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Better for America Podcast: Fired for Truth with Jonathan Koeppel

Breaking News: Your kids are being brainwashed! Meet Jonathan Koeppel, a Louisiana high school teacher who was ultimately fired for standing up to his school district board after finding that “Brain Pop”, a popular educational program, is now being used to push gender ideology and CRT onto impressionable students. Jonathan joins BFA to recount the horrors of his colleagues’ teachings and scrutiny leading to his dismissal after a viral video set off alarms for parents across the country.

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Resources Mentioned:

Turning Point USA 

Prager U

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11 months ago

This getting insane when well establish educator is terminated for telling truth from common sense !

Nobody’s Business
11 months ago

I’m guessing if you beat the [email protected]&);/r out of the school boards promoting this crap that they would be able to tell if you were a woman or a man when they make their report to police. Which shows what hypocrites they are!

Elton Yancey
11 months ago

That’s a whole different story.When those creeps get confronted,they know exactly if you are a man or a woman.

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