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Big Trouble for Hillary?

jedediah speaks on Hillary ClintonHow worried do you think Democrats are about Hillary’s favorability numbers? The Hill reports:

Clinton is now viewed unfavorably by 55 percent of the electorate, according to the HuffPost Pollster average, which tracks findings from 42 different polling outfits. Only 40.2 percent of people view her favorably, according to that average.

An Associated Press/GfK poll released last week also found 55 percent giving Clinton an unfavorable rating. In the most recent Gallup poll, released late last month, her unfavorable number was 53 percent versus only 42 percent who saw her favorably.

Even Democrats acknowledge those findings are a problem.

So why does she still have a shot? Easy answer:

The saving grace for Clinton is the messy Republican primary, where the two leading vote-getters are politicians who fare even worse in the favorability index.

Donald Trump was viewed unfavorably by a full 65 percent in the most recent Gallup poll and favorably by only 29 percent, a net rating of minus 36 points. Cruz fared better than Trump but still worse than Clinton, at net minus 16 points, 32 percent favorable to 48 percent unfavorable.

Translation: It’s a mess all around.


Jedediah Bila is a television host and commentator, author, and columnist. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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robert timmons
6 years ago

Hillary clinton is the golden goose the crooked politicians want in office.They know she is a crook abn they can all continue to pick americas pockets until nothing is left.There for the most part a den of thieves that have been living well while the rest of us have struggled to makes ends meet.ButIf they get there way we won’t have to worry about it much longer.This country is on its way down and when that day comes all the fat cats well join there off shore accounts and leave us all to suffer the consequences of there actions. How could a country be so blind as to let a few crooked politicians take down a country as they have in the last 20 years.Honor and integrity in Washington has been absent for a long time.A few the the countries worst have put this country in its worst shape for the last 50 years. Even the great depression there was a better plan than anything they are coming up with now.Don’t give up your guns america ,your going to need them.

6 years ago

If the people will open their eyes what we have right now with both parties is the first full look at the total corruption of our government and giving the American people ability to see this truth if they care.

The Democrats are trying to shove Hillary Clinton down their followers throats, not because she’s qualified (she not, she’s a felon) but because she’s owed the position. Bernie Sanders, an Independent, is the only one with any gumption to run against her.

And the Republican party wants to pick the candidate themselves. We’ve seen how well that worked with McCain and Romney. It is easy to see what is going on. They don’t care about the American people either.

This is the time to fight for our Country to save it. Best thing all of us can do is VOTE. Hopefully, someone will get in that can change the system so our votes really count not some delegates or some backroom puppet masters.

Bea slaton
6 years ago

The demoncratic voters are not a bunch of stupid people that the press or anybody else can condition us into believing anything . So stop right there. Weather we do or do not want to vote for Hillary she is actually the only qualified candidate . The Governor of Ohio Is a good man but the repubs dont want him . So the two you are left with are pitiful choices for even a dog catcher .

6 years ago

Most Democrats I’ve spoken to view any negative news stories about Hillary or Bernie for that matter as “part of the vast right wing conspiracy” they’ve been conditioned to believe in. So it doesn’t matter what any poll says, if it reflects negatively on either Democrat candidate. If you’re expecting the typical Democrat voter to do any serious self assessment of either Democrat candidate, then you will be sadly disappointed. They are well-conditioned sheep being lead to not only their slaughter, but our own as well as they will drag us down with them.

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