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Biden’s Document Problem, Big Tech Collusion and Schiff’s House Intel BAN | John Solomon | EP 190

John Solomon, Investigative Reporter and founder of Just the News joined AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber in an action packed Better for America episode covering developing news stories. Solomon gives his take on big tech censorship, federal agency collusion, classified documents and Biden family corruption. He also shares his predictions for possible 2024 Democrat Presidential candidates. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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1 month ago

If you know the history of our wonderful country you know why we have the 2nd Amendment. We are at the point in America’s history where patriots might have to exercise the 2nd Amendment to get our Constitutional Republic back.
Lenin and Stalin had a lot of friends in America who over the years have severely damaged America. These people are vicious, ruthless control freaks that have taken over the democrat party because the democrat philosophy was very similar to theirs.
If you bring a knife to a gun fight you lose.
America should be a great place to lead a simple, prosperous life WITH MINIMUM GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE IN OUR DAILY LIVES.
Politicians on both sides of the aisle have severely damaged America.
In early 1913, under Woodrow Wilson, two very bad things happened to America. The 16th Amendment (income tax) was supposedly ratified on February 13 and the Federal Reserve (Central Bank) was established by Congress. Both of these have allowed the federal government to grow way larger than the Constitutional limitations imposed in Article 1, Section 8.
I believe Nixon took American dollars off the gold standard thus allowing the printing presses and a corrupt Congress to put us in a $31.4 trillion national debt.

Tim Toroian
1 month ago

Its kind of like thinking gun control is criminal control. It takes a person to pull the trigger. The documents didn’t roam the country all on their own. And the difference between Trump and Biden is VPs can’t declassify serious stuff and sentors shouldn’t have outside a SCIF. And Merrick incharge of this is similar to the fox guarding the hen house. Somebody knew what they were doing when they kept this SOB off SCOTUS. Anybody check Pelosi’s house yet? Or Rencil Neck’s?

Gabe hanzeli Kent wa
1 month ago

It’s not a document problem. It is document crimes. Crimes spanning 20 years..

Deploreable Sam
1 month ago

Is it just me or does it occur to anyone else, the corruption running all this lawlessness IS NOT concerned with LAWS. It simply DOES NOT matter how many laws you pass, criminals are going to criminal!!!
I do not have much hope this will lead to a just outcome.
I will stop here.

Gabe hanzeli Kent wa
1 month ago

Totally agree but I will go further and say the democrats do not obey any laws so then everyone else says that to survive they have to ignore laws too.

1 month ago

This is such a joke, wake up people. As soon as we allowed a president , any running in office, that falsifies his or her credentials, false birth certificates, false college records, etc, to the American voters are only in it for themselves and not to uphold our constitutional rights as Americans. When a president can lie, or tell you that he wishes he could sit down in his basement and control everything with pushing buttons while saying he’d be fine with that , we have given over the United States. They have shown they’re true color with hateful, evilness against any American. Another reason why the gate enclosures went up after the Biden clone won the election. It had already been in makings of the Obama/ Clinton administration to possess Biden. And so it continues on with this well planned out collusion of cat and mouse with the classified documents, they knew they could use to free themselves of corruption after they tormented the People’s president Trump. And by stealing the election like a spoiled child as well. Full grown blatant narcissism that the real true Americans can see through and diagnose with a Dr’s RX.

David Millikan
1 month ago

Great reporting on episode.
Forgot to add that the economy has for past 2 years going on 3 is the WORSE since 1932 and WILL continue to get WORSE making the 1930’s Great Depression look like Disneyland.

1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan

We deserve it.The majority of Americans voted Democrat. Can’t afford your food bill? Eat rats. NO,NO,NO, You can’ cook rats, Green New Deal, you eat them tartare. CHRIS B GRODHAUS

legally present
1 month ago

REALLY DID the majority of Americans vote for Joe??? I have serious questions about this when my states laws were changed by our DEMOCRAT Governor, SOS, and Atty. General, and sent everyone an unsolicited ballot. I know for a fact someone that received one in their married name, maiden name, ex-Husband, and 2 Step Children, several whom had never signed up for voting, just work IDs (they were born here and raised here by 2 American citizens. Are we to believe that the young out on the streets filled in those ballots OR were they sold, or filled in for them by Ballot Harvesters??? I DON’T DESERVE this, and neither does most of America!!

1 month ago

If things really do go to hell, I would expect rats to be a main dish in all of the rat infested cities.

Neal M Christensen
1 month ago
Reply to  PIDL

Rats would soon become an endangered species requiring government protection.

1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan

So true! And now they are controlling our FOOD!!! Setting chicken farms on fire, telling us to stop eating red meat! Let these EVIL people eat bugs, like they want us to. CONTROLL!!! Down to what goes in our mouths. Our prices on everything is scarey. And they don’t care if you eat. Look how they are bringing in all the illeagels. God help AMERICA.

1 month ago

John Solomon is one of the very few honest and unbiased journalists out there.

1 month ago


1 month ago
Reply to  jocko

I second this.
American Patriots:
First and foremost
No more being the courteous “you first kind of Patriot!”
Boot them to GITMO if they’re not already there!

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