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education 37

Biden Administration Uses False Information to Crack Down on CRT Opponents While the State of Education in the U.S. Deteriorates

parents 36

Biden’s Tangled Web – Attacking Parents

Critical-Race Theory 12

The Critical Race Theory Would Undermine Americans of All Ages, Whoever They Are, in Addition to Brainwashing Our Schoolchildren

Justice 74

The Empire Strikes Back: DOJ Death Star Aims at Parents

critical race theory 28

Big Majority of Americans Reject Critical Race Theory And Favor Parents’ Rights

parents 53

Progressives Spent Decades Radicalizing College Students. Their New Target: Grade Schoolers

woke 9

Virginia Parents and Activists Hold Massive Rally Against Woke Education

school 7

Stop Critical Race Theory – Run for Your Local School Board and Win!

midterms 5

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Seven Patterns Now Shaping the 2022 Midterms

Schools 3

Woke Ideology Harms Children, Say Parents, Therapists