public education. They are not about “wokeness.”

This is a major misfire, and Midterms will show – an opening salvo – that this radical tip left by all Democrats is not accepted by Americans who came here from Cuba, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and other countries, most of whom prioritize faith, family, safety, education, and hard work. They did not come to America to live in Venezuela.

Third, illegal immigration is playing big as more families are losing kids to drugs, not in small numbers but in whopping, un-hidable, heartbreaking numbers. Drug overdose deaths from foreign-source, high-potency, interdict-able drugs – hit more than 107,000 last year, a 15 percent jump over 2020.

This is a huge deal, since loss of a child is devastating – not just to those 214,000 parents, 428,000 grandparents, millions of siblings, cousins, friends, teachers, and all who know the child, but to whole communities – where the news, no matter how we dull ourselves, is an earthquake.

This is what the glib, rich, inoculated, indifferent leaders – at all levels – do not get.  They do not understand their policies have consequences, sometimes devastating ones, and that drug trafficking, abuse numbers, deaths from overdoses, kid suicides, drugged driving, and loss of kids – hits hard.

The Biden Administration and Congress are out to lunch.  The cotton-mouthed talk from Senators about spending money means nothing, when they are AWOL in the battle to save kids and communities.  Like everything else, they “fob it off” on someone else, no accountability, another thing people are sick of.

Fourth, illegal immigration will play big because education – the quality of America’s public education – is sinking, not because any illegal immigrant is not a worthy soul, but because we are pouring these souls into a highly stressed system, no assimilation, no legal citizenship, no understanding where understanding counts. Biden, Harris, and the billion-dollar congressional leaders just do not care.

Words are cheap. Teachers – and I come from a long history of them – are under intense pressure, as are schools, administrators, communities that fund them with property taxes, states that must pay.

Notably, Illegal immigration does no one any good in the educational sphere. It degrades education for those legally here, naturalized and born, while degrading the larger system nationally. 

Annually America absorbs many foreign immigrants – legally.  They become highly productive, usually patriotic members of society, learning history of the country, civic duty, English, working legally, and raising their kids to do the same.  That is not what we are doing when we sweep illegals in.

Finally, midterms will “out” the enormity of this issue, how distressed Americans are by the Biden and Democrats’ illegal immigration policies, for one more reason.  Americans value and respect the law. 

When a Vice President can say, in effect, “mass amnesty” and “just make them citizens,” like a finger snap does it, or when a President vilifies the Supreme Court and circuit courts for saying immigration laws must be enforced, something is wrong.  Americans respect the law.  When their leaders do not, that is a flashing red signal.

So, net-net, while much can happen in three weeks, Americans are not stupid, indifferent to their lot or traditions. They love their faith, speech, voting rights, self-defense, educational opportunities, and everything tied up in public health, safety, education, and law. 

On illegal immigration, like the economy’s stunning mismanagement, Americans are watching.  More to the point, they are seething. Watch this issue knock Democrats over in Midterms, wave meeting wave.  Somethings are hard to hide.

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5 months ago

Democrats in my state seem to be running solely on the right to murder babies.

Rexford O Ames
5 months ago

Enough is enough. Feeling helpless because the bureaucracy is supposed to do their job and the politicians that violate the Law, are supposed to be held accountable. The politicians have become millionaires, do not take responsibility for financial decisions. Thrust those decisions over to the Executive Branch , of all the agencies this Government has in place, Redundancies run a mock.
Unless they have their feet held near a fire. They will take no action what so ever.
We are tired of their crap, and they damn well know it.
They have shown , in their view, who their enemy is ( January 6, 2020 ) participants they are punishing as they would dare to disrespect the Senate and the House. We’ll show you. Any American Citizen should think of getting close to, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or anyone else under their protection will be arrested as Terrorist and don’t you forget who is the ruler of The United States of Amercia!, we are, not you!

George R Gallman
5 months ago

Most Democrats and Republicans know: The federal government is broken.As of 2022-07-19, 65.7 likely voters support a COS*, including over 50% of Democrats. This is NOT a partisan issue.A solution that is as big as the problem: (*COS: a US Constitution Article V  Convention of States to suggest Amendments to the US Constitution.)Objectives of this call:* Propose term limits (for elected AND appointed offices)* Impose fiscal restraints (limit the spending and taxing authority)* Reduce the size and power of the federal government.Using the Constitution to save the Constitution!

5 months ago

Get out the vote! Stop woke, socialist,mindless haters in their tracks bring on the RED!

Jay E Spurling
5 months ago

I so agree with whoever writes your commentary! Every line is so packed with truth, especially the comment on the “spit show” from Biden about immigration and total falsehood about the border being secure. I live in the state (and love the state) DeSantis is governor of! The only thing we’re at all afraid of is loosing him to the presidency!! I don’t care what it cost the state to send those illegals to Martha’s Vineyard because we’ll make it back and then some from (woke) Disney paying a fair share finally! Things have to change and I am an EVER Trumper, or at least someone in office with all his marbles ???? no strings attached!

John Gaulke
5 months ago

Every time I hear the words “illegal” and “immigrant” combined my blood starts to boil ! Those who enter our sovereign nation illegally are NOT immigrants ! They are invading our country for the purpose of colonization or to commit criminal acts. Illegal aliens must be dealt with as any nation would deal with an invading force.

james michalicek
5 months ago

So what is AMAC doing about it? Nothing.

5 months ago

What would you like them to do. What have you done

Jay E Spurling
5 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Good response Ken

5 months ago

They are informing the readers of the impact of illegal immigration and influx of drugs to our country. They are letting us know the Biden administration is not using our tax dollars to address the issues. FYI this is why every Americans vote matters! So, what is your solution? Mine is to finish building the walls, enforce the laws on the books in lieu of allowing our government to circumvent the laws. Now we also need to shift the funds from the IRS 87,000 new agents to ICE which would allow them to round up all the illegals that have chosen not to attend their immigration hearing.

5 months ago

AMAC is like any other organization that can only do as much as its members are willing to do individually. It’s like being in the military the unit as a whole is only as strong as its lowest member. You have to remember that You are part of the organization. We have to take a little responsibility. If you as a member even make an effort to become informed on issues and let your concerns known to elected officials. Things might change.

5 months ago

What is your problem

5 months ago

The invasion of the United States is underway and the Biden administration is complicit. Vote Republican. Protect our country.

5 months ago

The “Melting Pot” agenda is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries!

It’s not for Japan.

It’s not for India
It’s not for Kenya
It’s not for Saudi Arabia
It’s not for Mexico
It’s for EVERY White country on earth.
Whites countries need to be MELTED and if you disagree then you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! 
Any planned eradication of a race (aka “Melting Pot” for EVERY White country) is Genocide.

Anti-Racist is just a codeword for Anti-White.

5 months ago
Reply to  Larkenson


Dale Amsden
5 months ago

The present admin & the Dems dont care about deaths from drugs, human trafficking. They are playing to the New World Order & its servants to de-populate the world in the name of their religion now called climate change, a religion that keeps changing names, because it is not tenable.

William C Smith
5 months ago

“The Patriot Post” has an excellent cartoon, today, simply asking, “If the government can just print more money to fund all it’s programs, why do we have to pay taxes?”

Michael Lewis
5 months ago

I thank the author for stating the obvious. Unfortunately, the elite need to hear it!

Hunter's Dad
5 months ago

Unfortunately Dems cheat at elections so no matter how many Americans vote, the vote count will not reflect the actual results

Matt Rowan
5 months ago
Reply to  Hunter's Dad

The citizenry (legal) of this country need to make it crystal clear that Federal elections must require a Biometric I.D. to prove identity and legal authority to cast a vote(s). The insane systems we have are imbecilic, embarrassing and smack of 3rd world corruption. Many far less powerful countries have Biometric I.D. systems to insure the quality and honesty of their elections. So should we.

5 months ago

The big thing to me about illegal immigration is the drugs and crime aspect. The legal system is already stressed here and dumping millions of illegals across the border just makes it worse. We need to focus on that.

5 months ago

You go ahead and seethe like an old woman, but you better remember this my my Socialist enemies; Latinos are never going to the Democrats new [email protected]@ers.

bob smith
5 months ago

this is the solution to “comprehensive immigration reform”. just let everybody in. the reason more aren’t upset is the problem isn’t in their state, unless you live in the sunbelt along the mexican border. so sending busloads of our new arrivals to remote states is the exactly right thing to do. share the loss of your culture, minnesota, michigan, illinois et al. just take antacids before you eat their food

Anastacio Mendoza
5 months ago

More than 2 million migrants have crossed our southern border in the last year alone. has launched a GiveSendGo campaign to help transport migrants along the southern border to any Sanctuary City in the U.S.

Please help by sharing this link or donating.

5 months ago

Many Americans are upset, mainly republicans, religious conservatives and racist, about illegals crossing the border from Mexico. Still to this day most of the illegals are Mexican nearly 60% and there is a reason why. The United States export and import trade with Mexico equals $667 Billion dollars and wire transfer of money by individuals to Mexico is another $30 billion. Let’s just say $1 trillion dollars. Funny how everything in a capitalist driven economy always come down to money. There will be no solution for the border crisis and illegal aliens because no one politician or party can stop the flow of money. The republicans and democrats are part of the liberal policies on the border.
To that let’s add there are about 80 million Americans with Spanish surnames. Criticizing the porous border will get a conservative elected but that is all because no one will stop $1 trillion dollars of commerce. 

5 months ago
Reply to  walter

“commerce”? or “piracy”?

5 months ago
Reply to  walter

Wow – now how many chinese illegal immigrants do you think there should be, if trade somehow legitimises illegal immigration?

5 months ago

Seething is right…..Colorado has become a border State, not geographically, but because of It’s now a sanctuary State thanks to the Dems and Gov Polis.

Vote them ALL out Colorado! They deserve to be repudiated and defeated!

5 months ago


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