Former FBI Director Comey’s Bluff Gets Called

FBI building flags America USA ComeyFormer FBI Director James Comey’s long-anticipated testimony before House committees finally took place on Dec. 7, after several weeks of legal wrangling that included a subpoena and a lawsuit.

Comey had spent several weeks demanding that any hearing where he testified must be televised and open to the public. The House committee chairmen responded by issuing a subpoena that compelled Comey to appear, and in response, Comey and his legal team then filed a lawsuit attempting to quash the subpoena.

A compromise was reached when both committees agreed to release a transcript publicly following Comey’s testimony.

After his testimony, Comey told reporters with confidence that when the transcript of the hearing was released, everyone would see he had nothing to hide, and that he was very truthful and honest. The transcript would also show how nothing of any real value was learned from the hearing, and that it was all just a desperate Republican attempt to rehash the Clinton email investigation.

When the actual transcript was released the following day, the testimony drew a very different picture than the one Comey had painted for the media. As it turns out, he was putting on an act—he was bluffing for the cameras.

Clueless and Detached FBI Director

The picture of Comey that emerges from the transcript is incredibly unflattering. He looks like a guy who has no idea what was actually going on at the federal agency he was supposedly in charge of running.

To sum up briefly some things that happened on Comey’s watch that he now insists he knows nothing about:

  1. He claimed to have never read or seen the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page text messages about stopping Donald Trump from becoming president.
  2. He said he didn’t know how the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign got started or who initiated it. He didn’t know in 2016—and testified to Congress on Dec. 7 that he still doesn’t know—how it happened or who started it.
  3. He claimed to have very little knowledge or direct oversight of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, claiming division head Bill Priestap and top agent Peter Strzok were, pretty much, running operations on their own with little or no input from him.
  4. Comey was forced to admit that if the Justice Department (DOJ) or FBI had any actual evidence of a crime by Trump campaign personnel that was used to launch Crossfire Hurricane, he’s completely unaware of what it was.
  5. Comey also stated he’s seen no evidence supporting the narrative that mainstream media have pushed for two years—that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian hackers to steal DNC/Hillary Clinton campaign emails—is true.
  6. Comey admitted he has no idea what ‘collusion’ is, or if it’s even a crime.

A Huge And Fatal Admission

The biggest news to come out of the hearing is that Comey was forced to admit under questioning that DOJ/FBI officials knowingly presented what they knew was an unverified dossier to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

In often convoluted and contradictory answers, Comey insisted to congressmen questioning him that no effort was made to hide from the FISA Court that the so-called “Steele dossier” was a political product created by individuals who were well-compensated by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

That dossier was beyond a doubt politically tainted, and it’s a hot issue of dispute between Republicans and Democrats on these House committees just how much, if at all, the FISC judges were made aware of that before they granted the initial warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and its subsequent renewals.

Several Republican members of the House committees, such as Devin Nunes of California and Mark Meadows of North Carolina, have read the unredacted FISA warrant and claim that information showing the fully political nature of the Steele dossier doesn’t appear in it. This is one of the reasons Republicans are calling on President Donald Trump to declassify the warrant.

It’s an incontrovertible fact that, even at this late point, nobody knows exactly who these shadowy, anonymous Russians were who supposedly supplied former MI6 agent Christopher Steele with “inside information” that formed the basis for the dossier he compiled. How could the dossier be verified by the FBI if Steele’s sources were still completely unknown to the agency at the time it used the dossier at the FISA Court to get its warrant?

When pressed about this question on Dec. 7, the best Comey could do was blather that the dossier was coming from a “trusted source” with a “long track record.”   

As Andrew McCarthy at National Review has been pointing out for months, such a claim to the FISC judge should have been laughed out of the courtroom. Second- and third-hand accounts from anonymous sources don’t even come close to meeting the FISA Court’s high bar for getting a warrant to spy on U.S. citizens.

Despite the brave and confident face he put on when meeting with the media afterward, this hearing was a disaster for Comey—and this was only round one. He’s scheduled to return for more questioning by the committees on Dec. 17.

Bear in mind that the president could declassify and release the FISA warrant at any time. If it should happen in the intervening week before Comey testifies again, that would give Comey even less of an excuse to refuse to answer questions.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Brian Cates

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3 years ago

Comey, the clueless liar.

3 years ago

My question is why isn’t the FISA court judge filing at least contempt of court charges against the people who basically lied to them to get the fake dossier through? This system is so corrupt you have to wonder if there’s any hope of untangling it…

3 years ago

I think it’s hilarious that Comey wanted the hearing to be public — that would have been great because people would finally see how this supposedly intelligent man couldn’t or wouldn’t remember just about anything.

3 years ago

The article mention … and his legal team…
Question : who pay for his legal team. Is he getting the same treatment like Gen. M. Flynn ?

E Grace
3 years ago

It would appear that, given his lack of knowledge as to what is happening in the agency he was supposed to head or that subordinates were allowed to conduct “agency business” without his knowledge or oversight, Mr. Comey was collecting his salary under false pretenses. Either he had no idea of the job description, or lied on his application. As said in another comment, there is a judgment day.

3 years ago

You overlook the obvious…..fisa courts in cahoots with the FBI….all the others we’re.
If I were a judge who had been mislead by what’s supposedly the high legal office of Justice….I would be beyond livid yet you have heard nothing from them….I wonder what that message sends …?

3 years ago

The obvious question is: “Why hasn’t Trump declassified the visa application?” Is it that the end game is to totally destroy the credibility of the establishment by getting them on the record lying before disclosing their duplicity? It’s time has come IMHO.

3 years ago

Never thought I would see this underhanded 3rd world happenings here in the United States of America. The liberals have been indoctrinating our children for decades in the public schools. Conservative ideas, and speech are being driven from our collages. If this trend continues we are destined to be a communist America. God help us.

3 years ago

Please,declassification by the President for total transparency like we’ve been promised

3 years ago

So Comey uses the Obama tactic of “I didn’t know about until I read it in the paper like the rest of you.” Totally inept!

3 years ago

How sad that this is the man that was put in charge of the FBI. The most important law enforcement in our country!! He is such an embarrassment and shameful choice!
A well known liar, a weak ,disgraced man. As is the person that appointed him to that position! This means everything that has been derived from that warrant is to be thrown out and is illegal as it was not legally gotten. The court was lied to and misinformed!! End it now! Exposed!

this is
3 years ago

I firmly believe Comey is delusional as they come! And to think that he wants the general public to see the transcript of his testimony is ridiculous as they will really know then, if they didn’t before, that he is nothing but a pathological liar and he is only embarrassing himself even more so. The very fact that he “couldn’t remember, recall or had any knowledge of” so many things when he was FBI Director, shows how inept he was as the “chief” of the nation’s highest law enforcement office! I think he is toast and that no one can trust him anymore, and it’s no one;s fault but his own…..he did it to himself. For what reason, who knows? And it;s amazing there are dozens of others in similar situations as his, who are as bad, if not worse, than Comey, and they should be rooted out so we can start cleaning up house to usher in a brand new, honest and decent group of patriots who are willing to help our president and who will show their respect for our president at all time and from all levels. The list of names is getting longer and I wonder how many of them are perhaps included in the sealed indictments about ready to be unsealed and the whole truth comes oozing out……it will be like getting pus out of an infected wound, and once that happens, relief will follow.
And anyone who purchases Comey’s book will only be enabling him to promote his propaganda and lies.

Donald Greene
3 years ago

The real question is how did this ill-equipped idiot get the job of Director of the FBI? His continual protests of “I knew nothing” when questioned about the anti-American and criminal actions taken by his underlings (and tacitly if not actually approved by him) bring an unmitigated disgrace down on him and the entire upper echelon of the FBI and the DOJ during his tenure.

He and they need to be subjected to swift and punishing prosecution, as does Hillary Clinton and her band of rogues who were “cleared” of any crimes of their own and complicity in others by this rogue FBI director who, after announcing many of the criminal acts committed by the Clinton dragon, took it upon himself to usurp the role of Attorney General to announce that “no self-respecting prosecutor would charge Mrs. Clinton with a crime because there has been no evidence of intent on her part.” In point of fact, her entire actions clearly demonstrate intent to break the laws of which she was and is guilty, and at least many of those laws don’t even require intent as part of their violation.

It is high time for the Donald Trump witch-hunt to end, and prosecution of the real criminals to commence. As for me, it will take a very long time and considerable regurgitation at the federal agencies in charge of identifying, charging and prosecuting those who commit federal crimes, to garner any respect for those agencies.

3 years ago

Check Muellers pass in Massachusetts winter hill gang case it cost the taxpayers of Massachusetts 100 million dollars for innocent people

Paul Sole
3 years ago

If the entire Democratic party basically plead the 5th or say they don’t remember or recall anything and walk away why can’t everyone being questioned by Mueller say the same thing and walk away???? Screw Mueller and the Democrats he follows and probably paid by…………..

Peter Koteas
3 years ago

We can use logic and the basic element of doing what’s right, yet none of that will reverse the Democrat win of the House that recently happened. The old adage of “preaching to the choir” only makes us feel better as it certainly doesn’t change or alter the left and MSM hatred of President Trump. apparently, the many Americans that are ignorant of facts are happy living as Mushrooms. And that makes for a scary future!

3 years ago

What good do these disclosures make when it changes nothing…no charges brought, no one is fired, Revelations are not as important as them leading to justice and truth, action and actual consequences.

Deef Snith
3 years ago

You knew something stank at the FBI when Comey let Hillary off. What was shocking to see how deep the swamp is. McCabe, Strok, Clapper, Brennan and all the rest of the swamp creatures we do not know about. All these Stalinists should go to jail especially Comey and Hillary, but sadly they will continue to get paid by our taxes.

Kevin Hinkle
3 years ago

As far as Comey goes, he was apart of all 4 of the renewals to the fisc judge. And the fact that he claims he knew nothing about so much showed he is a liar and not only should of been fired but also imprisoned for the lack of doing his job as the FBI director. The way he and his long time friend (Mueller) have set this scandalous special counsel up, is nothing more than Democrat perjury/treason.

G. Giant
3 years ago

Jail for him.
Mueller too.
They are, with a number of others, under the control of the Cointons. Even to this day. Fearful of ARKANCIDE

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