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GOP Candidates, Time to Grow Up

Jedidiah on GOP candidatesRand Paul going after Ted Cruz. Jeb Bush going after Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. It’s hard to keep track of which GOP presidential candidate is having the biggest tantrum this week. And often over the most absurd topics.

It’s exhausting. And reminds me of that time I coached a bunch of kindergarten kids in an improv class.

Presidential candidates, the country’s watching. Stop embarrassing yourselves with childlike fits and finger-pointing while voters struggle with two and three part-time jobs while hoping that real leadership will show its face on the debate stage.

No one has the time or interest to watch overgrown babies run for President.

Can you fix the country or not? If so, tell us how. Make it interesting. If I wanted a nap, I’d dim the lights and take one. And if you can’t do it without sounding like a twelve-year-old who just got punished by your parents, then get off the stage.

Humor is essential, policy specifics are fantastic, and reminding voters that you’re a human in touch with struggles, success, and the ups and downs of life are all great ingredients. As most people know, I don’t like my politicians boring or one-dimensional.

But this nonsensical third-grade behavior has to stop. Unless you want us to laugh at you instead of voting for you.

The end.

Jedediah Bila is a Fox News host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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7 years ago

I. Think. They. Need. To all. Grow. Up. And. Stop. The. Fighting. It. Makes. Me. Sick. They. Attack. One. Another. Like. They. Do. Grow. Up. Act. Like. Adults. Not. Young. Children. Tell. Me. What. Your. Going. To. Do. For. Me. To. Get. My. Vote. I. Love. Trump. Rebio. Grow. Up. You. Lost. My. Vote. Because. You. Do nothing. But. Attack. Trump. Very. Shameful. Person. Grow. Up.

7 years ago

The question needs to be asked if this bickering is the result of the debate moderators who try to establish ratings with “Gotcha” questions and pointedly trying to get one candidate to attack another. If the moderators would ask questions that had the candidates express their own views and plans the American people would be able to make an educated choice between them.

Helen S.
7 years ago

I didn’t see any crybabies. For the most part, they were intelligent and capable speakers. I would think any of them would be much better than what we have now, and a few of them would be very good. Most important, any of them would be better than Hillary, though I would not really want yet another Bush!
Rand Paul never gets much time, but from what I can discover, he probably has the best understanding of what the underlying problems are. Ted Cruz has remarkable ability to remember details of what the others have said and offer better answers. His vote in favor of the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) is troubling, however. Congress should never give up its ability to amend proposed legislation, especially, not on trade bills such as TPP and TTIP which involve massive loss of sovereignty by subjecting us, further even than NAFTA, to the decisions of foreign courts. That subject did not come up in the “debates” as far as I know. So, we don’t know what the other candidates think about it. Ted Cruz’s campaign worker told me he opposes TPP and TTIP
(correctly) but then why vote for the TPA which forces a YES or NO vote with no amendment!

Charles Williams
7 years ago

With a couple of exceptions the whole lot of them are career politician cry babies. If they think the Donald is rough just wait until Hillary’s campaign slanderers get through with them.

7 years ago

As much as I hate to agree with anyone who even utters a semi-positive about Witchery Clinton I will have to admit that after Trump gets the nomination, he will need to come out offensively to battle off Witchery Clinton.

Fred Matcheck
7 years ago

We need a President who, on the very first day in office, KNOWS the realities that exist in Washington and in the rest of the world, so that he doesn’t have to start asking others for basic information when emergencies come up. He’s may not have time to learn that stuff from scratch. If Russia or China–or Iran–were to attack he has the basic knowledge in his head to begin with and will know who to ask for immediate answers to the necessary detailed questions needed for a quick response so that he can make a decision and react quickly instead of “taking a course” and learning from scratch while our enemy is already in the process of destroying us. Trump and Carson don’t have that basic knowledge, no matter how “over-confident and overbearing” Donald Trump acts on TV or how wonderful a surgeon Ben Carson is. Experience and the right “job skills” are really important “necessities” for a President from the very first day! Support the person that you think is the best qualified to make whatever decisions may be necessary right from the beginning! I think the “best qualified” is Marco Rubio. How about you? Be serious! This world has become a disaster already. This is no time for “on the job training”!

Charles Williams
7 years ago
Reply to  Fred Matcheck

So what you would rather have is another career politician?

Terry Smith
7 years ago
Reply to  Fred Matcheck

Don’t be so worried. No one comes to the office with the knowledge required on day one. That is why they have cabinets, a Joint cheif of staff for military needs, and hundreds of thousands of trained government employees to call on if necessary. Unless a person was the vice president it is unlikely they can make a phone call from the whitehouse the first day. We have lived with it for a few hundred years and it has worked. Even with one of the worst presedents, but best goodwill ambasadors, even after leaving office, we survived a peanit farmer running the country. A person with a grip on financial matters, years of sucessful negotion skills, and a love of the country, wanting us to be respected once again in the world, is the best bet at this point.

Richard Spair Sr
7 years ago

About a day ago, I watched a talk and answering of questions at a collage by Dr Ben Carson.
I was very pleased with his address on the principles he would suggest to the US and very needed programs to CORRECT
the ways which lead in the wrong directions.
The people with their response showed he was giving them hope and they could see his very intelligent thoughts and honesty.
We are very fortunate to have him help us and I hope the people will see the chance we have to put the Constitution back in
place so the Government will return to the intended Operation. (Operation — We need a Good Surgeon) I could not resist the comment; We always need laughter and being happy.

Jackie Britton
7 years ago

This is just one reason why I am voting for Mike Huckabee, He has humor, creditble solutions to fix what’s wrong with America, and does not attack his fellow opponents.

7 years ago

The only two behaving like grownups are Carson and Fiorina. Both consistently talk about what they would do differently, both uphold American values, and both relentlessly trash Hillary. The Trump/Bush/Cruz/Rubio/Paul food fight is not impressive, I agree. A bunch of people with barely-visible polling complaining that no one is listening to them.

7 years ago
Reply to  DMcG

I have to agree. The country wants to hear real solutions to the myriad of major problems we have deal with. Not pie in the sky empty political rhetoric, but well thought out solutions delivered in a clear, concise manner. Something people can review, analyze and discuss to determine who has the best shot at actually accomplishing positive actions on several fronts.

So far the only two who have tried to do that to date are Carson and Fiorina. No one, at least no one who gives a damn about this nation’s future, is particularly interested in a bunch of pampered, self-important, spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum ( what you call a food fight), because no one is listening to them say absolutely nothing, and I do mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while speaking in politically correct terms. Maybe if the food fight group started to put forth serious solutions for consideration, their poll numbers wouldn’t be in the single digits. Gee, what a concept. Demonstrate to the American people that they actually have a clue about what needs to be done as President to start getting us back on track. The only problem is most of the food fight group has nothing of substance to say. Instead we get nonsense like Bush whining that this is all too hard and he has better things to do, especially if the people aren’t going to be dumb enough to just coronate him the GOP nominee because his last name is Bush. Aw poor baby. Maybe the whole food fight group should just drop out of the race and go back to doing whatever their other taxpayer funded government jobs are. As for Bush, he can go back to sitting on a half dozen corporate boards and collecting a six figure check from each one. All for just staring out the window during the board meetings.

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