We The People

Can We the People Stop the Chipping Away of Freedom?

We the People

I remember, a long time ago now, when in my twenties, I had a conversation with my parents after dinner. In the “olden” days we used to have conversations with family members of all generations…I remember many with my grandparents, especially Grandpa…he liked a good debate.

Anyway, the conversation with my parents was about the new seatbelt laws. It was the 1980s…

I thought that the seatbelt laws were a good thing. Of course wearing seatbelts would save lives. It should be the law. My parents stated their position,they believed that yes, seatbelts saved lives, but why should it be a law? People would understand that seatbelts were beneficial and could choose to wear them. A law was not necessary. How would it even be enforced? Their position got me thinking. Yes, people could, and should decide for themselves. We are a free nation after all…aren’t we?

Now, decades later many of us found ourselves at odds with “the law” as to whether or not we should be mandated to wear face masks…or be required to be injected with a shot to supposedly protect ourselves and others…even though the scientific data seems to support the opposite…

The slow creep of government intervention has sadly graduated to warped speed. Chief Justice Antonin Scalia warned when opposing the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act that if we were required by law to buy health insurance by the government, couldn’t we be required by the government to eat broccoli if it was deemed by the government as good for us??

Have we arrived at that fore-warned end? I fear we have. Our government that was intended to represent us, now has convinced all too many of “We the People” that they, “Our Representatives” are the supreme authority. 

“We the People” must WAKE UP and push back against those that are chipping away at our unalienable rights…before those rights are chopped down and left to rot and never take root again.

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World.”

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2 months ago

Reading this article stirred several emotions. First is my belief that this Country is the finest Country in the world and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished! A Republic, with a democratic government that Should serve all Americans.
The shame I feel, is from what we’ve allowed this great Country to fall into. When we as a “people” stand together, I believe there is nothing “We” cannot accomplish together. I call my Congressman when something happens that I find fault in, I send e-mails about my disapproval over decisions made by Congress, yet I wonder how many do the same.
Now I only feel sadness for so many sitting on their hands, keeping their mouths shut! What happened to teaching children about life? Home-Economics for girls, Shop for the boys. Basic classes for vocabulary, grammar and penmanship, Civics about our great country, History so we learn from the past and dream for the future, Math so we learn to count rather than relying on a machine, Health class so we learn about our bodies not about sex, Reading so we learn to enjoy the written word and its meaning and Gym so we learn to appreciate what our bodies can do and learn about sportsmanship, the winning and the losing!!
Now children aren’t taught what they NEED to know, they are indoctrinated into a world of narcissism for which they expect to get their way in anything they do! Everything is replaceable, disposable and instant gratification is what they expect! Our children are not taught responsibility, integrity, respect, manners, compassion or accountability!! We have failed our children! We have allowed them to take a path of slovenliness and greed. These are the people that will be ruling over us! Forget the current government, these people will not care about our needs, only their own. We.. and I say all of us have ALLOWED these people to turn our children into self serving zombies! WE have fallen and if we do not stand together soon and Shout Out our concerns over current government decisions WE are ALL at fault!
I took all the snide remarks and allowed them to roll off my back, commenting to those that wished to chastise me, it is NOT for the government to make a decision of my receiving a vaccination of dubious reputation. Pointing out that even our Polio and Measles vaccinations had baseline information and Long Term evidence of its effect on the human body! The Covid vaccine was created for Greed! I nearly lost 2 friends to that vaccine, and now we find that the mNRA cell therapy affects every internal organ by attaching to the DNA and telling it what to do! So now our Grandchildren may not produce healthy, intelligent babies!!! Those that were given to children should be held accountable for the decimation of our future societal needs! I refused the vaccine, I begged for my Grandchildren to refuse the vaccine as well, but the generation that has been pampered and served would only listen to the fear mongering Government that every American needs to be forced to take the shot!!
At what point do WE say Enough? At what point do WE walk into our Congressman’s Office and tell them WE have had enough! At what point do WE say, No More! ? When the Banking industry finds a way to clean out the Congressional coffers? When Congressional committees put into Law that we must obey every whim of the Government? I hate to tell you folks…. We Are There!
They called Jan. 6th a “Domestic Terrorist Act”, I don’t think they’ve seen anything yet! How many are calling for the release of those that were incarcerated for entering the Capitol? Why should any of us be incarcerated for being at the Capitol building? The center of government, the Building WE Paid for? The very building where those WE have voted for congregate for government actions and decisions!! If we do not find those of like mind, if we do not form communities spreading the word of our Stand for Freedom and the determination to force “OUR” Government to abide by the founding principles stated in “OUR” Constitution and Articles of “OUR” Rights, we don’t deserve freedom!!

2 months ago

One of the biggest problems is that people have been conditioned and embrace the wrong attitude about life and freedom in general…theybelieve that Government will provide…does not work that way…stand up and commit to think for yourself and work hard to make a better life just as our grandparents and parents did. And make sure that our Constitution is respected and rules and laws are followed. Make those who work to destroy our country be held accountable.

2 months ago

The real problem is too many citizens have the franchise, but contribute n o t h i n g to their upkeep, they expect, and VOTE their tax paying fellow citizens pockets. Those citizens must be disenfranchised. Politicians must be severely term limited.

Mario Capparuccini
2 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Marx himself stated that democracy will fail when the citizens realize they can vote themselves monies from the federal treasury.

Rob citizenship
2 months ago

Great , very important article Diana, Some fundamentals for providing what is needed to deal with government intrusion , development of Honor , Honesty, Integrity, Courage and Loyalty. Those qualities make for good character, and build strength , the spirit of respect for Liberty. Knowing that there is a sense of duty to defend what is right . keeping in mind what the Declaration of Independence was all about. Having a sense of purpose, living by a code of conduct, respect for the will of God. All of these things will help . Respect for truth. Time for truth is always the right time. Those of us who believe in what the United States of America stands for, we should let those anti- American elements know that —- We will proceed on a course to victory. Remembering that a victory for truth defends liberty. Let Liberty be the watchword . That is the right spirit.

2 months ago

WE THE PEOPLE are on the very edge of losing this Great Country. My generation questioned things, it seem todays young people don’t. They blindly follow. Ask no questions for fear of feeling being hurt . And then you have some adults in the room who will betray their country for money…fame….or whatever shiny object is dangled in front of them.

David Millikan
2 months ago

Excellent article.
WAKE UP AMERICA or be SLAVES under biden and his Communist WOKE Party.

2 months ago

Seems folks have become a bunch of sheep. I, for one, make my own decisions. Yes, I wear a seat belt, but NO- I did not get the vax and have no intention to do so ever. It’s a disgrace what this administration has done – the reduction of our rights is eroding at warp speed now. This bank bailout bullsh*t is unforgiving as is the border crisis.

2 months ago

Very good article and yes unfortunately we have indeed reached that fore-warned end. The American people used to question and, if necessary, push back against over-reach by the government. That is how you keep a government in check after all. A representative republic only exists if the people actually do their part and keep the government in check.

Now all that has largely ceased in this country. Half the country are essentially robotic drones, that merely repeat the ludicrous talking points they hear repeated endlessly in both the classroom and via the MSM. Anything outside that “safe space” of universal compliance and uniform train of thought initiates incoherent screaming and shouting on their part. Questioning almost anything from the left has been nearly outlawed in this country, as the only thing many of our so-called political representatives are interested in is blind obedience to whatever edicts they may opt to issue.

The other half of the country simply sits there and takes it. Stuck in what appears to an endless loop of both apathy and some irrational expectation that someone else is going to step in and save them from their own apathy and inactions. That “the People” don’t have to actually do anything themselves to preserve and maintain our representative republic other than show up and vote every 2 or 4 years, but rather “someone else” will do all the heavy lifting in between for us. That is how we have gone from a country of “We the People” to a country of “Shut up and do as you’re told”. Otherwise known as your typical so-called socialist democracy of government bureaucrats deciding what you can and cannot do regarding almost everything.

I agree with your last sentence that states “We the People” must WAKE UP and push back against those that are chipping away at our unalienable rights…before those rights are chopped down and left to rot and never take root again.” However, far too many Americans seem unwilling to do anything other than complain and then simply comply with the next government edict.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

As a retired Marine, it’s not in my nature or DNA to quit. I will fight to my dying breathe to protect our country and our way of life. Never surrender and let’s roll!

2 months ago
Reply to  Richard

thank you for your service, Semper Fi!

2 months ago
Reply to  Annie

Yes i agree…Thank you for your service, Richard. And keen obeservation. Sempre Fi

2 months ago
Reply to  Richard

A true American ???????? How Great to hear.
My deceased husband served as a Marine in Viet Nam . Wonderful man and honored Marine!
God bless you and your service.

Gunny Joe
2 months ago
Reply to  Richard

Sempe Fi and I shall stand with you my brother, as a retired gunny, just tell me where and when to muster. I know it’s up to us to stand for our Nation. May not be as young or as lean but still a Marine!

Gunny Joe
17 days ago
Reply to  Richard

Semper Fi, I as a retired Gunny stand ready to muster, I have a light coat of oil on my grandfather’s pitchfork it’s cleaned and ready, on the other hand I to the best of my ability finically support my local, state, and federal elected officials. I try to keep them informed of my views concerning their conduct in their respective offices.
Till the news media starts reporting the truth and not their opinions I am behind the power curve on responding to some proposed ordinance, regulations, and laws.
It is my hope and prayer that our elected representatives will take back the responsibility of writing regulations from the bloated bureaucracy.
I do fear this has tipped to far and taking our government back will not be a pretty thing.

Rob citizenship
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

What you mentioned in the last sentence of your comment about the tendency of many to complain is very important. Complaining is comparable to going around in a circle. It is far better to make suggestions, propose ideas that will provide improvements to whatever needs to be impoved. There is a very important difference between complaining and making an observation about a matter that will lead to identifying what it is that needs to be done to fix what needs to be fixed. The spirit of wanting to participate in finding solutions to things that need need to be fixed, that
need improvement is a good spirit to have. It is part of the patriotic spirit.

2 months ago

Hear, hear! 67 year old here and my husband and I talk about this phenomenon a lot. Keep telling your kids and grandkids about real freedom and how to keep it!

Jorge L Rios
2 months ago
Reply to  Kathy

The problem is that we have gone so far down the yellow brick road of indoctrination that the kids and grandkids won’t listen to anything we have to say, they just call it nonesence and conspiracy theories.

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