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Equity Attempts to Guarantee Equality of Outcome…Which is Of Course Impossible…

americansPresident Obama wrote a book about the dreams from his father. Those dreams differ greatly from the dreams from my father. But the right to hold and express contrasting beliefs is an integral part of the American Dream.

Americans declared long ago that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle us to the right to express our beliefs freely.

The dreams from my father were passed on to me via many channels. Song selection was one method, although I am certain it was not intentional. I think the songs my dad played after a hard day at work were those that made him feel good. Frank Sinatra could often be heard declaring “I Did it My Way” from our living room stereo, while my father listened with closed eyes from the couch.

The lyrics of that song came to mind a few years ago when my daughter graduated college. She had been job hunting all summer like so many others. Advice was coming at her from all directions. That song’s message of personal responsibility going hand in hand with personal choice popped into my head as I tried to give some helpful advice to my daughter on how to deal with so much good intentioned advice from others.

Our president saw the worth of putting forth the dreams from his father. We too must pass on to the next generation the dreams from our fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, some who were born Americans, many who were not. The vast majority of people who came to America dreamed of living in a nation where individuals could pursue their happiness in a land of liberty. That was the American Dream, and still is to many, but I am fearful that we are witnessing a redefinition of the American Dream.

The new definition of the American Dream is rooted in envy, not freedom. The new definition has a collective nature, rather than one of individuality. Before the new American Dream replaces the original, Americans and those who wish to become Americans, must speak out about the American Dream that is individual freedom and a chance to pursue goals of one’s own choosing.

Too many messages directed at Americans today are of victimization and unfairness. Too many politicians want us to turn to government for solutions, instead of looking to ourselves. We are being led to believe that the American Dream is a guarantee of some sort from the government, not a chance to freely pursue our goals. With that chance of success comes a chance of failure. But failure is not an end result, it is only a misstep. In America we are free to get up and try again.

The dreams from my father, mother and grandparents were dreams of equal opportunity, not of government guarantees. This is just common sense. How could any government guarantee all its people equality of outcome?

A few years ago a short story my daughter was reading for English class led to our discussing living under the control of a government that tried to bring about equal outcome for all its citizens. Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., explores the notion of a nation that has tried to guarantee outcomes. It is a world most of us would not want to live in. In the world portrayed in Vonnegut’s story, no one is allowed to excel. Everyone must be equal. So if there is a gifted ballerina, she must be weighted down so she is not seen as a better dancer than anyone else. People are hindered from thinking their own thoughts because earphones flood their brains with static.

My interest piqued; I wanted to know more about the author’s political views. I was surprised to learn Mr. Vonnegut had socialist leanings. I suppose even socialists understand government guaranteed equal outcomes can lead to less than desirable outcomes. Maybe there is hope that big government supporters can be convinced that there are real dangers of an overreaching government.

I believe most American’s dreams from their fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers are more in tune with “I Did it My Way” than with the mode of Harrison Bergeron’s world which was, “We must do it their Way”. The dreams from our founding fathers were of a nation as far from tyrannical rule as was possible without falling into anarchy. We must wake up and recount the American Dream of maximum personal responsibility being necessary to uphold maximum freedom and pass it on to the next generation before that dream is lost in our slumber.

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World”. Read her blog series “Statues: The People They Salute” and visit the Facebook Page.

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1 year ago

Well thought out and well written. So much of this article articulates what most Americans at one time believed. Today’s ‘groupthink” and “wokefulness” appear to be the new norm. We should get back to the roots of our national character.

1 year ago

I tend to think in simple, concrete terms and have spent most of my life building things. A simple analogy this:
Any time someone builds a floor (guaranteed minimum results), the next step is to build a roof to protect it. So if you can’t fail, you also can’t achieve beyond the set limit.

Cindy l Arnold
1 year ago

Great article even a very liberal friend of mine said it was well written and all true

russ vara
1 year ago

i do not believe the massive problem america faces is whether “i did it my way” vs “i did their way”.rather,america has forgotten to do it “God’s Way”.

1 year ago

i believe the gov can make outcomes equal and, as this article discussed, that comes from everyone failing. China cultural revolution/maoism tried and was successful in killing millions and making life miserable for all but the gov elite. NOW, the communists work hard to make everyone equal (poor) except for the gov elite. Socialism always picks the few winners who will take from the large number of losers. The dem knows exactly what they are doing and what the results will be. Unfortunately, they have learned from this election how easy it is to fraudulently control elections and then the people.

Margarita Matlis
2 years ago

I agree with Dinesh, and Barry and Frank Sinatra, especially his last stance:
For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and NOT THE WORDS OF ONE WHO KNEELS!
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

Cheers to Dinesh for his persistence! For his fighting character! I think we on the “other side” of the Left should become MORE ACTIVE! We should show publicly what we believe in, for example, carry buttons, scarfs, any symbols that say I am a PATRIOT, I believe in FREE SPEECH, I believe in THE CONSTITUTION, I believe in THE LAW, and most importantly, I believe in EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! And of course, NO TO SOCIALISM!!! Yes to CAPITALISM! Past them on our cars!! I do, but don’t see anyone else doing it!!! The left is very brutally active, carry their own symbols, while we are quiet, say nothing, do nothing.

James Hamidy
1 year ago

You are 100% right I walk around with a support the blue flag on my hat. And American flag stickers on my truck. If anyone objects to that their not Americans!!

Barry Courtnay
2 years ago

Welcome to the New Reset. I have wonderful memories of my youth. If people want to keep History alive we need to write down the facts as we were taught. There’s a movement to take most if not all history away from the youth growing up in the upcoming generations. That’s why statues are coming down. History is being lost. I come from the North. I lived in Florida for quite a few years. To take the history of the south away would be criminal. Their fathers, grandfather, great-great-grandfathers did what they were taught right or wrong it’s still part of history. If the Elite gets their way we will all be put in categories. So if you are young and have many years that you can work and provide a service they will pay you so much money. The less you know the less you will be worth. Is this the American Dream you want for your kids or grandkids? Research the New Reset come to your own conclusions.

2 years ago

Very good article. Here’s a slightly different perspective on why we are where we are at today: Just like we learned from what we heard from our parents and our environment growing up (music, values, what was taught in school, etc.), those of the younger generations also learned from what they were exposed to.

Unfortunately, most of our generation took a hands-off attitude when it came to checking exactly what was being taught in public schools. In essence, most of our generation was asleep at the switch for the last 50 years. The common refrain being heard was always something along the lines of “I / We have to work. So I have to rely on whatever the teacher is teaching.” or “When I / We get home from work, I’m too tired to talk or review what my child learned in class.” The assumption by the majority of our generation was that their children were being educated properly and that parental involvement wasn’t needed all that much. Fatal mistake to say the least. We we all know the old saying for when you assume something.

The reality is that the left has been using most colleges and universities as glorified socialist indoctrination centers since the late 50s to early 60s. Public education in K through 12 took a decidedly leftward lean after the Department of Education was created by Nixon as an olive branch to the Democrats. They used it like any socialist entity would, if given the opportunity. Control of public education quickly shifted from locally controlled to federal mandates from D.C.. The DOE quickly shifted from being about education to being about re-education of the nation’s youth. With a focus on promoting favorable views of socialist ideals and a denigration of history, critical thinking skills and what we refer to generally as American values necessary for a productive, growing society. Think of it as terraforming the mindset of America to reflect a desired outcome much more favorable to an eventual socialist United States. Hitler tried it in the 1930s with the Hitler Youth Movement. The old Soviet Union and communist China essentially followed the same model in their own countries.

Well 50 years later, what you have now in the United States is two whole generations of youth that have been programmed to view socialism in a much more favorable light than capitalism. They DO WANT government to give them everything. They are envious of anyone who has more than them and think it is only right for the government to take from others and re-distribute it to them. They DO WANT all the tenets of socialism enacted in the United States and they vote accordingly. The wake up call to our generation is about 50 years too late. We now have a country with two diametrically opposing sets of values that have no real common ground.

2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Thanks, PaulE, for your honest and fierce assessment of our predicament.

Growing up, I was not as interested in history as I was in the sciences, but I’ll never forget my 7th grade world history teacher’s ‘energetic’ presentation of the subject. Mr. Risetto expected us to laser-focus on the facts, and we scribbled in our 3 notebooks (the colors of the flag, of course, and I can still remember how they smelled) all those terms, names, events, and how they related to America and to us. Now, that was an education! If I could thank him, I would.

None of the K-12 teachers in my children’s schools came close to that level of dedication. If they had not been obligated to keep track of stupid stuff teachers are required to keep track of, if they had shared a deeper understanding of their subjects, and if they had been less confined to what the school board mandated, we could have been looking at an entirely different outcome. Public sector unions should be banned!

This country is experiencing growing pains; it always will. Just as broken bones heal stronger, I am optimistic that, after making perhaps a few more mistakes, America will come around to appreciate, once again, the beauty of limited government.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Hi Kim,

The idea that somehow, if we make a few more tragic mistakes or the country experiences some economic upheaval triggered by any one of the many known bad socialist policies we are likely to enact in the near future, that America will somehow “wake up” and demand a return to limited government honestly defies logic. Let me explain why.

For your scenario to play out, the left in this country would have had to have been properly educated at some point in their lives and have both the knowledge and appreciation for constitutionally conservative values buried within them somewhere. Well guess what, they weren’t. They didn’t get educated properly and then had all this socialist blather heaped on top of that. They just received the socialist indoctrination from Day One to whenever they left school. The MSM reinforces those ideals on a daily basis. So there is no hidden wellspring of conservative knowledge to draw from.

Their perspectives are centered around socialism and that more and ever larger government is the answer to just about any problem they encounter in their lives. They are victims, in one form or another, and government is the answer. That is not my view by the way. That is literally what hundreds of Millennials and Gen Z’ers have told me over the years. There is no buried and untapped knowledge and appreciation for constitutionally conservative values. So there is NOTHING to wake up to when the inevitable socialist great mistake happens in the United States. Their reflex reaction will be identical to the reaction in most other socialist countries around the world: They will be enraged and demand even more and greater government intervention into everything to correct the problem. They will NOT “wake up” as you and unfortunately many others of our generation seem to think will happen.

Think of socialism as a sort of religion if you will. In many ways, socialism shares many traits of a religion. The all-powerful, enlightened socialist government is essentially their god. Government bureaucrats are not ordinary people, but instead must be enlightened elites possessing some superior knowledge yet unknown to the common man. Government is the source from which all rights and benefits flow. Not God or nature as expressed in the Constitution. Government decides what is right and wrong and a socialist government is never wrong. If something fails, the fault lies elsewhere.

Only one side has been fighting this war of ideals for the last 50 years and it hasn’t been our side. We hope while they do. They scream and demand loudly and many on our side choose to retreat. Eventually you run out of territory to retreat to. That is the reason the overton window of political ideals in this country has been consistently shifting to the left during that entire time. Only two Presidents in our lifetimes have ever stood up and forcibly pushed back: Reagan and Trump. Both were despised by the left, because they dared to fight back with actions and not mere empty words. The American people should have learned from both of them that actions matter as much or more than just “hoping it all works out”, but sadly very few actually did.

Last edited 2 years ago by PaulE
Diana Erbio
2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

We the People must not give up and surrender our liberty! We must continue to speak up for individual freedom and spread our history and the foundation of our government that is rooted in the U.S. Constitution. Yes, there is a strong current against individual freedom, but as Thomas Jefferson wrote… “The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave.” We must not give up the ship of liberty!

2 years ago
Reply to  Diana Erbio

I’m NOT advocating surrender. Never have and never will. What I am saying is that WE must do more than just talk. The Democrats do more than talk. They follow up their talk with actions. I am NOT advocating the kind of violent protests that have become the hallmark of so many groups associated and affiliated with the Democrat Party or its support groups. Those violent protests are designed to intimidate the populace, NOT garner support from those that disagree with them.

We could do targeted boycotts, as the Democrats do regularly, of companies who support the policies the Democrats are espousing. Money talks louder, in the case of withholding it on a large scale, than simply writing a letter to the CEO of XYZ corporation. We have to demonstrate that there is a tangible cost to companies backing groups like BLM, ANTIFA and others.

If you happen to live in a state or district where you have a Democrat Congressman or Senator, writing a letter or e-mail or even making a phone call to them yields you nothing but a form letter response 99.9 percent of the time. WE are not who voted for these people and they know it as soon as you mention one Democrat policy or action you object to. On the other hand really funding a fiscally conservative Republican challenger, if you can get the local Republican party to get off the stick to put up someone other than whoever happens to be usual empty suit, does make those Democrat incumbent VERY nervous. That then become a real threat to their cushy Washington job.

There are other things we could do to make our presence not only felt, but to more effectively push back against against the leftist infrastructure. Simply just repeating we’re for individual freedom and the Constitution, with no other follow on actions, isn’t going to move the needle. That is what I was endeavoring to get across.

The reason I referenced the overton window to Kim was that look at how far leftward the definition of “moderate” or “centrist” as moved in just the last 20 years. Let alone the last 30 or 50 years. That was accomplished largely by the Democrats actually following up their talk with ACTION. That is something that we, as a party, have lacked for far too long. We’re not going to talk, hope or pray the socialist movement in this country away. That has never worked in any country where socialism has taken a strong foothold. I realize that that may too real for some folks to hear, but that doesn’t change the reality that we must address.

Last edited 2 years ago by PaulE
Diana Erbio
2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Talking to each other and spreading the beliefs we hold is action, and each individual can do that each day.

2 years ago
Reply to  Diana Erbio

I guess we just have to agree to disagree on the subject. Which is fine by the way. That is still the beauty of this country as opposed to how speech is treated elsewhere in the world. It is just that I have yet to see or read of any country on this planet that has successfully thrown off the disease of socialism or communism solely through talk alone. It’s always taken more concrete steps than just that.

2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

But Donald Trump did follow up his talk with action. That’s why I’m more optimistic. (But then, I’m also very patient.) We’ve had a taste of how everyone benefits when government policies enable the private sector to expand and hire employees, and to prosper. Government wins with greater tax revenues, and companies win with better income and fewer regulations. Yes, the socialists despise Trump and Reagan for daring to not fail miserably.

I do think many will see the light and “walk away” from the dems. Slowly, granted. When my CA relatives see that their taxes are going to increase substantially, we’ll have that conversation. One is already preparing to move out of the state.

Socialists have always “nudged” the people closer to their policies. Giant leaps wouldn’t have worked (Overton), so maybe we should take notes. But the R party needs to put something in motion now instead of waiting for the next election. And, of course, the socialists eventually will run out of the people’s money.

Some of us already boycott companies, many of us write to our congressmen and governors. It’s time for us to find those potential candidates for future elections, and get their names out there. We have to start grooming them for success, including supporting them financially. That’s the kind of action we need to take. What else do you suggest?

Last edited 2 years ago by Kim
1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

Something we can do if we have the skills and contacts is to reach out to blacks and Hispanics/Latinos and try to turn them Republican. Why they always vote Democrat is a mystery to me. Most do not know the true history of the Democratic party. These groups have much more in common with Republicans, love of God and country. Maybe they will start realizing that since Democrats are making it pretty clear how much they despise Christianity.

1 year ago

Many of us ‘minorities’ are Republicans (or lean Libertarian?) especially business owners and college grads, but we need to see a LOT more REAL PEOPLE – decently-educated, common sense ‘non-white’ candidates and supporters of all ‘colors’ who publicly AFFIRM family values and true equality/justice (yes, under God) while showing respect for all human beings, whether they’re US citizens, legal residents or others (as long as serious/violent criminals are dealt with promptly).

We need honest people who know that govt is NOT ‘supposed’ to be involved in EVERYTHING and who are not planning to become ‘career’ (or ‘cookie-cutter’) politicians to run for office in key blue states asap. They have to be well-prepared AND equipped to fill city and county positions so they can move on to state legislatures and governorships, as well as Congress and the US Senate.

We ALL need to stop using nasty and man-made labels like the ones the Dems use to stoke division based on ‘identity’ and ‘race’, which is actually the remnants of ‘old time’ TRIBAL prejudices (often found within the same ‘race’, right?) – as human beings, we should be able to overcome the nastiness and negativity with real dialogue between neighbors, co-workers, in churches, etc. This is what should have been a real effort since at least GW Bush’s term in the White House. I believe he tried and was sorry he couldn’t get any support for immigration reform and PRO-LIFE policies that respect women, men and ALL their children.

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