Inventors and Inventions Quiz

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Diane Kyle
4 years ago

Chicago World’s Fair and the Ferris wheel were 1893 not 1931.

4 years ago

12 of 14 , not too shabby

4 years ago

Question 5, about the debut of the Ferris Wheel… It was in Chicago, but not in 1931. You only missed it by 38 years. If that’s close enough, then I’m either 29, or 105, or somewhere in-between. It was in 1893.

Judith Stiles
4 years ago

I got 11 of 14, and for the first time, ever, I did better than hubby who got 9 of 14. Of course I read him the questions, when viewing them allows you ease to eliminate the more obvious. Keep ’em coming!

4 years ago

Great quizzes and a fine way to spend 5 minutes! Keep em coming. Thanks

4 years ago

In his 84 years, Thomas Edison acquired a record number of 1,093 patents. Bell had 30 patents.

Read more http://deafdigest.net/alexander-graham-bell-versus-thomas-edison/

4 years ago

I missed 2, the patents question, and the year of the credit card. Had to chuckle about the one on determining the age of artifacts as “random guessing” or some such thing.

Carol Davis
4 years ago

Alexander Bell was a Scottish born Canadian. Maybe he was American in there somewhere….hence I picked Edison.

Dave Carlson
4 years ago

Please check your trivia facts. The Eisenhower Johnson tunnels in CO are 1.67/1.69 miles long. Ted Williams is 1.6 I believe.

JB Scott
4 years ago

10/14 Good quiz. Keep them coming.

David Midkiff
4 years ago

9 out of 14 fun quiz.

Terry Anderson
4 years ago

Missed 4 but would have gotten them all if I had gone with my first instinct instead of over-thinking it!

Lee E Glidewell
4 years ago

Really enjoyed this quiz. Might explain how some lucky guesses netted 11 out of 14!

4 years ago

I breezed through the first 8, then blew 3 in a row, then got back on track, for 11 out of 14. I can’t help but wonder if A.G Bell received approval for all those patents applied for. I always thought Thomas Edison was the most prolific holder of patents.

4 years ago

I only missed two. Very interesting.

Diana Erbio
4 years ago

11 out of 14…not bad ?

Jeff Cupp
4 years ago

Bell only had a couple dozen patents and was born in Scotland. Edison (2000+ patents) is the correct answer to question 9.

Ray R
4 years ago

Missed four in the middle, as others noted. Thought dental floss would have been cotton that far south. I enjoy these quizzes.

Ray R
4 years ago

Missed 4 in the middle, as others have noted, but I enjoy these quizzes.

Sharon Wendler
4 years ago

My husband and I both enjoyed this.

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