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Biden Turning Medicaid into Welfare For All

AMAC ExclusiveBy Sam Adolphsen

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The nation’s largest welfare program, Medicaid, is a total mess. We are fast approaching 100 million people on the program, mostly because of expansions to able-bodied adults. States spend one of every three state budget dollars on the program – and more than one of every five of those dollars is spent in error. On top of that, states have been banned from removing ineligible people since early 2020 because of the so-called public health emergency that President Joe Biden keeps extending.

If Medicaid were a person, they would be drowning.

Now, the Biden administration’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing a new regulation that would make things much worse. The rule would make significant changes to state welfare eligibility processes, adding millions to welfare and adding $100 billion in new costs to taxpayers.

This latest proposed Medicaid rule would be like helping that poor drowning person by throwing them a cement block.

If President Biden is looking to finish off the program and send it to the bottom, he nailed it.

Of course, the administration isn’t really hiding its plan. The stated goal of the rule is to “maximize enrollment.” They talk about “retention rates” as if it’s a for-profit business, and how they need to “remove barriers to enrollment,” as if that’s a problem, with nearly a third of the country already on the program.

Biden’s 300-plus-page regulation has so many terrible welfare eligibility policies that it’s difficult to pick just a few on which to focus. But there are some that stand out as especially damaging to the integrity of the country’s safety net.

First, the new rule would prohibit all states from checking eligibility more than once a year. Under President Obama, CMS had already banned states from more frequent checks for certain populations. This proposed rule would expand that bad policy by making the previous minimum level of eligibility checks (once a year) the new maximum for everyone in the program. Some states check more often than once a year right now, and they should, because there are at least 16 million ineligible people on the program.

Second, the rule would ban states from requiring face-to-face interviews for any eligibility groups. This change comes despite the constant news about the significant problems with identity theft across all welfare benefits and COVID-19 unemployment programs. It is common sense that if states are going to hand out a costly welfare benefit, they should require one simple office visit before awarding that benefit. President Biden wants to ban that common-sense check.

Third, the rule creates an entirely new eligibility process for states, requiring them to keep cases open for months even after they determine someone is ineligible. This new “reconsideration period” would also force states to handhold someone to apply for alternative coverage before they can remove them from Medicaid. This also contradicts the entire stated justification for the rule, that it will “reduce the administrative burden” on states.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the rule would also require states to ignore returned mail if the new address is an in-state address. CMS outrageously claims that a change of address “does not indicate a change in circumstances.” Any reasonable person knows that isn’t true. A change in mailing address likely signals a meaningful shift in life circumstances that could affect eligibility.

Another crazy requirement in the Biden administration’s welfare proposal is that states will be required to accept as gospel certain government data sets. While this may seem smart at first glance, the policy only applies when the data indicates that the person is eligible for Medicaid. What happens if the data shows they are ineligible? Then the state must undertake a series of administrative-intensive follow-ups to ensure the person is ineligible. CMS only wants “administrative efficiency” when it will add someone to welfare, never when it would keep someone ineligible from being added.

One final bit of Medicaid madness is that the proposed rule would prohibit states from requiring ID verification as part of the process of reviewing an immigrant’s citizenship status when they apply for Medicaid. This is not surprising coming from Open Borders Biden, but it is alarming. There are many more problems with the proposal, including that it is probably illegal.

The bottom line is that one of the country’s chief safety net programs, Medicaid, has already been stretched and shredded by expansions to able-bodied adults and abysmal program integrity. Now Biden has doubled down, throwing program integrity completely out the window to push the country toward welfare for all. States need to step up and oppose this latest attack on Medicaid.

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Ronnie Cota
5 months ago

Obama’s 3rd term

Michael Lewis
5 months ago

“Now, the Biden administration’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing a new regulation that would make things much worse. The rule would make significant changes to state welfare eligibility processes, adding millions to welfare and adding $100 billion in new costs to taxpayers.”

My question is why is a non-elected body, CMS, allowed to write what amounts to law? Isn’t that the job of the legislative branch?

5 months ago
Reply to  Michael Lewis

Most industrial countries have a national health care system. We’ve danced around it for years and haven’t been able to agree on how we want to make this work or how to pay for it. It’s extremely expensive and the potential for fraud is enormous. Plus we don’t have the health care providers and facilities available in the areas this is most needed. National health care is not something that pays for itself. We have a robust Public Healthcare Service that might have some incite as to how to make this happen.

Fed Up
5 months ago

GENUINELY DISABLED persons do NOT like this type of mess at all!!!!!

5 months ago

Right after Pres Obama past AHC act I wrote to them and said rich pay cash for their medical! But the middle class does buy medical insurance, but their cost keeps going up and up to where they can not afford it! But some one has to pay for the welfare and low income people! Obama & Biden wrote back to me and said as long as they could give one person insurance they felt good!!!  

Robin W Boyd
5 months ago

Government shouldn’t be spending tax dollars on any social programs. Every government social program has fallen short of its goal while costing a lot more than initially stated. Social issues need to be addressed by social organizations.

Morgan, Job K.
6 months ago

The appointed, traitorous puppet is doing exactly what his handlers expect of him. The centralist-heavy clique needs to be fronted by at least 34 state governments to roll back to constitutional parameters. All those culpable should be tried and found guilty of graft and treason in the nth degree.–Creed2You

6 months ago

Presidents need to quit playing this political football & kicking it down the road. Congress needs to raise payroll taxes on Medicare in order to fund this & limit the benefits so that they only go to people that have earned this benefit. Medicare is fairly new in that LBJ pushed this thru around 1958 & not much or nothing has been done to taxes to fund this since then.

American Patriot
6 months ago
Reply to  johnh

I’m against Everything Bidden does and Has done. But
Maybe you’re talking about MedicAID… Because MediCARE is what the Average American over 67 has to pay for. We’ve ALREADY PAID TAXES OUR WHOLE LIFE!

6 months ago

Biden needs to be stopped.Fight back!Vote for a Conservative Republican!

Ronnie Cota
5 months ago
Reply to  Paul

fix the voter fraud first

6 months ago

I see advertisements every day saying that “people have both Medicare and Medicaid”. How is that possible? This is just the beginning of this process to bankrupt the system.

These advantage plans offer to take over with a “combined” plan. What is going on? That is totally unfair to people that do not have both plans now. Do these people have to make payments to both Medicare and Medicaid?

I think these insurance agents and companies are crooks! They are allowed to prey on the elderly that do not have any idea of what is going on!

And they also say that these people will get back part of their social security check. This is probably because they are being charged teice as much as they should be for the basic Medicare insurance.

I will not talk to them because they sound crooked. The insurance agent that worked with me when I first set up Medicare would not let me go with a high deductable plan and forced me to take a different more expensive insurance. Iyt was all about her commission probably, which in the end it is all about, money!

Fed Up
5 months ago
Reply to  PIDL

Because HARD WORKING individuals who never got paid well, despite how hard they worked, then became GENUINELY DISABLED, then as a result, are barely surviving below the poverty line NEED these programs to survive. That’s why!

Pat Robinson
6 months ago

The last statement was exactly what I was going to write in comments. It is nothing other than a bankrupting move (as Biden admin has continually been doing) as well as another anti-constitutional dictate from federal to state. They may be able to dictate terms on that portion the feds send to states, but cannot legally dictate how state funds are distributed.
Dems have been skirting (illegally) the Constitution for decades; no one has called them on it much less fought back, so Dems go harder.

When is the GOP going to grow a pair and fight back, or established career GOP are just as guilty and NEED TO BE OUSTED.

6 months ago
Reply to  Pat Robinson

Pat, they don’t have the votes. Patience. Sooner or later, even the democrats will have to say ouch and pull out the thorn.

Bill on the Hill
6 months ago
Reply to  Pat Robinson

Great comment Pat Robinson…The new GOP led Congress will have the opportunity to right the ship on both Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security… I have little to NO confidence in the establishment Republican Party members of both chambers of Congress come Jan. 2023 really doing much to curb the insanity with now well over (50) million illegals allowed to stay here, i.e. it will BANKRUPT Social Security, Medicaid & Medicare for of those that rely on it way sooner than ever intended, the losers, every American citizen currently utilizing these services & all by design…
Bill… :~)

6 months ago

It’s outrageous to see so many getting free health care when my husband is getting a $100 per week increase of healthcare premium paid out of his paycheck. This on top of low wage and inflation makes it hard for those of use that have been working our butts off our entire life!

5 months ago
Reply to  Vicki

That’s right, Vicki. Private health insurance premiums are skyrocketing because the federal government only reimburses health providers at a small percentage of the billed cost, forcing insureds and private payers to pick up the difference. All by design to bankrupt the tax paying middle class. The irony is that the libs blame the “greedy insurance companies” instead of the responsible liberal legislators and bureaucrats!

6 months ago

puppet biden has given away so much money that does not belong to him that soon we will be broke and ask other countries to support us. Another disgrace by socialist democrats giving away what does not belong to them

6 months ago

Remember…this whack job “got” 80,000,000 votes. Yet some folks don’t believe in ‘miracles’.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sam

I believe in 80,000,000 idiots!

Morgan, Job K.
6 months ago
Reply to  T.G.

No, don’t believe–unless you count the dead, the invader, the Multiple Man.–Cump

6 months ago
Reply to  Sam

How many of those votes were actual valid citizens?

Terri Matson
6 months ago

Joe and the rest of the communists in office have forgotten one important fact: Medicare was pre-paid by We The People during the 40-50 years current Medicare recipients paid in. Illegals should never get what we paid for out of every single paycheck! I worked almost 45 years before a car wreck ended my working life. I need Medicare and I am outraged it is being given away to those who never paid in. Obama robbed Medicare of billions to pay for the utter failure called Obamacare!

THIS is what happens when deliberately uninformed people continue voting for Democrats!

6 months ago

our nation as a whole needs to repent! 2 Chronicles 7:14 this will be the only way God will bless this nation once again!

Michael Stevens
6 months ago
Reply to  Ginger

Sadly, our nation is the ‘least’ churched it has ever been. A bit difficult to say someone ‘needs’ to do something when they have no idea what you’re talking about!

6 months ago

No references given. Just hot-air from Amac

Morgan, Job K.
6 months ago
Reply to  S

Nothing to see here, folks–just another troll on a drive-by.–Cump

Randall L. Beatty
6 months ago

What needs to happen to stop the Dems they will push as much through before the House turns he would give this country to the communist if it would make him look better along with other Dems in Washington when the people of this country see there paychecks and the government takes more from the bottom line they will be paying for all Biden’s give a ways watch and see.

Clark Kent
6 months ago


6 months ago

If only we can have a border wall that separates the traitors from the Americans, life would be simpler. No? Just dreaming.

6 months ago

Not surprising- this is on the path to Socialism and ultimately Communism.

Karla Salo
6 months ago
Reply to  Ellen


Lisa Kreimes
6 months ago

It’s pretty obvious why Biden is setting it up this way. It’s not for truly needy Americans, Disabled Veterans, Seniors, Disabled or those who are poor without insurance. No. It’s for the millions of illegals we have crossing Our Open Borders. God Forbid money would be spent on completing the Border Wall, reinstating Trumps Policies, and showing he gives a damn about us. But then I didn’t Vote for stupidity. Trump 2024. Go Red. Maga

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