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John Grimaldi

Mr. Grimaldi began his career as a reporter for the Associated Press and subsequently joined the pioneering public relations firm of Carl Byoir & Associates in New York where he was a group vice president. He served for a period as part of the first non-partisan communications department in the New York State Assembly [he was Press Secretary to the Speaker for Membership Affairs]. Subsequently, Mr. Grimaldi became a member of the Board and Executive Vice President of the Braun & Company, a leading international business and public relations consultancy.

John Grimaldi is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Priva Technologies, Inc. and he has served for more than thirty years as a Trustee of Daytop Village Foundation, which oversees a worldwide drug rehabilitation network.

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The Current Inflation Spikes Limit the Ability to Access Health Care — Particularly Among Seniors

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Developers Want To Turn the Beaches of Normandy Into a Theme Park