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Democrats’ Latest Lie: Claim Republicans Will Take Social Security Away From Anyone With a Pension, IRA, 401K, or Veterans Benefits


Democratic operatives are worried about the November elections and are rolling out an old strategy to stop the bleeding: lie about Republicans’ plans for Social Security. Their liberal allies on social media are quickly sharing doctored images of Republicans’ Commitment to America (the real Commitment to America is available here) that says the party will “Make Social Security solvent by eliminating double-dipping.” A claim made nowhere in the actual document published by House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The fake image being shared on social media

The doctored image goes further to say any retiree “who have a pension, IRAs, 401k, disabled veteran benefits will be ineligible for Social Security benefits. Raise the age for Medicare eligibility to 75 and eligibility ends for anyone over the age of 90. Tax Disable Veteran benefits. Tax employer sponsored [sic] health care plans.”

Let me be clear, nowhere in the Commitment to America is there a plan to cut Social Security benefits for any seniors, change Medicare eligibility, or add new taxes.

Some social media users are now claiming the “screenshot” is from the original version of the document and has since been deleted. However, the deception becomes even more obvious when the image is looked at closer, there are areas where the image has been photoshopped to remove previous text with white boxes and lines covering the background image. Look at the white box on the right side of the second and third paragraphs, clearly covering up the original text to make this fake text. Additionally, the font used on the image is different from the font used by the official website.

Democrats are also failing to talk about the major issue that will impact Social Security in a decade. As the Social Security trust fund is depleted it will move to a cash basis, meaning it can only pay out benefits equal to the tax revenues coming in, a roughly 23% benefit cut for every senior on Social Security. Doing nothing guarantees a cut to seniors, if Republicans are able to re-take Congress, it is the perfect opportunity to pass bipartisan reforms like the Social Security Guarantee that protect current seniors, encourage saving for future retirees, and made modest adjustments to the program to make it relevant to today’s realities.

I encourage all AMAC members to be vigilant on social media to look for lies like this one and feel free to share this article to bring truth to the surface.

Bob Carlstrom is the President of AMAC Action.

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El Ey
6 months ago

It’s the day after election and it seems like the evil democrats will mostly still be in power. I’m saddened but, I just kept telling myself that this is temporary. Probably 2024 will have a better outcome for us conservatives??? I’ll keep on praying and will always hope that our country will not become a third world country or become a communist country.
May God bless us all.

7 months ago

Another example of the DemocRats charging negative falsehoods about something they are guilty for.

7 months ago

Typical politics……the Dems are scared to death. They are going to lose their allowance and power. They are evil, evil, evil. Vote next Tuesday for Reps. It’s life or death.

7 months ago

Oh good grief. Is this our first election ? For FIFTY years, the dims always….always….
always say before any 2 year election: “the repubs are going to take away your SS” So now
after 50 years we still have SS. This BS must work for the dims because they always bring it up.
Next week’s BS line will be : “the repubs are engaged in a war on women”. LIke SS, it happens in every election season. Take it to the bank

7 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

Yeah and the majority mainstream media with few exceptions will continue publicize the DemocRats false flags as if they were noteworthy,

7 months ago

Joe Biden since he was a Senator has tried to end Social Security. Vote on November 8th to begin the move to end the insanity of Communism.

7 months ago
Reply to  Jeanette

Joe Biden is up to snuff on how to make Communism work best for the top echelon of the DemocRat Party. Put the elderly at risk and they can be more easily swayed to support the DemocRats politically. And the elderly knows that the Biden Communistic DemocRat Party in power is not what is best as it serves the people.

Truc Nguyen
7 months ago

Thank you so much for your help to expose the lies of despaired Democrats before Nov. 8 election. It’s appreciated very much.

7 months ago
Reply to  Truc Nguyen


Richard Mitchell
7 months ago

Here we go again! This SAME tactic from the Left. They have been trying this same one for many election cycles, and it has NEVER been true… So tired of these same lies from the Left… WHY can’t the Left/Right run solely on a campaign platform. WHY do they HAVE TO RESORT to these kinds (Lies) of scare tactics. Are their platforms so weak/non-existent? Do they have NOTHING of their own to offer? WHY MUST THEY LIE?

7 months ago

The democrats have taken away social security through inflation!

7 months ago

Why are people of a different political position being attacked??? You should really ask why does a law enforcement officer conside.suspension ,arrest, jail, and prison when defending the public or …

Joel Keller
7 months ago

You can tell the document is fake by the poor quality of the language in it. Republicans speak more coherently than what’s in this.

Alfred Henneberger
7 months ago

This has happened before. Waaaay back in the 1990s, I overheard two women talking in a laundromat that the Republicans would stop paying out Social Security if they got in office. The two decided to have planned elective surgery before the end of the year ‘just in case.’ Sadly, at least two people believed the ploy. I’m sure there will be those who believe it this time around too.

7 months ago

Lying liars lie. It’s what the Bolsheviks, I mean Democrats do.

7 months ago


7 months ago

Just read that person campaigning for Rubio was attacked by 4-people in Florida Sunday night, and person was hospiialized with serious injuries. What is wrong with people in this country & I hope the attackers are put away so they do not do this again. And both Democrats & Republicans must quit making comments that encourage people to attack others that do not agree with them.

7 months ago

Okay, but would like an explanation of what Trump planned on doing to Social Security if elected in 2020. During his term, he deferred payments to FICA in 2019 for people that chose to do so & said if reelected, he might forgive these….and that he would roll SS funds in to General Fund. Why would this be good for Social Security as it appears to me that this would be another way for Govt. to not repay funds they have borrowed from this separate fund. If left as is, estimate is SS will be funded until 2034. Do not let either party roll this into the General Fund , which is increasing our Fed Debt by Trillions during the last 13-years.

Philip Hammersley
7 months ago
Reply to  johnh

There is NO social security fund. It’s a bunch of IOUs and we have to trust (?) that the government will not renege on us!

7 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Inflation is a crafty DemocRat Commie trick to apply hiden taxes at a level that would restrain their (DemocRat Party’s) secret plans for spending. If you want to curtail inflation, force government to live within the means of their direction taxation income. One way is a solid Constitutional amendment requiring spending withing the limits of income. … Balanced Budget Amendment.

7 months ago

Never underestimate the ability of Democrats to lie, cheat, and steal.

Lisa Robinson
7 months ago

The Fake Commitment to American is a Democrat wish-list. I believe the Dems would love to raise the age limit for Social Security. Retirees with a pension have already received SS cuts so this is not a future threat – it has already happened. Probably courtesy of the Democrats who claim they love everybody.

Judi Carroll
7 months ago

If it weren’t for lies, Democrats would have NO arguments at all.

Duluth Tom
7 months ago

Boy, are the Dems pulling out all the old scares. SS cuts. Medicare cuts. Make same sex marriage illegal. What else? Take the right to vote away from women and minorities? Evil white males…..

7 months ago

The Demo_rats are the only party that has messed with Social Security. Under LBJ and his D controlled Congress, SSA funds were moved from a secure, dedicated fund to the General Fund and spent long ago. Under BJ Clinton and a D-R split Congress, SSA benefits became taxable income; VP Algore cast the deciding vote. SSA “funds” now held by the Treasury are but IOU’s (promises to pay). As the ratio of workers paying into SSA to those receiving benefits continues to shrink, it may very well eventually reach a point where it will no longer work actuarially; as such, reforms are necessary. Today, we essentially have a system of transfer payments; whereby workers pay into SSA and those dollars are then paid out to beneficiaries.

6 months ago
Reply to  Golfhoncho

The first taxes on SS at 50 percent came from Reagan the 85 percent came from Clinton. Both parties are clueless. Rick Scott and several other senators have said SS,Medicare should be funded annually or not at all

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