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Eight Questions House GOP Should Answer About January 6

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn

January 6
State guards and MPDC Police officers protecting and trying to disperse crowds in front of the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021 in Washington, DC.

For nearly two years, Democrats have used the highly partisan January 6 Committee to harass former President Trump and prominent Republicans and to slander conservatives at large as “domestic terrorists,” all while deliberately ignoring the biggest questions about what really happened on January 6. With Republicans taking back control of the House in a just a few weeks, here are eight vital questions that Americans deserve to have answered.

How many undercover government agents were in the crowd on January 6?

At a House Homeland Security Committee hearing in November, U.S. Rep Clay Higgins (R-LA) asked FBI Director Christopher Wray point-blank if the bureau had undercover agents in the crowd on January 6. Wray refused to answer, saying that he can’t comment on the matter. Look for House Republicans to continue pressing this line of inquiry in hearings next year.

Could the FBI and other federal agencies have done a better job of preventing the riot?

According to The New York Times, there were at least 8 known FBI informants embedded in the Proud Boys group in the months leading up to January 6, including at least one individual with access to a top leader in the group. If, as is alleged in court filings against some members of the group, these men had plans to attack the Capitol, why did the FBI not move earlier to quash the scheme.

What was the role of Ray Epps?

Conservative media and prominent members of the House and Senate, such as Ted Cruz, have asked pointed questions about a man named Ray Epps, who was caught on tape urging protestors to enter the Capitol. Yet Epps has apparently not been charged, leading many on the right to question what the true nature of his role was that day. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), among other Republicans, has called for an explanation, and may finally get one when the GOP takes back the gavel.

Why was the U.S. Capitol complex not secure?

In a recent letter to Bennie G. Thompson, Chair of the Democrat-run January 6 Committee, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote: “Although your Committee’s public hearings did not focus on why the Capitol complex was not secure on January 6, 2021, the Republican majority in the 118th Congress will hold hearings that do so.”

It is undeniable that many Capitol Police officers and DC police acted heroically on January 6. Yet there are still troubling questions about leadership decisions that day. For instance, why was the Capitol Police not operating at full staff? Moreover, Capitol Police are seen on video letting hundreds into the Capitol with no protest, bumping fists with protestors, and allegedly opening Capitol doors for their entry.

Why have some January 6 cases been treated differently than others?

Last year, Revolver News noticed a pattern after meticulous study of charging documents that “in many cases the unindicted co-conspirators appear to be much more aggressive and egregious participants in the very so-called ‘conspiracy’ serving as the basis for charging those indicted.”

As a corollary to the line of questioning about Ray Epps, House Republicans will likely look into whether there were systematic discrepancies in prosecution that denied equal application of law. If indeed there was, this would suggest that the “investigation and prosecution of the Capitol breach” as the “largest in American history” has been deeply infected by political motivation.

Who were the anonymous “sources” telling the New York Times that Officer Sicknick was killed by a fire extinguisher?

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick tragically passed away from a blood clot and a stroke shortly after the January 6 riot. But on January 8, the New York Times reported that, according to “two law enforcement officials,” Officer Sicknick was “struck” in the head “with a fire extinguisher.” “With a bloody gash in his head, Mr. Sicknick was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support,” the story went on.

But that was not true. Sicknick had texted his brother on the night of January 6th to let him know he was “in good shape” except for being pepper-sprayed. Months later, it was finally revealed that Sicknick died of natural causes. But by the time the New York Timesupdated” its story, the narrative that supporters of President Trump were murderers had been blasted across airwaves and the lie was repeated endlessly in the televised January 6 Committee hearings. How this false narrative started and why it was allowed to spread unchecked for so long will likely be of interest to the new GOP House majority.

Why do we still not know who planted the RNC and DNC pipe bombs?

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was inside the DNC headquarters on January 6 when what has been described as a pipe bomb was discovered on the premises. Around the same time, another device was discovered at the RNC. Yet nearly two years later, the Committee has produced no further information on who is responsible, and this seemingly central event was scarcely mentioned (if it was mentioned at all) in the Committee hearings.

Why have tapes from Capitol security cameras not been released?

Capitol police reportedly provided more than 14,000 hours of footage from January 6 to lawmakers. Yet only a fraction of those tapes have been released publicly. Earlier this year, several House Republicans called for the release of all the video, only to be ignored by the Committee. But with the GOP taking charge, the full library of footage may finally be released.


If the goal of the January 6 Committee truly is, as Pelosi said last year, to “seek the truth,” then Liz Cheney and company have fallen woefully short of their goal. Republicans have a chance in the next Congress to get to the bottom of what really happened, and getting answers to these eight questions should be where they start.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.  

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2 months ago

As humans we have repeatedly showed ourselves as unbelievably naïve. Who in their right mind would have believed that storming the capital was the right thing to do? Protesting, yes but violently storming the capital to do structural and human harm – I don’t think so. I don’t believe the majority of the people who got caught up in their emotions meant to do anything wrong. But all too often you are judged by the people you are with and the bad people they were with played them like a drum. They set up a lot of good patriotic people to take the fall. It shouldn’t have happened.

Bill true
3 months ago

This is admittedly a political movement by the democrat party and two defunct republicans. There for, by law, the Republican Party should get equal tv and radio time to repudiate the remarks of the kangaroo Jan 6 committee.

3 months ago

Anyone with the IQ of a grape could answer these questions. Democrats, and Democrat operatives like the FBI

Joyce Folk
3 months ago

Why would Republicans close down the representatives speaking out about the stolen election? Why did Pelosi not accept protection of the capital building? Why were the”insurrectionists” not armed if they were trying to take over the government?As reported, why did police open up doors and let people walk in?Nothing makes sense except that Pelosi and FBI planned the whole thing to blame it on Trump and spread fear among MAGA patriots and spread propaganda that it was an insurrection and ultimately “get Trump” and they are still trying to do this!

3 months ago

I believe it’s somewhere beyond obvious that the FBI instigated and on some level participated in the riot, including the pipe bombs. If the Proud Boys really wanted to blow up the place, they would have done better. Pelosi, in all her frustration over the failed attempts at a coup through impeachment on fabricated charges, needed a new angle of attack on Trump and the entire MAGA movement. National guard presence would have spoiled the set-up. Ray Epps is a Fed and will never be prosecuted unless or until the entire sham is blown wide open. The shooting of Ashley Babbitt was supposed to escalate the violence for extra drama, but didn’t really cause as much mayhem as expected. The majority of the people inside were non-violent and confused after being waved in by uniformed persons on the steps outside. Withholding surveillance video will keep the planted actors hidden from scrutiny. This was, perhaps, the most successful false flag event in American history insomuch as the minimal casualties and the so far successful obstruction of any investigation of a very questionable election! The January 6th committee, (select in only the commitment to keep the lid on the real story), has been working hard to ensure the coverup goes well and the forever prisoners rotting in the crusty DC jail are there to remind us what happens to people who dare raise a finger against the cabal!

Dave Varwig
3 months ago

Ironic that legacy media were not asking these questions from Day One instead of focusing only on Trump’s purported role as the inciter-in-chief.

Sheila Bailey
3 months ago

If anyone hasn’t…please watch “The Trump Prophecy”….it was 4 years before he ran…and its a true story…

Daniel Saunders
3 months ago

A glaring question that needs to be answered and to my knowledge has never been asked is who had the most to gain from the riot at the Capitol? It certainly wasn’t Trump. You find the person or persons to whom that apples, and you will find the real culprets. I have my opinion as to who that might be and it’s the very person that organized the so-called Jan 6 commission. People have willingly accepted the lies from the media that covered the events of Jan 6, and no-one asked why that after nearly 4 years of fabricated reporting against Trump, all of a sudden would they be telling the truth.Not only was Jan 6 reporting an extension of the lies that the media had been spouting for 4 years, but the content was pure stupidity. The reasons given that Trump deserved to be impeached 1) because he claimed that the election was stolen from him. Has anyone heard of free speech. Right or wrong about the steal, he had the 1st amendment right to say it. I am only going to say that cheaters cheat and liars lie, and they were given license to do so by being allowed to vote by mail without documentation that they were actually alive and were qualified to vote. 2) the riot was Trump’s attempt at a coup. I am not a military man, and even I know, any attempt at a coup that stands even a chance of success requires a heavily armed force to pull it off, not less than 200 with only a few armed with knives and clubs. Only an idiot would try such a thing and only an idiot would believe that Trump would try. 3) 40% of Trump supporters were in agreement with the breach. It was estimated that ~300k of Trump’s most staunch supporters were in DC at the time. So, if the media’s claim was true, 120k would have breached the Capitol, not less than 200.

3 months ago

Being nice and legal is not the road to truth and victory. Our enemy is pushing as much as possible against Trump to delay their loss of power and maybe prison. Giving your enemy a better choice than continue fighting May result in dems that want to tell the truth about inside workings than face prison. Easy to find answers when you ask the questions. Another delay against Trump that only buys time for them .. Mearan federal prison has openings and “big Claud awaits for Schiff.

3 months ago

Heads should roll for all the injustice and unconstitutional acts with no due process of the law. I would clean house of the corrupt law enforcement agencies along with every representative in congress for such a bias, corrupt, unethical acts and call them for their impeachment! But I’ve lost my faith and trust government and it will turn out as a lot of pomp and circumstance more investigations from a corrupt judicial and law enforcement agencies and waste of taxpayers money. How can Satan cast out Satan??!!

Ray Hensley
3 months ago

I believe President Trump has opened the eyes of America as to how low our actual government has become and the corruption over the years, not only in the Demoncrats but Replicans as well, there were groups in both parties that did not want the exposure and united against our leader using “Fake News” and derogatory statements to undermine his accomplishments. We realized that all of this in day one” of for the new beneficiaries resulting from all of the shenanigans. The negative changes day one that has taken us down.

I am convinced President Trump was truly looking out for all Americans during his fours years of battle! Battles with economy, foreign country issues were minor compared to the major battles he faced within our own countrymen disguised as politicians, both friends and foes, trying to save face from their political failures and deeds from public exposure to Americans!

As long as we hold GOD as our creator we will endure those godless wolves cloaked with politicians clothes looking only for self satisfaction and not us Americans! USA!

3 months ago

How is it that past proof of wrongdoing on Trump has now been shown to have been fabricated and yet people still aren’t following the proof? They still aren’t asking questions, why are so many of our fellow Americans so dumb? I want the news companies held accountable every last one of them for the lies they have propagated on the American people! And I so want all of the Republicans in the house and senate that threw Republican patriots under the bus, that defame true patriots because we see through their BS

John Samples
3 months ago

I agree. How can we ignore the obvious atrocities of the Clinton regime and the dealings of the Biden’s and let them walk away?

3 months ago
Reply to  John Samples

You left out one glaring error, Obama was the catalyst for the greatest fraud in American history, He continues to destroy our republic to this day from his perch .

3 months ago

It is beyond sickening the way that Trump has been harassed! Will we ever know the truth about everyone else? Hillary is still on the loose and we have yet to get any answers about her actions! Everyone that ever came forward about her committed suicide! How is that even possible and not the FBI or any government agency investigated any of this! Yet they have still tried twice to convict Trump of something, anything that would keep him from running again, and they have failed! Miserably! And here it starts again! I won’t even listen to the garbage anymore! I’m sick of it!

Truc Nguyen
3 months ago
Reply to  Tammy

Yes, Tammy. All of us, who are real patriots already sick and tired of the “unselected” J6 Commitee. Our whole families (about 20 people) quit watching their plots for quite some time already.

3 months ago

All major questions that the American people need answers to! Will we ever know the answers?

suzanne H
3 months ago

every single J6er should be released immediately as they have not received a trial but were instead put on display for the unselect committee own sick entertainment and political prosecution and we all know it. they had ANTIFA in place to instigate it all with the help of nasty nancy and capitol “murdering” police, the real insurrectionists who need to be publicly mocked, put on trial, on display for all to see while they are tried and convicted and put UNDER the jail, execution style.

David Millikan
3 months ago

Want to know why democrats Wasted My Tax Dollars on an Illegal and Unconstitutional committee that has NO Legal or Constitutional Authority?

3 months ago

Great questions that need answers ASAP, while at the same time correcting the evil and destructive policies of the last 2 years. Investigate all the corruption and lies of the last 2 years, and still try to make us energy independent again, give parents back the right to speak up on behalf of their children, protect all judges without partiality, restore the freedoms of the Bill of rights, and so much more. About January 6th, we were visiting in another state at the time and while watching news in our hotel room, we saw and heard an Antifa sympathizer on Fox admit to being with a group that could identify each other by wearing MAGA hats backwards as they infiltrated the Trump sympathizers to urge them on towards the Capitol building; and we also saw the Capitol police welcome the “so-called insurrectionists” into the building and thought that was odd. I don’t believe anyone should have broken into the building- we want to be better than the opposition. But I believe the opposition also had a planned part in the activities of this day to detract from dishonest voting practices.To all of our Republican senators and representatives- get some guts, get some backbone, and stand for this great country built upon God and upon certain freedoms or help the Democrats destroy and lose our country; but don’t do it in a way that resembles their hate filled and dishonest methods.

zoe frost
3 months ago

There is absolute proof FBI agents and their cohorts were imbedded in the crowd. We’ve had more proof FBI traitors, prior to January 6, were embedded in conservative groups. Here’s the thing – there were never plans to attack the Capitol, so there was no scheme for FBI to quash.

If the partisan sham committee evil, deranged traitors to our Republic, who HATE with every fiber of their evil traitorous beings their nemesis, PRO-REPUBLIC, AMERICA FIRST President Trump and anyone who smartly, rightly supports freedom/opportunities/Constitution and Trump, would release the tapes DAMNING the corrupt FBI and assorted anarchist DemoncRats, and EXONORATING peaceful protestors, the truth would set those denied their Constitutional rights, imprisoned by deranged, lying, expletive TRAITORS, free.

3 months ago

Epoch News featured a full, uncut video of exactly what happened on “Jan.6th”. This video was taken directly from the Capitol building! What the lying, sociopathic left is screeching is nothing but flat out lies, BS and other “words”. The video may still be available. One truth that was made clear in this nest of lies from the desperate demorats…the woman Vet, Ashly was UNARMED and trying to stop the vandalism done by the masked instigators. The so-called guard who shot and killed her admitted he saw no gun!!
The uncut, uncensored video tells the whole true story of this evil and deadly day promulgated by the leftist, un-American demorats and their paid for thugs dressed in “capitol cop” costumes along with 5 masked individuals who were egging on the violence in the Capitol building…5 who ‘melted’ into the crowd as the violence (and at least 2 deaths of innocent people) increased…these thugs had no doubt done what they’d been paid to do…

jun i
3 months ago
Reply to  Denise

The january 6 video is still available. Search for Josh Philipp. The video is featured in Crossroads, which is hosted by Josh Philipp. See also, Epoch TV.

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