Gallup Offers Some Reminders

JedediahVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News

There are two important things to note via Gallup this week.

1) “One in four (25%) say they are satisfied with current direction of the country, while 74% express dissatisfaction.” As Gallup notes, that has been pretty consistent for the last five months.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Right, Americans are tired of big-government solutions. They’re tired of the Democrat approach and looking to Republicans for answers.”

Not so fast, because…

2) “Americans view the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party, even though both parties have a net unfavorable rating.” Based on a recent poll, the favorable rating for the Democrat Party is 44%, while that of the GOP is 34%.

Herein lies the problem.

I do think many are disgusted with a big-government approach to things, Obamacare in particular. I think they are tired of the Obama administration’s lack of transparency with respect to Benghazi, the IRS targeting political groups, the VA nightmare…but are they confident that the GOP would do a better job? No. Not yet.

The GOP has, in recent years, been remarkably uninspiring to many, particularly to young people. Outreach, messaging, and communication strategies have been poor. There has been a lack of strong, principled, charismatic presidential candidates. These are just facts.

And yes, it’s a shame. Because if the GOP stands for freedom, that shouldn’t be hard to sell. Much like opportunity, big dreams, low taxes, and limited government, individual liberty is sexy as all hell.

Reminder: One of the main reasons Obama got reelected was because his policies were viewed as the lesser of two evils. The GOP candidate, and the Party’s messaging, didn’t inspire people to make the switch.

Once again, people vote for something much more than they vote against something. Let’s see if the Republican Party gets that message as we approach 2016.

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7 years ago

It appears that Obama confuses the role of President with that of a king or dictator. He is supposed to work for us, not “rule” over us. We the people hired him…he should remember that his role is to voice what we desire and not to inflict his desires or those of lobbyists upon us. Providing healthcare to the millions who do not work and penalizing those of us who cannot afford healthcare because we earn “too much” is all wrong!! We need incentives for being responsible instead of being hit with large cash penalties for not “doing as we are told” If I could afford it I would already have health insurance! I haven’t been to a dentist in two years because my retirement income does not allow it. But yet, People coming into this country illegally are provided with medicaid and other benefits which should be given to those of us supporting this country.

Richard Buchko
9 years ago

Fox News contributor? What a “shock” that is. Once again, article full of inaccuracies. For example Americans as a whole are not “disgusted” with Obamacare — in fact, it is turning out to be an overall success, and most people who have issues with it think it should be tweaked (which has always been the plan). Benghazi is only an issue on Fox News and among right-wing extremists – everyone else feels the information has come out, Etc., etc., etc. She is right that a better Republican candidate would have beaten President Obama in 2012 – it was that close, so a better candidate would have tilted the see-saw, certainly. But we already knew that, so this article really doesn’t offer much.

9 years ago
Reply to  Richard Buchko

Richard, are you okay that the President of the United States lied over and over again on how the ACA (Obamacare) would provide savings of almost $2500.00 per family, or that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or how about “if you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan”. Are you also okay that this President portrayed this as a health care plan, when the Supreme Court says it was a “tax plan” … which actually has over 20 tax increases. So Obamacare is just a massive tax increase which just happens to decimate our healthcare system.

Of course, now we know that Sarah Palin was correct when she said Obamacare contained “death panels” … you know, where government appointed beaurecrats will decide whether life-threatening medications and/or surgeries can be denied citizens. You really believe the people like having the government in control of THEIR health care instead of YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR, and also having your premiums substantially increased, in some cases 200% and 300%, as well as, having your “out of pocket” costs increased substantially as well.

Yeah, I know, just think of all those “uninsured” people who now have insurance that didn’t before … Of course, ALL at the expense of the American taxpayer !!! Richard, we didn’t agree to any of this, and now we find out this President LIED TO ALL OF US! Over and over again! And then there’s the Bengazzi lies, the IRS scandals, the fast and furious debacle.

But we did get: the Obamacare nightmare; $16 trillion national debt; No Keystone Pipeline and with that gasoline prices have more than doubled since Geo. Bush’s presidency; don’t forget the failed solar energy subsidies; an economy still awful 6 years since “His Majesty” was first elected; unemployment growing; 1 in 7 American families now receiving food stamps; and on and on.


How did that old saying go, something like: “you can lead a dog to water, but you can’t make him drink”. That describes ALL YOU LIBERALS!!!

9 years ago

It’s not just that the GOP doesn’t inspire young people, how can they when ALL major media outlets, other than Fox News, demonizes the GOP every day, all the time. As a staunch Conservative, how can I get excited about 2 milk toast, moderate Liberals like Romney and McCain.

Advice to the GOP leadership, stop believing the Liberal media on how GOP candidates “need” to appeal to moderates and independents. That’s exactly what they want, more guaranteed loser Presidential candidates!

Trust me, the Liberals are scared to death the GOP will wake up and endorse a true, Conservative Christian “black” American like Dr. Ben Carson. Can’t you just see the Ultra Liberal press “trying” to paint Dr. Ben as an “Uncle Tom”, good luck to that! Instead, I can picture Dr. Ben destroying Hillary in every debate. ALL CHRISTIANS should rally behind a “real” Christian candidate that inspires honesty and integrity, instead of that angry shrew, Hillary! Dr. Ben will destroy Hillary over Bengazzi alone. Read his comments about Bengazzi and you’ll get excited about Dr. Ben too!

Urge Dr. Ben Carson to run for the Presidency by signing the petition on RunBenRun.org like I did!

9 years ago

“Let’s see if the Republican Party gets that message as we approach 2016.” Doubtful. *sigh*

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